Their Little Cupcake (shot -1)

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Another day has begun with New aspirations and hopes while a couple cuddling with each other were sleeping peacefully in a huge red and white room on a king sized bed .tangled with each other. But little they know that a lot was going to change today . Just as the warm , yellow sunrays peeked through my the huge glass window of their room disturbing the kings slumber and making his queen snuggle more into him . He rested his head on his elbow and adored his child women who was in deep sleep . He had spend an hour playing with her long silky hair . After couple of seconds he observed her moving which clearly meant that she was awake from her beauty sleep

“Good morning viplav “she chriped with her eyes half open

“Good morning jaan. How are you this morning? ?” He said and kissed her forehead

“Perfect ” she replied with a smile

“Chalo wake up and have bath .it’s almost time for breakfast ” he said while brushing her hair

She immediately stretched her arms out asking him to pick her up to which he willingly spooned her in his arms . No one could say that she was India’s leading cardiologist .she was a women by build and mind but was a child at heart . This ess something which he loved the most. He took her to their lavish bathroom and made her sit on the washbasin slab handed over her toothbrush to her .

For viplav it was more like taking care of a baby which he loved to do . Brushing together, helping each other while getting ready for work was their daily routine . Everyday she used to choose his clothes , help him button up his shirt and adjust his tie . While on the other hand everyday he used to make her wear jewelry from her jewel box which had all exquisite jewels from all over the world , even though she didn’t need all of them but still he always used to bring something or the other for her whenever he came back from his tour because for him she was his queen. He used to comb her long hair making sure that were the same way he left them the previous night . Her hair was the one thing which he was obsessed with. He had specifically told her not to let scissors or blades to touch her hair , no matter what .

So much so that he had threatened her regular hair dresser for his life after he had chopped a centimetre of her hair length . Every morning he used to apply vermilion in her scalp this was one thing he had been following ever since he had first filled her scalp with colour of love while taking 7 vows .He made sure that she had her food on time because her health was his first priority . After an hour of doing their daily chores she bid him bye reluctantly after listening to his daily guide line asking her not to exert herself , have food properly, call him when she feel like and the list goes on…….

He never declined her request of him staying with her the whole day , but today he had to go as he had an important meeting with his international clients . After he was gone , she called up neha , riya ( dhani’s friend ) and payal to join her as she was on off which was given by the head of the hospital which she worked in due to the tremendous performance in every operations

After a while , all four girls were sitting and gossiping together about their life . Yes all the three of them were happily married . Riya was married to shravan and was pregnant with their first child . Neha was married to Naksh and payal to varun .

Meanwhile , Anut Mary , their house keeper came to serve them snacks and juice . Dhani knew that something was wroung with her from couple of days But she ingored it thinking indigestion every time. As soon as she took a sip of her favourite juice she immediately ran to the bathroom while covering her mouth with her palm leaving the girls panic stricken.

She came out from the bathroom a couple of minutes later just to get attaked by a heap of questions put forward by her friends

“Dhani, tum theek ho ??” Asked riya asked worryingly

“Dhani is everything alright ? Are you okay ??” Asked payal

“Dhani forget everything let’s Go Go to doctor before your condition gets more worse ” said neha

“Guys guys guys. Wait. Please . I’m okay . Stop panicking. It’s just that I’m not feeling well . I don’t feel like eating anything even it they’re my favourites . So I just throw up” dhani said blankly

“Dhani . I think you are pregnant ” riya said while taking all the three girls in shock and surprise

“WHAAAAT” screamed dhani, neha and payal

“These are pregnancy symtoms dhani “shouted riya excitedly

She sat down at the edge of the bed and said nervously looking at Riya, “Ab kya ??”.

“Neha . Tum please jaake pharmacy se test kit leke aao . We need to confirm it ” Riya said to Neha

“Congratulations dhani . We are going to become Maasi . Yayyyyy” said payal as all the girls pounced on her for a bear hug

“Thankyou guys . But we need to confirm it right? ?” Dhani asked nervously

“Dhani don’t worry. Positive hi aayega . I’m sure . You just relax ” said payal while patting her shoulder

“Dhani you are happy na ??” Asked riya

” Riya you don’t have any idea what I’m feeling right now . This feeling of knowing thats theres another life living inside you cannot be explained through words . You can’t imagine how I’m feeling right know . Viplav will be so happy. He always wanted a baby . ” she said emotionally as stream of salty water rolled through her cheeks

“Dhani I’m so happy for you and viplav ” Riya said While taking her in a side hug

Meanwhile neha came back with the test kit

“Dhani. Here you go . Don’t worry okay ” neha said as she handed over the kit to her.

She came from the bathroom with a blank expression on her face

” dhani what happened? ” Riya asked in a worried tone

“Dhani spoke up man . Neha said while shooking her by her shoulders

” positive ” she said meekly

And soon she was squished between three over exited people

“OMG … dhani I’m so so so happy for you ” said neha excitedly

After a couple of seconds they heard someone sniffing just to find her crying like a baby .

“Dhani . Haaay. Shuuush .this in not time for crying . Its time for celebration. It’s time to partyyyy.
Neha said and wiped her tears

“I’m happy guys . But this feeling its just out of world . She said which her head resting on Riya ‘s shoulder

“Aur viplav ??”Riya asked while patting her hairs

She immediately jumped off the bed and said ” oh my God . Riya he is going to be so happy ! His baby His love His life “she said excitedly while jumping around that she didn’t realised that a couple of happy tears had already escaped her eyes

“Okay guys , tum log jao. I have lot of work ” she said excitedly

“As you say .take care of yourself . Call us if you want anything . Aur viplav ko jaldi bata Dena ” payal said while hugging her

Soon the trio left leaving an overwhelmed dhani behind

“Get ready for the biggest suprise of your life viplav ” she said to herself with her hand over her belly


guys please tell me if you are not liking the parenthood story. I will stop writing this

Take care
Keep smiling
Love u all

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  1. Aiswarya

    Please tell me frankly if you don’t like this one

  2. I actually loved the story.

  3. I actually ? the story…Thank you?!

    1. Aiswarya

      I should say thank you . Happy to know that you are enjoying
      Keep reading

  4. Aiswarya I’m sorry if I’m hurting u but I can’t bear anymore how can u copy someone’s work it’s cheating first u did with trapped with Mr. Billionaire, but I remained silent as I’ve no right to say anything but this is too much, how can u do it again that too with so much courage, I’ve already read this story on a forum.. if u want to write something than write at ur own talent, don’t think that I’m bashing u or insulting u I was a silent reader here from many months but seeing this act I thought to break my silence as it’s my right being a loyal reader. By doing this u are ruining others too who are writing through their mind as all will take IKRS writers as copycats so please stop doing this and those who are praising it please start praising the actual writer who deserves all these comments!
    Thanks and bye..

    1. Angel20

      Hi Asma Noor,
      Where did you read this story and trapped with Mr. Billionaire? I wanted to read that story

    2. Hey Maria, I’ve read it on wattpad! I hope I m not hurting anyone, I thought to point her mistake

    3. Aiswarya

      Hiii Asma dear .So you have read my billionaires possession. My bestie is uploading my stories in with her favourite characters do you get it know. If I’m not uploading it that doesn’t mean I’m coping n cheating others . I don’t have that much courage to do this kinda acts . As compared to billionaire possession starting is the same but ending is totally different
      Cupcake is the same story . I thought in ikrs there was a leap after showing dhani is pregnant and viplav is not knowing so I thought everyone here will like a parenthood .
      Always be a loyal reader I like you very much because you came forward to tell what you are thinking.
      Please don’t call me sisters copycats. You can call me anything
      Because of the change in characters you thought I’m coping. But that’s not true .Please believe me

      Have you ever commented on in it ???? I don’t remember your name

      Please believe me. I’m not mad to copy others work

      1. Aiswarya

        Sorry for replying you late . I’m not in my home right know
        Believe me If you can

    4. AanyaSingh

      Hey Miss Asma Noor! How did u even think of calling my little sis a copycat? ??. You have read this story smwhere else doesn’t mean that the writer of this story here has copied it from there. If two stories appear to b similar that doesn’t mean that one has copied the work of another & let me tell u that no story of two writers can b the same, the concept can b the same but the treatment of it & the development of the story can never b the same as everyone has his/her own way of writing. And how do u know that my sis doesn’t have the talent for writing, do u know anything abt her? No naa. And for ur kind information she recently got the first praise in a writing competition. So u better not say anything abt her or her writing. And how u dare call all ikrs writers as copycats? Being loyal at one forum doesn’t mean that u will go on saying whatever u want to the writers of another forum. On one hand u r saying that u r insulting or hurting any one & on the other hand u r just going on & on & on, calling the writers here copycats, saying their ff to b cheating material & also advising Aiswarya to stop writing & the readers to start praising the actual writer, i must say u just don’t have any limits???. And my little sis is not this kind of a person as to indulge in such cheap actually of copying. If she doesn’t get any idea of continuing the plot, she will stop the ff in btwn only till the time she gets further ideas to complete it rather than thinking of copying smone else ‘s work. Such a kind of person she is. So don’t even think of insulting her again. She is not alone, her whole family is there for her.

  5. Sujie

    Aisu….. Loved this a lot…..don’t think of stopping it… And keep going….No need to get affected by any kind of bashing…. I believe that you know the difference betwewn copying from someone and starting something being inspired…. So no need to get affected of bashers…. Always keep smiling…and lots of love..keep going dear

    1. Hey Sujie, dear I m not bashing her it’s my right to say as a reader I have not done this thing ever in any ff but this is completely cheating material that’s why I m saying u are taking me wrong I read all ff and I love them so please don not say like that if she would have doing some changing then I will never say this I don’t want hurt anyone but still I will advise Aiswarya to stop copying

  6. Aishu… One doubt?? Hpe u don’t mind.. Na.. So ur mr.billionaire khatham hua kya???

    Though I’m of ur age.. Mein khaffi chotti hun?

    Abt ths ff.. I’mm loving it.. Especially ur vocabulary.. Ur way of explaining is supr.?

    Keep postng and read my ff too?

    1. Aiswarya

      Not only mr billionaire but cupcake also ended I’m least interested in publishing ?not even feeling to open this page .
      Awww…that’s because I was in London till 9th
      I will surely read

  7. Shruthy

    First of all : WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN GIRL?
    Do you know how much we all miss “Trapped by a billionaire”? We want the next part of it.
    Like the way they were cuddled into each other, and you describe Dhaani's child personality. That's way too cute. They love each other so much, and when you imagine the scenes reading, you get tears of happiness. Well I had some, really :p You know, imagining the big room, where there is a big bed, and husband&wife sleeping cuddling into each other ; then the morning romance … <3 I AM WAY DRAMATIC!
    Like you said, how can we believe she is a cardiologist? You won't believe it, but reading about the child Dhaani, I seriously got the drunk Dhaani in mind, you know when Dhaani got drunken in the night club, and then that cute conversation sitting on Viplav's car. I just love that scene. Even there, Viplav was the protective and bodyguard of a child and innocent Dhaani. So, thank you for reminding me of that scene, because that's one of my most favourite. <3
    Yaaay Dhaani is pregnant. And that's the happiness Viplav was waiting for so long. SO the story is going to turn around this happiness of parenting. And I was way flattered reading the promo itself, I really loved the concept.
    Btw I am sorry, I couldn't comment before as I was not logged in on a device where I can comment and message. And even right now, I am using the office's comouter for that, chup chup ke. :p *rebel*
    Chalo, ab jaldi se next shot ko post karo aur hum sabko khush karo. 😀 *turns out to be a child like Dhaani*
    Loads of love xoxo
    Take care

    1. Aiswarya

      Di. …I’m sorry to tell you that I’m not gonna post this two ffs. …..pls forgive me
      Happy to know that you liked it .
      Post ur ffs I’m missing it badly

      1. Shruthy

        HUUUUH ? BUT WHY???
        Now you literally disappointed my poor heart :p *melodramatic Shruthy in the place*
        I am in a serious problem actually. I don’t know how to handle it. Once solved, I will post, I promise.

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