live to love – part 7

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Hey guyss..
Hope you all are good
And I hope Ki kal ka episode zyada na Ho
So lets begin

Next morning dev wakes up
He sees Sona standing near the window
He went to her
And hugged her from back
And then turned her to see her smiling face
But instead he saw her weeping face
He asked

Dev:kya hua…?
Tum ro kyun rahi Ho??

Sona:kal jo Hua Vo nahi hona chahiye tha

Dev:but ab Ho chuka hai
Aur iske andar tumhari koi Galati nahi hai

Sona:dev agar kisiko pata pad Gaya to bahut badi mushkil khadi Ho sakti hai

Dev:tumhare aur mere alawa iske baare Mein kaun jaanta hai

Sona:but dev…..

Dev interrupts her and says shh…..
And give her a big bear hug

Then after some time Sona goes to her room and sees Elena there siting in the bed waiting for her

Sona:Elena….tu raat bhar soyi nahi ??

Elena:kaise soti Sona
Tu poori raat gayab thi
Sach sach Bata tu aur dev kya kar rahe
the poori raat

Sona tells her the whole thing that they consummated
Elena stands in shock

Tu kya pagal Ho gayi hai kya sona
Tu kaise kar sakti hai yeh
Agar meshoo mashi ko pata pad Gaya to pata hai na kya Ho sakta hai

Sona:I know and I am very guilty about that but …..

Elena:accha theek hai but Kisi ko bhi apne iss raat wale adventure ke baare Mein mat batana
And act normal even infront of dev

Sona nodes in yes

So they both get ready for breakfast and haldi

Haldi starts…
One by one everyone puts haldi to naina
And with lots of masti,dhamal and haldi the ceremony ends

Then arjun’s haldi starts
And Shraddha pulls naina and Sona to his haldi
Where naina and Sona both put haldi ro Arjun
Then all of them pulls arjun’s shirt
And apply haldi
Beejee who was holding haldi smiled seeing this
And once again the ceremony ends

They all get once again engrossed in today’s sangeet
And during the practices dev got a chance to hold sona’s hand
Sona first got little irritated because of yesterday’s night happening but then remembered Elena’s words and let dev hold her hand
But it didn’t last long as they once again got busy for sangeet

And finally…..

Sangeet track will be in tomorrow’s episode
Sorry for that
But abhi to aisa hi hai
Thanks for all your comments
But I need comments for this episode also

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  1. V.V.harshita

    Hey shut it was awsome plzs post soon

  2. Awesome episode dear. Plzz posts episode soon dear.

  3. Shruti710

    Nice nickname for me shut


  4. Aarti32

    Awesome..But I found it funny too

  5. Lovely episode

  6. princess and aarti 32 tum dono ke pas koi kaam waam nhi hai kya bas din bhar ff fiction padhti rahti ho
    yarrrrr kabhi studies bhi kar liya karo

    1. Y are u taking soon much tension neha it our life whatever we went we will do it and don’t take stress about our studies dear…

  7. Amazin’ shruti….??….. Excited for the sangeet performance….. And can u tell me… Is ishwari positive or negative in ur ff..???
    Anyways, awesome

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