Lost between the Mafia’s (Sneak Peak)

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The cold breeze of winter night was not helping, to normalise the rapid beating of my heart. For a moment, I’d thought I’d be caught, destroyed and everything that I have adored here, will slip away into nothingness. Only because, I was born in a family which I never got the chance to know, I have to cheat the one I admire, I like, I love. Oh! How deceitful I am. The Russian,have forced me to spy them. Not as a maid or a slave but by making him fall for me. He, the one who had saved me so many times that I can’t even count, who taught me to love my life, who entered my soul and made a home in my heart. I won’t EVER in my life regret for loving him. He, The leader of the mafia’s , of our enemy, the Italian, Stefano Romano. Now sitting in this bench, crying my heart out, thinking about the betrayal I am doing to him, makes me feel so low. My heart, it pains. I feel so weak, so powerless. The fear radiating off me is undeniable. I only know how much I want to just run and tell Sedgwick that I can’t pretend anymore to be his lover because, I actually am. But I can’t. I can just sit and think like this, I blo*dy cannot do so, because I am weak. I am afraid. He will punish me and make my life a living hell, and he will not even think once before hurting every single person I have ever cherished. I was born in Russia in a magistrate family, as they told me, and of course, I know nothing more about them.

I worked as a spy for the Russian boss, like I am doing right now, but in Russia itself, those who were competition or enemies to Sedgwick . Now, if he gets to know that I have fallen for Stephen, he will tell my betrayal to him without any doubt, and my Love, Stefano will believe him because , that’s the truth everyone can believe easily. Not that, I have another fake story to cover it. Only god and my heart knows what I feel for him and how much it goes through every time I realise, what I am doing and what I am here for. My life is f**ked up. It’s been half a year, and the thing that I will never get in Russia, not even the whole universe is Him and his endless love. I can’t leave him now, not till I breathe for my life. He is the only person that showered me with so much love without asking anything back in return. Today, I was saved by a second, by a mere second. My heart hurts thinking what could have happened if they caught me. If they found me with the Russians Making plans for their downfall.

The moment Sedgwick’s left hand said, I am doing great with the fake love thing, I had to control my fist from punching him on his face and revealing everything to both of the leaders. That’s the only thing that kept me in control. Their rivalry is known by all. As years passby, their enmity grows more. Since, Sedgwick has sent Freddie this time, they have started doubting me. I wonder what keeps them from killing me yet? Not that I can help, their lack of trust on me will get me to nowhere, I know. But how am I supposed to tell them the plans of the Italians? Yes, I am selfish, I am thinking of Stephen, I have forgot about the revenge Rusians have forced on my head. I doubt, I will be alive whenever, in the future, I confess my betrayal to both the mafia leaders.***

Hi! My dear readers!I know very few of you will be reading the author’s note. But will you mind to tell me how you find the sneak peak? Main thing, did you enjoyed it?

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