Life and Teachings of Life

Life is teaching me some of bitter and unbearable realities of it repeatedly.Before sharing the realties i want to share 1 most important thing about life with you all and that is
The Realities are the most unbearable and bitter realities of a girl’s life if she consider them all to be true and it could make the life of that girl’s difficult in that case but the way to less and even destroy these complexities and hardships of life is also given. For that we have to be strong enough to fight with our heart which is the most difficult thing of the world after being alive.
Now i am confused to tell you the easiest way to remove these hardships and difficulties which is the most difficult to obey for any girl.
So let’s start with the easy option to do.
Limit your socializing
To anyone it is the most difficult thing to do but the benifits you will get by it are :
it will decrease your bad deeds and
will make your life little better and simple.
One more thing which we know but didn’t practice ‘Be Positive’
The realities is to live as a girl and more over to be unlucky isn’t easy not explaining but it kills but doesn’t allow to die and force me to think something which any normal person can’t think or do which i am not allowed to do.For now, these three lines r the biggest sorrow of my life.

to be frank now when i m re reading i feel i should write some other work than limit socializing but i can’t get any other point as i m hearing music and not singing it because my mind is busy here so for now Limit Socializing point is done but what is meant by socializing
First is to be busy in doing something good and don’t fill ur world with thepeople whom u can’t give time help all,think good for all but don’t be close with all.And most important don’t allow yourself to be close to anyone.
Decision is all your’s do you want to be the one
Who had just some frnds but is all their’s although his/her best wishes and prayers are for all but when it comes to heart give your heart your besties.
(my type is this although many people call me mad but i m happy with my madness as it’s makes me unique and helping me to be alive from almost 22 years specially from 9 years and most important quality of mine is that i follow my crazy,unique heart and the thing i feel right although it’s about rules or life and i m a chatter box and my this charateristic made this article moderate other wise when i started writing i was so serious but now normal so it’s my chatter box charateristic and begining is reality of life which i was facing by heart at that time)
Who had many frnds but don’t have the bestie.
(and actually it’s the reality as in loneliness i am the same)
and one more suggestion first try to make your parents your bestie and second one is God because parents can die but God never leaves us and have belief on Him that He will surely help you through His creation
In all above suggestions first will decrease your bad deeds and mixture of both’s second one will give you the power to be alive in reaity.
During this i would like to share my 1 lesson which also according to the first two options i gave you
it’s the lesson which life taught me when i was waiting for my bestie andshewas busy with some one else because to me she was,is and will be my bestie but i wasn’t her’s and this lesson also matches with one of my post in activity in which i said their’s something good and bad in every incident happens in our life.It’s our insight which judges the incident as good or bad and this whole paragraph proves that i am a chatter box so bye and take care
Don’t know when i will post it as for now i wrote this all in my wordpad starting from date 7 march at time almost 6:30 pm and finished it now at 12:31 am of 8 march. During this take many long breaks which made me normal and a became chatter box and u can feel my this characteristics above in my first have i wrote till allow to die and next i wrote in second half so is little serious your comments and my mood will decide that i will post any article again or not so a final bye and take care ASTALAVISTA IF GOD ALLOWED
Today i thought about the same(limit socializing) because in some cases it happens automatically and reached the conclusion that if you don’t find anything bad in it then u can continue with it and if u can’t don’t want to do this then emphasize on small good doings like obeying prents,being helpful and to be a true person. And 1 more thing always pray for good luck for ur self and others as it’s a quote

  1. Ooshi

    readers i want to know ur point of view tell me if some one likes it then y and if not then y plz.

  2. Nice article ?. But why is it on humour category? Anyway you r right. Being too much socialized is not good. Having too much friends can cause too much problems too. So it’s better to be little away.

    1. Ooshi

      TU has no category which could be correct for this article so i wrote this category

    2. Ooshi

      and thanks for the comment

  3. Aleya.marzan

    nice concept. i really liked ur way of conveying thing. though in some places ppl can have different pov . carry on . best of luck

    1. Ooshi

      happy u replied it matters very much tome

    2. Ooshi

      it’s a blessing to me that u r here

  4. Pavithra1616

    What a amazing start, Ooshi? You have a good future.. You write really well.. And what you tried to convey through this article was a good concept.. These are the values we have to enrich in ourselves.. Well done.. Hoping another article from you..

    1. Ooshi

      happy u commented it matters very much to me

    2. Ooshi

      Pavithra these were just my thoughts and my feelings about life and it’s realities and want to share it i m not a creative one but a teacher who teaches his lesson to me it’s a lesson and i teached it to my students because i want them all to be the best it’s a blessing to me that u r hhere

  5. Hemi

    It was very nice dear but I was confused that why in humour category? I got it now! I will like to read more by you! All the very Best! Well, I wan to confess that when we chatted first, I thought you are little depressed. But I think you were serious and on social networking, I meet very less serious people! Your personality seems so calm though you say you are a chatter box! I liked it so much!

    1. Ooshi

      yeah i m a serious one and according to me i m a chatterbox as well happy to have chat with u again

    2. Ooshi

      happy u liked it it’s the the proof of my chatterbox character that comments become 13 from which 11 r my replies

  6. HarSHaN

    Very nycc Sis?..A Good article about ‘How to make a real life”?

  7. Ooshi

    how to make a real life what does it mean and u checked it now when i posted it missed U and Di the most

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