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Ragini was waiting for laksh to come…she was fuming in anger as he was talking with other girls…


swara was seeing the couples nd she remembered sanskar..her kiddo..some tears escaped frm her eyes..

Hey kiddo…my kiddo..just now only our story started bt see our fate we were not able to see each other…only the way of talking to u is I’m not able to see to u Bcoz I was in home taking care of rago…I know u will be worried abt me nd rago..our fate kiddo..see Bcoz of ur innocence u r not talking in phne or chatting..wah..what a lover..she smiled herself thinking abt her cute kiddo..innocent sanskar..


at that time swara phne rings..seeing the name she became both shock nd happy..

Arjun was busy in the decoration works nd welcoming guests…
(Guyz I’ll show arjun as name of shona,rago,lucky,sanky…arjun is aju..)

Aju was busy Bcoz it was his sister marriage..(guyz rohit,aju,lucky,sholk treats every sisters as there own sister..remember it..they will go to any extent for them)

He was talking in phne nd walking fastly without noticing what is before or back..

Aju:ahhh..kaka..what I said…I said that everything to be see nothing is perfect…(in phne)

While talking busily he didn’t noticed the flower pot infront of him…

A girl was coming in opposite holding the plate of roses..she was struggling with her Saree nd walking..soo she was seeing down adjusting her Saree…

Both came in opposite sides..aju leg hitted the flower pot nd he slipped on the girl coming opposite…she fell down Bcoz he fell on her with full force..the plate fell down..the roses fell on them..

Aju got mesmerized seeing her eyes…her eyes were toooo powerfull for him..they shared a cute eyelock..after the all roses fell the plate also fell on his head(hehe..always I have this doubt guyz..whenever hero heroin fell down means only the roses falls on them then what is situation of plate..if rose falls means plate also should fall on them..hmm..I’m scratching my head thinking abt this..if u know the answer means tell me..)
Aju held his head nd shouted ahhhhh…
Girl rubbed his head with her hand..they were in the same position..girl was lying on floor nd aju was above her…

He saw some roses were still in her hair nd face..he removed the roses one by one..he saw her full face..he was seeing a beautiful Angel lying below him…

A voice came..
Ishaniiii…where r u…
(Yes the girl is Ishani frm meri aashiqui tum se hi serial..Sry shivanya fans..)

Ish:ahhh coming..
Aju stood nd made her stand..
Aju:Sry…r u okay..
Ish:yaa…I’m..I’m okay..
She tried to slipped again..aju held her properly..
Aju:hey..really r u okay..
Ish:Noo..actually my Saree got messed..I am able to handle it..
She made a cute pout…

Aju laughed seeing her pout..
Aju:if u don’t mind..May I help u..

Ishanii was shocked by his sudden approach..she thought for a while then said okay..
Aju:hmm ok..come I’ll take u to the room..nd I’ll make it proper..
Ish:bt I can’t walk in this state..phir mera Saree kul jaayaga..

Without wasting any time aju took her in bridal style nd took her to room..Ishani was in shock with his sudden action..


Swara was very happy seeing the name..
Swa:hello…hey kiddo..what a surprise u called me… this true..oh god pls someone pinch me…
At that time someone pinched her hand..
She turned nd saw the person..she was numb..she opened her mouth in o shape..


Laksh came to that place..
Lak:rago..u called me..what happen..
Rag:hey who was those girls…(with full anger tone)
Lak:who rago..abt whom u r talking..I’m not understanding anything..
Rag:huh..u will not understand anything..whom u were talking few minutes before…that pink Saree nd green Salwar..ahhh..who r they..
Lak:oh..they r my office is my office frnd nd green is her sister..they both r like sisters to me..y what happen..

Ragini bit her tongue..Bcoz she misunderstood him… u remember me..when u remembered me.

Then only ragini realised that she was acting with him bt she itself ruined her plan…she slapped her head..

Rag:laksh..woh..woh..actually..I didn’t forget anything..I was just acting(she closed her eyes while saying this)..pls don’t be anger..I was just playing with u…

Before she could utter a word she got a tight slap frm laksh..

She didn’t became shock..because she expected this frm him..ofcourse she hurted him..

Lak:what playing ragini…is this a matter of playing..when u said that word(his voice choked..he closed his eyes)..that word..that I’m an unknown person to u..that time my heart was hell for me this one week..I know the truth when u talked to rohit casually…I also came with him that day…

Flashback shown..
Laksh nd rohit came to aju house..laksh went down as he left bike keys in the bike itself..when he returned he saw ragini talking with rohit casually abt th marriage..

He was broken on that day itself..
This means she knows everything..she knows..then y she was acting like she doesn’t remember anything…y rago..I’ll find out the reason soon..

Flashback ends…

Lak:I know everything on that day itself ragini..u was just every time while u give me an unknown look means it was killing me..u will never understand me..
Rag:Noo laksh not like that(wiping her tears)..I was doing this for ur goodness laksh..
Lak:(with much pain)what goodness ragini…making me cry ah..u wil not understand anything…just leave me ragini..

Ragini lost her patience..Bcoz he was not listening to her..she shouted in full rage..
Rag:what leave me u know y I did this..if u have once thought abt it means u will not shout like will pain me also na..pain is only for u ah..its for me also..I did that Bcoz u will forget abt ur past…that’s the only reason….nothing more than that….u r one who is not understanding anything…I’m the person who came to u nd talked first nd made u feel happy frm ur past…bt now see what u r blaming me..I’m not saying this all for proud bt I’m remembering u that I’m not like that person who doesn’t think abt others feelings..

Saying this she left the place crying…

Laksh sat on his knees…he remembered her every caring for him..he felt bad for scolding her..somehow she did correct only..whatever she does is only for him..he managed himself nd went to ask Sry frm ragini..


Swa:(with shocked face)??..hey what r u dng here..if anyone sees u means that’s all..y u came here sanskar..(hahaha its sanskar..our kiddo…)
San:u only told naa somebody pinch me…that’s y pinched u..
Swa:I was telling u in u came directly..ahhh..god what a shock for me..
San:what swara..everyone is saying that if a girl meets her lover means she will be happy…bt here becoming tensed..soo u r not happy seeing me ah..(he made an innocent pout)

Swara blinked her eyes..seeing him she thought is there anyone in this world like him….a different creature..awwww my cute kiddo..
She saw around nd dragged him to terrace..

Swa:hey my kiddo…don’t be sad..when u called me that time itself I became shocked then when u came to meet me I was double Hm Noo no triple shocked..I’m really very happy seeing u here for me…

Sanky smiled..
San:woh..actually swara..its been s week we met..soo I thought to meet u..that’s y I came here…Sry for not informing u before(he said by holding his ears)..

(Awwww he is looking to cute) kiddo..don’t feel Sry be Frank I should thank u for coming here…really I missed u soo also I was thinking abt u only..I love u my jaan..
San:I too missed u darling..I love u too the way ur looking like Angel in this dress…

Swara blushed nd cuddled in his arms..

They both were happily hugging each other..


Aju nd Ishani were in room..
Aju was adjusting her Saree..due to shyness she was closing her eyes…whenever he touches her skin by mistake she feels like a current pass..
His hands were shivering while touching her skins..

He was adjusting her feet in Saree…he kept his hand in her hip by mistake…she felt a current pass in her body..she held his shoulder..there eyes met with each other..they were sharing a cute eyelock..


Laksh was searching ragini to ask Sry frm her…

Finally he found her in the stage near the couples….

He signaled her to come down..
(Now the convo is in signal)

Lak:pls come down..
Rag:(uninterestingly)Noo I can’t..
Lak:pls…I’m Sry(holding his ears)

She melted seeing his pleading face..Bt..

Bt her inner voice sad…rago..rago..don’t melt…

Don’t melt rago…he was blaming u na…let him plead for sometime..we will enjoy it…

She was not getting down…laksh was fed up pleading with her..he left the place with sad face..

Ragini phne was msg frm laksh..

Msg:Sry rago..forgive me..pls come out I’m waiting there..

She just smiled seeing his msg..

Then her phone rang..

It was frm laksh..she saw the surrounding is there anyone seeing her..then attended it..

Lak:hello..rago..Sry yaar..pls come out..
Rag:Ohhh sir..u called me the way now u r free ahhh Bcoz u only said to leave u alone that’s y I’m asking..u said that u don’t want to speak to Me..then y r u calling me..I’ll not disturb u..u go..u will have more wrk to see na..go nd see that..
Lak:rago..pls don’t kill me with ur words..
Rag:look Mr.LAKSH MAHESHWARI..I’m ragini…just ragini…no rago..or pogo..mind it..when u were shouting before that time u were telling ragini what rago..soo pls leave me…ur just a friend of my bhaiya…that’s all..
Lak:what r speaking..ahhh..I’m just a friend of ur bhai Ahh..(with soo much pain)I’m just ahhh..
Rag:(closed her eyes)yes..u r just a friend of bhaiya..that’s it..just leave me..

She cutted the call..

Laksh was broken…

To be continued…..

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