Love A Grief by Ooshi

Today’s experience of Love which hurt me the most.
My cousin has a daughter and the first time I took her in my lap I considered her to be my daughter. In previous some months her parents were having some clashes so they were living separately. From yesterday I was having her father’s number and today I messaged him. First I didn’t revealed my identity but at night he recognized me. Then I said him to bring them back. In between he said he will tell my father about it. And we are having 8/9 years old fight from my all relatives from my mother. And it was the moment I realized what I have done. For Zonash I went against my father although he doesn’t know but I did it and msgd her mother it was still ok but this time I msgd her father in her love. And if he get to know this he will be very hurt and now I m crying that why He made me like this. For Zonash’s immense love I went against my father who has first right on me and I want to get punishment for it so I had decided that I will not have …… Today. But the thing is Why am I like this. Why I went against my father for Zonash. And now I m crying the same way I cried when I get to know that my Nabeel’s father died. Love hurts in many situations from that one is
When love for someone overcomes someone else’s rights or love.
Love makes you strong. Love makes you weak.
Love makes you powerful. Love makes you helpless.
Love gives you life. Love kills you.
Love gives you happiness. Love gives you the biggest grief.
It’s all love.
Moral of the story
Stay away from Love but if you fall in Love then be prepared to be hurt the worst.

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    1. Ooshi

      Happy u read it,liked it and commented

  2. Ooshi

    Thanks to all the people who read it and to those as well who liked or disliked it

  3. Niyati

    Wow….Beautiful article di 😘😘🤗

    1. Ooshi

      Thanks Dear it means a lot Love U a lot

  4. Prettypreeti

    Again an impactful article sis.. Ikr,Love heals love hurts.Love is something which makes u strong at the same time makes u weak too. Nice msg. Gud wishes from my side.Be strong!

    1. Ooshi

      Thanks it means a lot happy u liked it

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