Life Diaries (chp 35): Mental Relapse

I was woken up by someone splashing water on my face, as I opened my eyes, I got the shock of my life. It was Akshat, I was at his home. “A-a-akshat you? Why you brought me here?,” I asked fearfully. “Because you’re mine darling, and will always be,” he said and caressed my cheek and I moved away on the bed wrapping myself in the blanket. “Don’t be scared baby, I love you, please stop resisting me,” he said and kept his arm around my waist while I shivered praying to God.

“Look, please stop touching me, I am someone else’s wife,” I said pleadingly and he got angry and threw me on the floor. “Ohhh,” he said and sat beside me on the floor and came on top of me. “Baby I will make you mine once more,” he said and kissed my cheek and I pushed him but he kept on kissing me, suddenly someone pulled Akshat from top of me, I thanked God and sat up and saw Abeer was the one who saved me.

I stood up and hugged him, he hugged back and I hugged him tighter. “Meher, go sit in the car outside,” he said. “No I won’t go anywhere without you,” I refused. “Meher, just go,” he ordered. “But,” he interrupted me. “Go,” he said again and I went.

“She’s mine and not yours, stay away from her,” I said and went outside to my car and saw Meher shivering. I sat beside her. “Relax he went,” I assured her and she didn’t relax even then. I pulled her in a hug. “We’ll go far from this place, don’t worry,” I said and she was too scared to reply. “Meher,” I shook her and she didn’t react. “I will make everything fine I promise,” I said and kissed her forehead.

We reached hospital and I came outside from the car and went to her side, I opened the door but she wasn’t reacting at all. I picked her in my arms. She clutched my T-shirt tight. “You won’t fall,” I assured. “But he will come again,” she said. “No he won’t, even if he comes I will handle him,” I said and took her to her ward. She was still shivering badly and looked here and there as if making sure that he’s not here. “He will come again,” she said and fainted. He succeeded in giving her mental relapse. I laid beside her keeping my hand on her cheek.

I cried looking at her, he can never succeed. After a lot of time, she woke up but didn’t speak to me. “Meher, please say something,” I said holding her hand. She didn’t react, she just laid there staring at the ceiling. What to do to make her speak? I asked myself. Maybe those injections and drips will help. I gave them to her hoping for progress. I asked her mother to be with her in my absence as I had more patients to attend.

I wasn’t able to concentrate on anything. All my appointments ended at night and then I got chance to have a look at her. I went to her ward, it was as if I am a walking dead. I sat with her. “Meher, you know what? I am fed up of my life, do you know how much bad my life is? Come back please,” I said with tears. “You will have to come back, for me, you will come right?,” I asked hoping for an answer, she tightened her grip on my hand. “You responded back, I know you will be back,” I said.

After four months:
Meher was much better from before, today was the day for her rape case. She was sitting on our queen size bed looking out of the window. I sat with her and gave her strength. “You will win the case, just you,” I assured her and entwined our hands. “I know you are with me,” she said and hugged me. It’s been a long time since we had a hug. It felt really good to have her back.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    cheap akshat tried to rape meher again .luckily abeer saved her.after 4 MONTHS meher seems to be out of trauma. hope they win the case and akshat gets punished

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