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Hii all this OS is dedicated to Mass sneha who is celebrated her birthday today.. may be by the time I am posting this, her birthday would finish. So happy birthday sweetheart and also belated happy birthday to u too.. my dedication to my one episode friend… so here we go hope u like this insane one..

Abhi was sitting in his classroom going through his phone and smiling looking at it. As the class was free, all the students hung around in small groups when bulbul came inside the class with tanu.
“sshhh.. abhi look”purab said pointing at tanu. Abhi turned to look at the new girl and whistled at her approving of her beauty. “ hey bulls!!” abhi called out excitedly grabbing the attention of the class rep. Pragya. Pragya turned to loo at bulbul that why abhi suddenly giving more attention to her but on seeing Tanu with her, pragya shook her head and thought ‘ abhi will always be abhi’
Shaking her head she turned to aaliya and continued tot alk with her.
“who do we have here?” he said pointing at Tanu to bulbul as he pushed purab to make a little more space for tanu in the middle.
“hey everyone, this is Tanu,, she is the new exchange student” bulbul told them “ and TAnu this is abhi, purab, pragya and aaliya”
“hii” tanu replied all smiling at ABhi. “ exchange student? That’s nice now tell about ur college and life”abhi told her offering the seat next to him
Tanu chuckled seeing the outrageous flirting by abhi while others watched him. Then abhi turned towards bulbul and said “ bulbul darling why are you standing come sit with me?” he todld by pushing purab completely out of his place and made bulbul sit to his left.
“what the..” purab shouted but stopped in the middle seeing abhi busy with tanu and now with bulbul while bulbul remained silent tanu was equally in convo with abhi.
Few minuted later, pragya was called to the staff room and she left leaving aaliya alone behind. So aaliya sttod and stood next to purab. Seeing her, abhi invited her to join their small party.
“ you are one lucky idiot.. you know that?” purab asked pissed at abhi half admiringly and half jealously. Abhi chuckled and he was serious in dividing his attention to the three ladies.
“ why do u flirt so much abhi?” aaliya asked in exasperation.
“ because you girls are beautiful and beauty not admired is a sin”. Aalya rolled her eyes. “ I don’t mind your flirting “ TAnu said softly running her fingers through abhi’s cheeks. “ trust me when I tell you this you would never be alove for touching him” bulbul said warningly.
“ he’s cute” tanu told bulbul offended that who would be suitable for abhi more than her. “ oh thanks sweets” abhi rpelied winking at her.
Tanu giglled and swatted his shoulder playfully.

Pragya returned ti the classroom and shouted “ mam is on leave the hour is free” many students walked out and some remained talking to others. Pragya went to her place and started dng her work.
Bulbul looked at purab and slyly showed him two fingers. But purab grinned and whispered to her “ under 1”. “ you’re on” bulbul said challengingly.
Meanwhile abhi looked pragya slyly and noticing she is not joining them he told the girls “ excuse me lovelies, got a work” he graciously got up from his plce and went and sat next to pragya.
Purab jumped behind bulbul “ pay me now,” and smirked at her. Bulbul huffed in defeat and took out a 100 rupee note and handed it to purab.
“ who is she?” tanu asked bulbul as she watched abhi sitting next to pragya.
“ pragya arora his fiancé” aaliya said to her grinning.
“fiancé ?” tanu asked shockingly while others giggled. “ thay have been engage3d for two years by now” bulbul said to tanu irritating her more. “ then what was he dng with us?” tanu asked not recovering from shock. “ flirting” aaliya replied calmly. “ but he was standing with us right?”tanu.
Bulbul “ did u see any of us flirting back? Did u see any women looking at him?”. Tanu “ because he is engaged?” gaping her mouth open.
Aaliya jumped in and said “ no because he is prgaya’s and anyone dare to cross the line she will kill them alive” tanu looked at the coupld who was smiling with each other and talking. Abhi was not in his flirty look but with pragya he was more gentle and lovable. Tanu could see that in his eyes.
Tanu “ she doesn’t mind him flirtin?” thinking if her bf does like that he will skin hi alive. Purab “ he is so madly in love with her and pragya too knows that so she doesn’t mind him flirting”. Bulbul “ he will always stick behind her like a love-sick puppy it is a relief for pragya when he is with us”. “ and the point is he too knows that” aaliya informed. Purab “ pragya told him that”. Tanu “ strange!!”. He was irritated that she spent her precious time on an already engaged one.,

“what hpnd love?” abhi sat next to pragya taking her hand in his. Pragya smiled at him and continued to write “ nothing abhi since it is a free hour thought to finish this assignment”. Abhi stretched his back on the bench “ I didn’t even started it”. Pragya “ when did u start earlier? You will always eat my brains at the end time”. Abhi came near her face and whispered “ don’t worry darling after our marriage I will never delay in my husbandly duties and that’s a promise”. Pragya blushed hearing him. Abhi chuckled seeing her blush and kissed her cheeks.
“so how Is she?” pragya asked
“she is cute?”
“damn hot” abhi admitted smiling sheepishly at her.
“dont hurt her darling.. she doesn’t know about us” abhi told her little worried. Pragya looked at abhi with a crazy look. Abhi looked at the girls and said “ I think buls is warning her”.
“she better be”. Pragya huffed in anger as she flirted with abhi, her abhi. “well you did slap the wits out of ria in front of all” abhi chuckled at her action
“ because she was shamelessly flirting and forcing her on you” pragya reminded him.
“ I love it when you fight for me” abhi told kissing her earlobe.
“ I know” pragya told him blushing.
They were sitting in silence when madhu looked at the group enjoying. She told abhi “ abhi you go and be with them.. it will take me time.. I don’t want you to sit near me like a watchman dng nothing”. Abhi hugged her and said “ arrey I am ur watchman let me see anyone cmng near my darling” “ and moreover you finish I will always wait for you” he replied stretching himself lazily.
“ I am right her love: pragya replied smilingly at him loving this simple gesture.
“ it will not be the same as hvng u right next to me” abhi replied shrugging.
“ sometime I have nightmare abt my life after marriage” pragya said looking at abhi jokingly
“ what nightmares?” abhi asked her questioningly ‘ what doubt does my baby has abt our life?’
“ that u will handcuff me to yourself so that I wil be with you all the time and u will make me a life time prisoner to you” pragya laughed
“there might not be a handcuff but you are handcuffed to me my love. Wherever you go I will be with you my darling” abhi murmured to her lovingly cupping her cheeks “you are my life time prisoner” he kissed her on her lips passionately claiming her as his.

I know that it is silly and stupid but I really wanted to do smthng for my fellow friend as I didn’t know many bdays here I cant do anything so whoever comments her just drop ur bdays too… as I got a family in this tellyupdates I love to do smthng for them and don’t throw any chappals or tomatoes.. for this idiotic story.. and bday girl may this year be full of happiness an u should alwys be smiles there should never be a hint of sadness and thalla naanum tamilnadu Pondicherry aalu.. nee mass ma kalakku.. happy bday once again sweetheart hope u see this and tell me ur views. Love u all stay blessed be happy always…

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  1. thank u thank u thank u thanks a lot u proved u are my true friend u only gave me b’day gift love u so much i’ll never forget this till my life end thanks a lot i’ll tell this to my parents , friends,relatives,neighbours and everyone i’ll shout all over my village say ur b’day vaishu love u loads u are my bestie thanks to god for giving me friend like u bye vaishu sweety i want to know ur details

    1. Vaishali

      awww i am so so glad u liked it darling.. it was my first dedication as i dont know others i just dont know why i had the urge to do smthng for u i racked my brain a lot to think for u i dont know that it came well or not but i am glad u liked it thank uy so much dear for considering me as ur true friend u deserve a lot darlu haha no need to shout then ur throat will pain and it is my gift as i cant give u directly i am also blessed to have u as my friend sneha dear.. my bday is may 31 sweets hope we catch up a lot and wat u want to knw abt me just tell i will gv u all details hehe .. love u loadzz take care be happy and haan happy bday again sweetheart..

  2. Reshma_Pradeep

    Superbb! & Its not Idiotic yaar……& Bday….. Mine is 27 jan………..???

    1. Vaishali

      thank u so much akka will surely remember ur bday and belated wishes for ur bday always be happy love u!!!

  3. that was great vaishu… just loved it…
    you nailed it as usual. my BD: 27 March.
    and happy birthday sneha dear… wish you a great time ahead… stay blessed!

    1. Vaishali

      thank u so much ammu u made my day darling… and 27 march yaar u should have informed me earlier i would have wished u at midnight well not to worryy next year i will surely wish u until then belated wishes dear stay haaaaaaapppyyyyyyyyyy always.. love u loadzz ammu take care….

  4. cute n lovely

    1. Vaishali

      thank u so much dii for ur comment love u keep supporting me like this…

  5. Lovely. .loved it dear. ..
    My bday is on Aug 8
    Happy birthday sneha

    1. Vaishali

      thank u so much priyanka darlu u made me smile widely by gvng ur comment well ur bday is actually my elder bro bday so i will never forget in my life will surely wish u on that day and thanks for wishing sneha too…

  6. Awesome dear…I’m silent reader of your stories…im sorry for not commebting…all are fabulous…and my is on Sep 19..tell yours you??

    1. Vaishali

      thank u so much lokha darling.. no need to be sorry sweet heart now i came to know that i have such a lovely reader i am blessed.. sep 19 i will surely wish u dear.. love u too take care be happy always… and keep supporting me like this and are u elder or younger to me i am 16 just want to know .. bye…

      1. You are elder to me….I’m nearly in my 16…I think I disrespect you..I’m onwards I’ll call you dhi..heyyyyyy ..I got new lovable dhi….tell me your too dhi..I’m very very happy that I got new sis…and whr are you frm??I’m frm tn..actually I’m a chatterbox that’s why..ill support you as much as i you so much dhii??????

  7. Awesome and interesting update di superb and fantastic update I really loved it and plzz update regularly can’t wait to see the next part

    1. Vaishali

      thank u thank u thank u so much abhigya dear… u made me grin like a idiot darling just by seeing ur comment.. and thank u for loving this story too… will try to update regular sweetheart love u take care…

  8. Saranya24

    Hey bujjukutty tat was way too awesome suprb loved it????

    1. Vaishali

      thank u so much akka u made me blessed by gvng ur comment and thank u for liking it too and akka ur bday u didnt mention it??!!! well its ok but dont forget to say love u loadzzz akka take care ..

      1. Saranya24

        My bday is on dec 24 da may i kbw urs?

  9. Superbbbb??????….

    1. Vaishali

      thank u so much sangi dear u know what my best friend’s nickname is also sangi which i only call her.. keep supporting me like this love u loadz

  10. Lopez

    awesome dear

    1. Vaishali

      thank u so much dii ur one word is enough for me.. keep commenting keep supporting me love u dii take care keep smiling….

  11. Super cute sis…my birthday is on 6 th October…. waiting for your other updates….

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