There is life after love… {KKB} TS (Shot 3)

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Shot 3:

So, I know I am actually late… but I am so sorry guys. It took me so much time to write this*u must have guessed it by seeing the size of this!* Selecting the montage itself took me almost a day!
It took me a lot of effort to bring out sth like this…but even now I am not satisfied with what I wrote…please guys give your comments…i had been going mad thinking of how this would turn up! Ok, let’s come to the story now…

So, Thanks for your valuable comments in the pre one… also CD, I don’t know why it didn’t get posted… sry…will post soon *again*

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Bulbul was worried. She didn’t want her sister’s dreams to remain as dreams itself. But Bulbul had no other go. She looked at Purab for one last time while Pragya was still in the past. Bulbul wanted her back, but it was an impossible task at that time. So she told Purab to take care of Pragya.

‘Purab, even I have some responsibilities on my sister. I cannot see her losing always. I think that you too care for her. I am not informing papa. But I won’t care to do it if this continues’ Bulbul told him and left to the kitchen.

Purab saw Pragya who was getting more and more lost.

‘Pragya… Pragya’ he shook her shoulders.
‘Nothing bhai… A few memories’ she left to her room.

Purab felt bad for her. It is all because of him that she is now living in this hell. He calls someone.

‘I want to talk to you… shut up and come to my flat… stop yelling and come… I SAID COME… even I can yell… shut up and you are coming’

A few hours later…

‘So, what took you three hours to come here Mr. Mehra?’

‘Tell me what you want to talk?’

‘Sir is not in mood it seems. Ok, did you notice something?’


‘Bulbul’s not there’

‘Yeah, where is she? (Looking around the house)’

‘Out (small pause)… with her sister’

‘I dint know she had a sister’

‘Her sister didn’t want you to know’

‘Hmm… What?? But… why?’(Surprised tone)

‘You want to see her?’

‘Not necessary. Tell me why you called me (not at all interested)’

‘Turn… you will be able to look at her’

‘Haan? (He turns) she!!’

He gets up, shocked. It is a picture…hanged in the wall. He goes near it. He sees Diya and gets emotional. But something else is bothering him… someone else.

Diya is sticking her tongue out and the other person is giving her a… you-are-dead-look.

‘She is Pragya’

‘PRAGYA!!!’ it is the first time he is hearing her name.

Abhi flew back to the previous day.
Abhi was restless when Purab told him that someone loves him a lot and even now she is sitting in the park dreaming of him. Abhi without even enquiring who she is and what is she doing left the place immediately. He didn’t care for who the girl was or what her name is.

She loves him and that’s a sin…as of him.

So he set off to the park…angrily!

He was brought back by Purab.

‘Haan… Pragya, the one who loved you… more than Diya’ Purab let out a breath.

Abhi was out of breath! His head started to spin. He was surprised and at the same time shocked. Slowly his face changed to red. His anger was clear on his face.

‘She loves me even after knowing that I am her friend’s husband?’ Abhi shouted banging his fist on the wall.

‘No. She loved you even before Diya saw you’

‘What are you bluffing?’

Purab did not utter a word. Instead, he grabbed Abhi’s hands and took him to a room. He opened the door. Abhi gasped at the sight. He looked around and was shocked. He looked at Purab blankly.

The room was full of life… full of him! He could see him everywhere. Wherever he turns his head, there… he would be there. Pictures, music CDs, Album posters, College pictures, drawings, paintings… everything was of him.

‘Don’t think she is mad. She is full of love… for you. The first time she saw you, was in the bus stop. You used to talk to a small boy. Remember? He was deaf! Still you spoke to him every day. It is strange that he always understood you. He did understand one more person…Pragya. Every time Pragya was late, she would see you speaking to him. There you drew her towards you. Then she used to sit and admire you. She didn’t know your name…but still she knew every deed of you. Then she joined the same college where you studied’

Abhi was still. He looked at Purab.

Purab continues… ‘She loves sand art. She is perfect in hand painting. Knife painting is her best work. But everything always had a fault. It was always you!’

(Abhi didn’t know what to tell. He never imagined that he would matter to someone so much that everything of them is filled of him.)

‘Remember the time you where in bed for two weeks after Diya’s accident? Do you think I believed the fact that you slipped in the washroom? I know you tried to fall off the bridge. Remember the person who saved you? It was a girl. It was Pragya’.

Abhi was stunned at the things Purab was telling him. What more is he going to tell? What more?

‘She never fell in your sight… but she never let you out of her sight. Even I came to know about her feelings only when Bulbul told me… that too after Diya’s death. Could you imagine how hard it was for her to hide it? She hid it… for her love… for her friend… for you! Ellarum avanga kaadhalukkaga edha venunnalum vittu koduppanga, Aana ava unakkaga avaloda kaadhalaye vittu kodutha’ Purab told Abhi with so much emotions.

No one could explain what Abhi was going through. He was torn between guilt and love. He waited for Purab to continue.

‘When she came to know that you love Diya, she decided to let go off her love. You understand? She let go off her love! She didn’t even stay in India after that. She went back to US. She didn’t even attend her sister’s marriage in the fear of meeting you… falling for you once again. After she came to know that Diya died in an accident, she was the first person to weep… than me, than you… than anyone else! Then that stupid suicide-try of yours…when you came back home, she worked as your maid. US pigeon was working as a maid! (Hmm) She never let her veil go off… Ok, leave it. I don’t want to fill you with guilt. I just wanted you to know. That’s all’

‘Did she draw all this?’ Abhi asked tracing his face in the drawing, with his fingers.

‘Hey!! Were you dreaming all this while? What do you think I told you?’ Purab asked with a wide smile.

‘You go. I will come’

‘Ok’ Purab nodded.

‘But before going, I want to tell you one thing. You can never read the next chapter of your life until you finish the last one Abhi. You can never flip to the next page if you are still reading the previous one. Take care’.

He left the place.

Abhi came out after almost an hour… he left the flat silently not before informing Purab.

‘What happened Pragya? Why are you so dull?’

‘Nothing bhai. I am worried about him. He is not coming out of his home. It’s been a week and still he didn’t even look out. I don’t know what’s going on in him’ Pragya was desperate.

‘Pragya… I asked about you not about him. Stop living for him Pragya. He doesn’t even care for you’ ha said and left the place.

Though it pained Pragya so much to listen to all those from Purab, she realised that they were true.

This side Purab was so much worried for her.

‘I know why he is not coming out of his home…coz he is not in the home. He left it the next day itself. I couldn’t find a probable reason for why he left the home. But I am sure that he doesn’t want to stay here, not after knowing that there is one girl waiting for an inevitable rejection. I don’t know whether to tell you or not. I cannot worry you by telling about him. At the same time I cannot hide it from you. Why god…why did you put me in such a desperate situation?’ Purab was hell sad.

A month later…
‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRAGYA’ Bulbul screamed on top of her voice and Pragya was laughing. Purab was so happily shaking Pragya’s hands… ‘HAPPY BDAY BABY’ both kissed her cheeks.

They cut the cake and were happily feeding each other.

Purab arranged everything in his flat itself. Only they three were celebrating Pragya’s birthday. Purab was glad that Pragya was happy at last. He knows she was not completely alright, but still she started being happy… at least for them. Purab knew that he could never bring her what will really make her happy, but still he found all possible ways to keep her happy.

After all their fun was over… they went to the brook. Because… Pragya likes staying alone at night, simply staring the moon. Purab and Bulbul left her there and waited for her in the car. They knew she would take hours… but still they waited.

Screen shifts to Pragya.

She was standing over the flowing water in a rope bridge.

The fast flowing water composed a sweet music for her ears. The low flying tweet birds chirped a slow tune. The cold breeze gently kissed her cheeks while the bright moon showered all its light to eliminate darkness out of her life. She looked at the moon, waiting for him to arrive.

‘Happy birthday Pragya’ a low voice told her. She turned and smiled at him.

‘Thank you’ she smiled… ‘What took you so long?’ she asked.

‘I am sorry’ he replied.

‘It’s ok Abhi’


‘No… The mistake was mine. I have to tell that sorry’

‘If you start telling sorry, a lifetime won’t be enough’

Abhi simply stares at her.

‘OK…bye’ Pragya said and started staring back at the moon.

‘I came for you from a long distance’ Abhi said while Pragya stared at him in disbelief.

‘Everyday you come, stare at me and go back. Today you are talking to me!’ Pragya was surprised.

Abhi was still staring at her.

‘What’s new today? Oh, it’s my birthday (as if she realised something)! Don’t worry. There is no need for you to care for me out of pity. I am fine. You go now’ she said and turned back.

‘Do you dream of me every day, like this?’

‘Why are you asking me, all this? You don’t know? Every night when I come here you will be there to greet me. Then you will do nothing but simply watch me. Then you go away without even waving me a bye…HMM’

Pragya turned her face to the other side making a cute pout. Then she looked this side without turning her head, trying to be unnoticed by Abhi. She thought that Abhi will be gone. But to her surprise he was still there, looking at her with moist and questioning eyes.

She said… ‘Don’t look at me like that. Ok…yes. Every day…every hour…every minute… every second… every moment… always passes with your memories’ Pragya’s eyes were swelled with tears.

‘Even now you think I am your dream?’

‘Yes. Are you real?’ she touched his face and he closed his eyes.

Pragya immediately withdrew her hands. She started to cry.

‘Please Abhi. I can’t take it anymore. Don’t scold me. I can’t bear it. Please’ she was so badly afraid. The first time Abhi came to meet her was itself a terrifying incident.

‘I will not scold you’ Abhi said while tears swelled even in his eyes.

He caught Pragya’s hands and dragged her to his car. He tied her eyes with a black cloth. They walked somewhere. Now Pragya was able to see. The black cloth was not there. She searched it on her face… but it was missing.

The place was dark. Pragya was afraid. She asked Abhi to turn the lights on. But there was no reply. Pragya was mentally cursing herself for believing her phantasm as reality. She placed her foot forward; she found something soft press against her feet. Suddenly the lights were on.

Pragya was stunned at the glowing lights. The whole place was illuminated with golden lights.

Straight, in front of her, she could find a big portrait of THEM!*The pic might help a bit…if you dont find it good, just imagine it as u wish guys*

Abhi held her hands. He had suddenly come from nowhere.

‘Am I dreaming?’ Pragya was still confused.

‘I don’t think so’

Pragya found tears flowing over her cheeks.

‘Why do you always cry? I hate your tears’ Abhi rubbed them with his thumb.

‘From when did you hate MY TEARS?’

‘From the time I came to know that they are for me’ he said not forgetting to guide her through the place.

Pragya looked at him with love while he was holding her hands and taking her near to the portrait!

Pragya looked at it and then at Abhi… again at it…now at Abhi.

She gently caressed it with her pale hand. A drop of tear fell down.

‘You are crying again’ Abhi whispered and wiped her tears.

‘Sometimes tear is a sign of unspoken happiness… smile is a sign of silent pain’ Pragya said not taking her eyes of the portrait.

Abhi felt too guilty. But he let it go off, as of now. He was now all concentrated at Pragya. He admired her who was looking at the portrait with love.

‘This is my painting. How much I did try… I wasn’t able to complete this (after a long pause) I give life to my drawings with colours. Purab must have told you (Abhi nods). Things that I feel should happen, should never cease to occur will always be in colour. Things that cannot happen; will not happen are always in black…’ Pragya was telling with a smile.

Abhi remembers her paintings in the room. Every painting of him was colourful while the ones which had them both had a colourful him but a colourless her. Abhi felt emotions killing him. He tried to shrug them off and started talking.

‘But did you notice one thing? Neither of us are in black here (pointing the picture)’ he said with a smile.

‘That’s what I am seeing. How colourful it will be if we both are together?’

Again Pragya’s every word seemed to stab Abhi. This side, Pragya was admiring the picture with all her heart.

‘I am sorry Abhi. I should not have told that. It is not possible for us to live together’ Pragya said still caressing the portrait.

‘I never saw you in the college’ Abhi asked his question that suddenly came to his mind.

‘Only Diya was visible to you Mr. Mehra *that was true. Abhi could see no one else than Diya in his clg!* and it will be better if you don’t talk about clg’ Pragya said not wanting him to disturb her mood.

Abhi knew why she did not want him to talk about that.

‘You know how difficult it was to complete this?’ Abhi said trying to light her up and change the atmosphere.

‘Did you draw this?’

‘Who else would have?’

There was a long silence. Their eyes locked. Everything seemed to vanish to infinity… while their love alone tended to grow.

‘You weren’t able to complete this… I did’ Abhi said with a smile.

‘I am glad. But I feel bad when I see a colourful me standing next to you… when it actually cannot happen’ Pragya said painfully.

Abhi could take it no more. He dragged her. He took her to his car and opened his car back.

He took all her paintings out. Pragya wondered when he took all this from her room. But she simply watched him.
Within moments he splashed colours on them bringing them to life. Pragya was simply staring at him while he was busy painting her world with life. The smile in his lips showed how much he loved doing it… while his hands showed how careful he was in shaping their world of love and colours.

After almost half an hour, he placed all her drawings in row next to the portrait. Everything had a happy them in each other’s embrace. Abhi did not change anything in the drawings. He kept them the same but for the colours. The pictures smiled at them showing a colourful world of joy, love, affection, care and happiness.

Pragya looked at him blank. She couldn’t understand anything of what was happening around her. For some time she was not even ready to believe that she is in reality.

After all that he had done in the past two hours, Abhi was looking at Pragya… with so many thoughts. He, without any hesitation, caught her hands.

‘You don’t want me to paint your world too?’ he asked while Pragya was still staring.

A silence surrounded the place and the two were lost in it. A few moments later Abhi started talking.

‘I know it’s late. But I also know that it’s better late than never. It took me a little long to realize you… to realize your love. But I’m glad that I understood it at least now. I don’t feel pity for you. It’s not a care that arises out of sympathy but it is responsibility that arises out of love. Both may seem to be same but I understood the difference only when I saw you. You think I became too filmy, right? But all that I am telling now is not a dialogue… it’s what my mind thinks and what my heart feels. I have been dwelling in the past worrying about something that left me in the middle. Diya! Talking of her now makes me think how madly in love with her I was. Days were cool and nights were warm in her presence. But…she… she left my side… still she is not leaving my heart’

Abhi was literally crying. She wiped his tears. He then wiped the tears that were in her eyes.

‘Hmm… Every time I end up making you cry. I am sorry once again’ he said and turned his face.

‘It’s not your mistake Abhi. It’s just the fault in my stars’ Pragya wanted Abhi to laugh, but that statement only made him wince.

But then Pragya made a cute pout which brought light to Abhi. He too smiled at her.

Pragya was glad that a sad atmosphere somehow turned cheerful. She was accustomed to a sad life. But she did not want her Abhi to live in such a bad state. Her Abhi! Oh, not ‘her’ Abhi really.

Pragya did not want to be overcome by thoughts. Abhi came to wish her on her BDAY! What more will she want? She thanked Abhi in her mind.
Then she said ‘Thanks for coming today Abhi. I was so worried about you’.

‘You don’t remember the question I asked you?’ Abhi reminded while Pragya found a shiver run through her spine.

She did not want to answer. She had somehow started to move on. Again, bringing things back will only give pain, to both of them. Abhi is telling all this out of guilt*Pragya thinks so* in a feeling that he is to be blamed for her condition. When things turn normal, the heart will only long for the true love that it dreamed of. That time situation will be different. When a feel that I-did-a-mistake arises in his mind, it can never be erased. The whole life he will have to live with adjustments, which Pragya will never want. Prachanaye sollavum mudiyaama… mellavum mudiyaama Abhi thavikkiradha kandippa aavala parka mudiyaathu. Adhukku ore solution, avoiding those… or rather… to prevent those, right now!
Pragya got up from the bench that they were sitting in and started walking away.


Abhi took her hands in his.

‘Again, for one last time I am asking you. You don’t want me to paint your world too?’ Abhi asked her again.

His eyes clearly meant what he felt… he was guilty, but not now… all he wanted is, Pragya! To make up for their lost time… it’s true that he was madly in love with Diya…but life doesn’t always give what we want… it’s always correct as the saying goes… we always run behind the ones we love but ignore the ones who love us… and, finally time made Abhi understand it! So this time, he decided to live for the one, who is living for him…

‘You mean you are…’ Pragya dragged.

‘Yes… (A small pause) I cannot give you any place in my heart. It is already occupied by Diya…’

Pragya was worried. Tears threatened to rush down at any moment. She found everything spinning. Abhi is now giving a negative statement. The thing that Pragya never wanted to happen is just in front of her. ‘Why did you bring him back god?’ her state was desperate. Pragya found her conscious bidding an adieu to her. But before she could completely black out…

‘I cannot give you any place in my heart. But (Abhi pauses. Pragya looks at him. She does not want any pauses now. ‘Go on, tell a no’ Pragya told herself)… I can give you my heart in an exchange of yours’ Abhi says with a wide smile.

(It takes her a little time, but Pragya understands what he means.)

Pragya jumps on Abhi hugging him tight. *Imagine that same proposal scene in KKB*

A no turned into yes… that made her blush!

She has a glad smile on her face with happy tears rushing down her cheeks. Abhi gently cups her face.

I LOVE YOU… he places a kiss on her forehead.

Oh… such a lovely forehead kiss, full of love and respect…no lust.

From one corner, Bulbul and Purab see them and shed happy tears. Bulbul rests on Purab’s chest with tears while he hugs her close smiling at Abhigya.

He starts moving while Bulbul looks at Pragya and then at Purab with questioning eyes.

‘He is there to take of her Bulbul. There is no need for us to worry about her’ Purab tells still smiling at the couple.

‘I am glad Purab. Pragya has got her love and Abhi had got his heaven. I am sure… they both will never let each others’ side. Their life will surely be colourful’


The screen slowly shifts to Abhigya who are in each others’ embrace. It blurs.

So, here goes the last part of the story.
Some of you might find my thoughts contradicting and revolting.
But I have no thought to hurt anybody’s feelings. This one is purely of a positive note.
I just want to tell you all that if there was something bad… don’t worry.
It is not that our life is a failure if our love becomes a failure. Time changes… things change… so life also changes.
If you have lost someone, they will always be there with you in one form or the other.

Oh! I turned so philosophical and I started philosophising things. All this dawned over me a few days ago. My friend tried had cut her hand some time ago and I was literally shocked to know the reason. Though I don’t want to discuss about such matters to anyone, I am not able to control.

But don’t worry… I will not extend these philosophies.

Still if I have hurt anyone I am sorry.
I am actually so confused now. On top of it I am actually a bit moody. So, there may be so many mistakes in this epi. If it’s not there, I am glad.

If you want to tell me anything, of course you can. Also, any type of comment is welcomed. But do comment. Guys, i am telling again… do take sometime to comment…all my work gets sm meaning only when there are some people who like it… how can i know if you dont tell?

OK. OK. OK. Enough of all my craps! So feedback time dears… do comment.
(To see: this was one hell of a damn long update. Sorry for that. Thanks to all those who read it despite of its size and stupidity!)
Also, thank you silent readers… cmnt if u can… show up once in a while :$ :$

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    1. B_Ani

      thanx sowji??…

  14. Everybody speaks philosophy you know diii!!!’ I do t like philosophy but sometimes I end up being philosophical.. when I speak like that na.. My friends give me*I am dead* look but however I don’t leave them without hearing..This update is eeallly awesome. Abhi accepted Pragya’s love and that made me Super happy!!!??????. The portrait thing was mind blowing!!!! I reallly have no words to describe the update.. No way you rocked it Di!!!! Love you????

    1. B_Ani

      thanx cutie pie…
      and, i know right evry1 speaks of it, whenever we r moody!!!
      anyways, thanx for that cmnt…
      u r also dng awesome…sry cudn’t cmnt in the recent epis…
      love u to dear??????

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