Not a proofread chappy.So there will be typo errors.Actually I haven’t got time to read it?.So read it at your own risk.

“So…” he was about to ask something when his phone went off.

“Excuse me… I have to attend this one. It’s important.” With that he left.

Sigh. It’s been half an hour since he went to receive the call. What the f**k is taking him so long? I am getting bore now.What to do rads? Should I wait here or just leave this place? After the long debate going in my mind I finally decided to leave the place.With that I left that place.I know Arjun will be hell angry when he’ll find out that I literally walked off without waiting for him.A shiver ran down my spine at the thought of he being angry.Waving of that thought, I opened my apartment door. I found my way to bathroom allowing myself the luxury of long, steamy shower relaxing in the soothing comfort of hot water falling fully on my tired body. It had been a long day.

I was enjoying the feeling of hot water from shower cascading down my body when suddenly my phone rang.Putting a towel around myself I walked across the room , dripping everywhere.I picked up the call to see it was rishi .

“Hello Rads ” came his voice.

“hey rishi what’s up” I tried to be casual although I knew what he want to talk.Sigh.

“So how was your date?” he asked teasing me .

“Going on a date with Arjun is the last thing I want rishi ….and I thought you know me.”

“Nautanki….will you please tell me what happened there? ” I can clearly imagine him rolling his eyes at the last sentence.

Giggling I told him what happened off course skipping what I felt when he touched me.It is so stupid on my part to react to his touch when what I am supposed to do is play him.

“Whaaaat??? You left leaving him there….but why???….it wasn’t our plan rads”

“Oh yeah I forgot about the plan” I said sarcastically.

“Rads….” he was serious now.

“Okay listen . I have a great plan and trust me it will definitely work .” I assured him.

“And what is that plan?”

“For that you have to wait until tomorrow.Meet me at our regular place . I’ll tell you everything, okay?”

“Okay.At 10 am.”

” Okay.”

With that I hung up.



I woke up by sun rays breaking my sleep.Slowly opening my eyes I looked at the clock .Shit!!! It’s 8 already.How can I sleep for so long. Never mind .I have to meet rishi at 10 so I still have time . Getting up I got ready and called him.He told me to wait for him as he is going to pick me up . Once he arrived I hopped on the back of his bike and made myself comfortable . In less than 10 mins we were in front of the cafe.

When we were about to enter the cafe an old lady which was rishi’s relative came towards us telling him how he is supposed to get married as his parents are worried for his future and her niece is really beautiful and they will make a great pair. I looked at rishi to ask what is this but his expression told me to not say anything so I just shut my mouth . After giving him a long lecture she decided to leave and I bursted out laughing. I looked at rishi but he shrugged off and started laughing too.We entered the cafe laughing at that incident.

We sat down at an unoccupied table with me on one side and rishi on the other. Rishi as usual started cracking stupid jokes. That’s what I like the most about him .He can make anyone comfortable with his stupid jokes and humor. But I wasn’t comfortable today. I have a feeling that someone is watching us. I looked around but found none.I wasn’t sure if it is my intuition or am I thinking more??? Waving of that thought I ordered for my breakfast. After talking about random things I decided to tell him my plan.I could still someone’s eyes bore into the back of my head.But nevertheless tell him the plan.

“This is superb rads.But don’t you think it’s a bit risky.”

There it goes.He won’t stop worrying about me.

“It is.But it’s the only thing which can help us for giving her justice,right? We have to do it, okay”

We have promised each other that we’ll be there when any of us need others but….but we couldn’t be there when she needed us the most….I can’t forgive myself for that….Only if I could be there on time…only if I could be there to help her overcome that problem….then the situation would have been different….She would have been with us…

I snap back to reality when I noticed Arjun Mehra sitting at the table right in front of their’s glaring at her. Shit!!!! How the hell is he here?? and when did he noticed me??? What to do now??? think something rads, think fast. Should I tell Rishi? Nope. Not a good idea. I looked at him to see he was in deep thought? What could he possibly be thinking, I wondered. I cleared my throat to grab his attention.He looked at me and his eyes soften ?

“Rads r u okay? what’s wrong? ”

What’s wrong with me, I thought to myself confused at his behavior. ” yes ”

“Why were you crying then?” That’s when I realized the wetness on my chick.I touched my chick to wipe the tears and my eyes shot back to the pair of eyes watching me and I find him looking intently at me.I couldn’t held his gaze so I looked down and then at
rishi who was looking worriedly at me.

“Nothing….Just thinking about old memories”

He nodded understanding my pain as he had gone through same pain.We both have lose someone precious to us and whatever we do she is not gonna come back .

I shook my head and squeeze my eyes shut letting tears fall out . Picking my purse, I was able to find a small compact in it. I opened it and looked at myself in the mirror .The face that looked at me was startling.My eyes were red and swollen. I look horrible. Finding a tissue , I wiped the tears from under my eyes and smiled at rishi .He smiled back.


It feels good after pouring your heart to someone else , when someone knows what you are going through.I was feeling much better after meeting rishi.We left the cafe and he went to get his bike.

I was waiting for him at the parking lot when someone pulled me in his rock hard chest and pushed me against a wall. I looked at the face of the man who dared to misbehave with me and the words stuck in my mouth. His cobalt blue eyes bore into mine and I looked away unable to meet his intense gaze.He rested his index finger under my chin turning my face towards his. But I refused to look in his eyes.

“Look into my eyes” he said gritting his teeth.I looked into his eyes afraid of what he’ll do if I refused to do so only to get lost in his blue orbs.They held so much anger and lust?… His hands slowly travelled down my upper body, settling at my waist pulling me closer to him if that was even possible and out of reflex I put my hands on his chest trying to push him but it didn’t work.Instead he grabbed my wrists and locked them above my head with his one hand while his other hand was busy roaming on my back.I felt him lean forward and his breath tickled my skin.His lips kissed the corner of my mouth and stay there for sometime teasing me and my breath hitched.My knees went jelly and I clutched his hand tighter for support.He felt it too because he looked at me smirking.He feathered kisses out towards my ear. He kissed my earlobe sucking and nibbling on my ear.A shiver ran down my spine and I held on his hand tighter for my dear life.Kissing my jawline his lips find his way towards my neck kissing it gently.Soon he found my soft spot and kissed me there earning a moan from me.He smirked against my skin and gently bite it , sucking that part again to soothe thee pain.

“Oh god babe you taste divine” he moaned against my skin.

He stared back at my eyes and then at my lips. His eyes were full of lust.He stared at my lips again for sometime and the next thing I know is his rough lips on my soft trembling ones.And the little control which I had inside me lost by his kiss.His kiss was nothing like a gentle,romantic kiss.. it was more like a rough kiss.He was kissing so passionately that my legs started shaking.He left my hands and lifted me up so I could swing my legs and arms around him.I don’t know what had taken over me but I kissed him back forgetting evey f**king thing.Just when I started kissing him back he pulled back and I was disappointed at myself for even responding to his kiss.But when I looked in his eyes I don’t know what he was thinking but his eyes held something which I couldn’t understand.

“You’re mine. all MINE ” he murmured against my lips and crashed his lips into mine .He nibbled my lower lip earning a moan from me and slid his tongue between mine devouring every inch of it. I circled my hands around his neck and pulled ed him towards me earning a groan from him.The feel of his lips coaxing mine , the gentle brush of his tongue sends current through me.


Heyaa peeps,finally updated? I was so much excited about this part…. I have to made it special as it is supposed to Radhika’s first kiss.So took some extra time.?? I literally write this part 2 times today but decided to delete it as I wasn’t happy with the outcome.But I am happy that my efforts didn’t get waste as this part is what exactly I wanted it to be.and for the record it is the longest part I have ever written???. So guys just waste your some time to drop your comments. I am not asking much, right ?? Silent readers , please comment karo yaar or else how would I know if you are liking it or not?? enough of my blabbing now?
Hope you have enjoyed this part. And do tell me if you enjoyed ardhika’s romance or not. Honestly speaking I enjoyed it very much while writing??.

And yeah love you guys, take care and tysm for your lovely comments❤❤❤

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