“Love-a relation of friendship and believe” an Ishqbaaz fan fiction (Part 1)

Aaaaaaah !!!!!! Stop it!!! Dont pull my hair!!!, a small 9 years old girl shouted.
Then why are you angry on me say now!, a 10 years boy said angrily.
Leave me now!, the small girl said.
Ok, the small boy said.
He leaved the girl and asked why are you not talking to me and angry on me?
She replied because ur not answering ne when I am talking to you something
And what is that important talk you want to say me? he asked her.
I got first prize in my school handwriting competition and want to say this first good news to you but see you are busy in reading books only every time and saying you but you shouted on me, and I dont want to talk with you she replied in an angry face.
He felt guilty and said I am sorry annika please agree me and congrats you proved yourself again that your annika the best friend of shivaay singh oberoi!!
Oh hello, first thing its ok I forgive you and second I didnt said you about the competition and giving your self credits for which the handwork was mine, bada aaya pagabilla kahika!
What u said me, pagadbilla! Wait let me say who is shivaay singh oberoi!! He said angrily and ran towards her and she was escaping while saying pagadbilla.
They were fighting for few minutes and sat tired
Shivaay said ” tumhe pakadna bojat mushkil hai”
Annika replied ” you know na iam talented person than you”
On seeing their fighting
“Yeh dono jab bhi dekho ladai karte hi rahte hain” a small 6 years old girl said
“Waise in dono ka kuch nahi ho sakta kyunki jab bhi dekho larte padte hain”a small 7 years boy said
“gauri main na aaj tumhe kuch dikaana chahta hu kya tum aaogi”he said
“ha aungina omkara”gauri replied
Omkara and gauri went to omkara’s room and omkara showed a beautiful painting of a flower to gauri
Gauri said “wow!! kitni achi painting hain ye bohut sundar hain tumhari flower painting om”
“Thank you gauri” said om
“Ur welcome”said gauri
“Kya tum mere liye ek achi mickey mouse painting bana sakte ho?”gauri asked
“zaroor karunga”om replied
For sometime om and gauri chitchatted alot and did jokes
Seeing the four chidren relationship dadi TAM “ye charo hamesha kush rahe aur hamesha ek dusre se aise hi khelte rahi par billu aur annika ki ladaiyan thodi kam ho aur vo dina bhi om aur gauri ki tarah ache se rahe agar na ban paye to sahi par in donoki jab bhi dekho ladai karte hain bas ye donoki ladaiya kam hojaye”she smiled seeing them (dadi- grandmother of shivaay, omkara, rudra and priyanka)
Looking at dadi jhanvi (mother of omkara and rudra) and pinki (mother of shivaay and priyanka) arrived there
“Yeh anika jab bhi dekho mere bete ko chidati hi rehti hai” said pinki
“wo dono bache hain pinki, bache ek durse khelna aur jagadna kaunsi badi baat hain”said jhanvi
“Oh my matha jitaniji maine kabh kaha ki ye badi baat hain mein tho yeh bolrahi thi ki ek naukar ki beti mere bete ke saath hain to ye zaroor ek badi baat hogi na mere liye” pinki replied
“par pinki”jahnvi was about to say something but as she was pregnant she was feeling some what pain
Pinki and dadi worried and pinki took jhanvi to her and gave her medicines.
And where dadi was TAM “mujhe dar is baat ka hain ki pinki kuch aisa kare ki undono mein darrar aajaye main chahti ki sab kuch acha rahe aur in do jodiyon badi hone ke baad in charon ko pyaar ho ek dusre aur hamesha saath rahe

Precap: Something unwanted happened. To know more stay tuned!

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  1. I think its same story of horrific past to suprising future. πŸ˜…

    1. Hemasri

      Childhood is the somewhat same but it will be completely different. I hope you guys are not upset about it

      1. Hey ok i will be waiting for next update now i am eager and sorry for hurting you my intention was not to hurt you its just i read that story so i felt same thats it.
        But yes you are right sometimes story base is same but views are different.
        Hope you will not be upset by my words
        Waiting for next update
        Bye keep smiling and take care

  2. ItsmePrabha

    hai hema..nice to meet another telugaite..dear i don’t want to disappoint you or discourage you..but it seems like Horrific past..i don’t wanna judge it just with the first update..just saying..

    1. Hemasri

      I am not dissapointad at all and the childhood will be somewhat same but few episodes it will be completely different. I hope you guys are not upset and dissapointed and thankyou for being my company as telugaite

      1. ItsmePrabha

        It’s okay dear..i am not upset..well looking forward ..

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