Did you like Farah Khan replacing Salman Khan in BB08?

Choreographer-turned-filmmaker Farah Khan, who has stepped into Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s shoes to host Bigg Boss Halla Bol. She is best known for her choreographic work in numerous Bollywood films. The show has got a female host after a long time Shilpa Shetty who hohosting the Season 2. The latest being BB08 getting a month extended, Farah Khan hosting the Halla Bol series and five known faces entering the controversial show. Viewers have also seen a mid week elimination with Upen Patel bidding adieu. Five contestants and five new entries in the house are brought in the Bigg Boss’ Halla Bol series. Contestants will be the champions and the other five, Challengers. So, basically, it is Champions and Challengers living together in the same house fighting for the grand BB08 trophy. This surely brings a clear concept to the viewers with the show getting an extension and Farah Khan hosting the Halla Bol series.

The Finale Ka Twist was started by Salman Khan in his regular way, entertaining everyone with a lot more energy. One of the two twists was that Farah Khan will now take over the show as host for the extended part. Salman was the best part about Bigg Boss Season 8, and he will surely is missed, as his charisma and unbiased handling took the show to good TRPs. However, it has to been how Farah manages the extended Season. What do you think about this replacement? Let us know.

  1. Salmaan khan is the heart of this show. No salmaan no bigboss. I was like crazy about big boss but now go to hell big boss. This show is scripted. Everybody knows that winner is gautam gulati thenalso few suckers extended the show . Now onwards i will preffer balika bal-veer over big boss 8 ..

  2. Missing salu

  3. I like only salman please bring him back

  4. Farah khans sense of humour is much more better than Salman Khan.
    she is a great host too. We are habitual with Salman Khan that’s the only reason that we cant imagine show without him.
    But people will like her too. Just wait and watch.

  5. no one can replace salman khan..m watchng BB since five yrs jst only & only bcoz of salman..for me BiggBoss=Salman Khan…

    1. The show is great because of its unique and superb format followed by creative tasks by creative team.
      host or anchor is just a part.

      1. ye its a unqiue shw bt host also matters bcoz salman it has good trp and lotss of pple r watchng fr him..that is also true

  6. If ever i could imagine,how big boss looks like Only Person comes to my mind is “Salman Khan”.. Miss You Salman. Cannot bear Farah khan on saturday and sunday now.. I am stopping watching this shows on weekends

    1. Anooo same here she doeent suit being the host! I wish salman khan coukd come back to being the host hate farah as the host!

  7. Please get back the real hero of BB8 i.e. Salmaan Khan.. can’t see Farah khan on saturday & Sunday 🙁

  8. I only like salman ! I don’t like farah ! Salman was the soul of the show !

    1. because of blind follower like you
      deserving people cant get success in India.

  9. Farah is also good.

    1. u have the right sense.

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