Do you like Shivani Surve in Ek Deewana Tha?

Sony’s Ek Deewana Tha recently got a new entry. Shivani Surve of Jaana Na Dil Se Door is the new female lead in the show. She was paired with Vikram Singh Chauhan in her last show. Her chemistry with Vikram was much applauded. She is seen with Vikram since the story took a big leap of 25 years. The story has changed drastically with a re-birth twist. Shiv, Sharanya and Vyom have taken a re-birth. The love triangle now proceeds on a new note. Shivani is introduced as Rajan’s niece, who has come from London. She loves Rajan and Madhavi as her family. She surprises them by introducing her boyfriend Akash, who looks exactly as Vyom.

Rajan and Madhavi don’t understand their destiny. The duo gets a bigger shock when they find Shiv’s re-incarnation self. Akash refuses to get engaged to Shivani, and introduces the love of her life in the party. Shiv proposes Shivani after a cute love confession in the middle of her engagement. Shiv and Vyom would get after Shivani, who is Sharanya’s re-incarnation. Shivani doesn’t remember what happened 25 years back. Actress Donal Bisht has quit the show as per the story needs. Namik Paul continues to add up the third angle in the obsessed love tale. Do you like Shivani Surve in Ek Deewana Tha? Let us know your opinion.

  1. How can she be a niece ,was she born after sharanya died .I would much prefer Donal .

    1. Mona146

      yup donal is cute although i have nothing against shivani surve.

  2. Without Donal Ek deewana tha is incomplete

  3. What to ask? Yes of course… Much awaited. Shivani is the best. She will rock.

  4. Donal is overacting. Too much of expressions for a small thing. I always skip sequences of donal’s overacting. But cant leave the show for Namik. He is the actor, just with simple expressions he will make us feel much. Whereas donal with tons of expression make me feel nothing. If compared shivani is far better than Donal. Donal gives same set of expression for everything no matter what the situation required for. It may look like I’m only finding her faults and not considering her efforts. And I know here is so many fans of Donal,saranya shivanya. I’m sorry for all her sincere fans. But what to do its only my personal opinion and do not want to create a mess. But I wanted to say it. Said it. If I would be the only one who felt like this i don’t care. But truly I never liked her acting.

    1. I am with you girl
      She is good looking but in terms of acting NO NO NO

    2. Have felt the same about her acting but she is cute n fit.

    Celebration time?????

  6. Lokesh

    Want both in the show.

  7. Donal is very much in show as Radhika & will be paired opposite Krish (Namik) but most happiest thing is Shivani is paired with Vikram.shivik will rock.

    1. yup! u expressed my thoughts exactly!

  8. What can we say?the dumbo is back. She irritated everyone to he’ll in the other show. Weak in maths weak in history maniac baap stupid mother .now we have to bear with her here as well. No offence meant I wish they show her as an intelligent girl and empowered. I wish they show Vyom as a normal person and not a maniac

  9. Shivani is super. And ShiVik is magic.

  10. Welcome shivani surve.
    I want both. Otherwise again they go with triangular tragedy. So 4 is safe.

  11. Siddharth

    Hey guys donal haven’t quitted the show. She will be seen playing the role of radhika which will be different from sharanya’s character.
    Check the link below ?

    1. Siddarth that link just made my day
      I was so worried that sharanya won’t be acting any more
      And just to say to that Angitasharma Donal does not over express and everyone only likes Ek Deewana Tha because of Donal and Namik
      That shivani is way out of Namiks lead and she and Vikram make a good match because they both are like the same like they aren’t so cute understanding like Namik and Donal
      Namik and Donal are the best
      So just saying please don’t say anything ever again like that!!!

    2. Thank you Siddharth!

  12. Love the chemistry between shivik and sashi as well…..nice to see shivani with vikram once again…..

  13. Pavithra1616

    Glad to know shivik is back??

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