Life Diaries (chp 22)-Mysterious Accident

I woke up the next morning and saw Meher sleeping peacefully cuddling to me, I m going to miss her so much when she will go today. I kissed her cheek, she’s just so cute, I can’t resist her. I held her close and saw her smiling, she might be dreaming I thought, I covered her till shoulders and looked at the time in the clock and my alarm rang. I turned it off and felt her grip me tighter and tighter.

I smiled and tried to get up but she was pulling me still smiling. She opened her eyes. “Today I m going to go from your house, please stay for some more time”, she said and her grip tightened more. “I don’t want to go.”

“Meher, they might be missing you, and we’ll meet everyday, are you still angry on them?”, I asked unsure. “No I m not angry, I don’t want to go, I will miss you”, she said. “I will call you whenever I m free”, I said patting her head. “I have to go.”

“Abeer stop”, she said as I started leaving, I stopped and looked at her, she hugged me tight kissing me. “I got my dose, my day will be better, thank you”, I said and kissed her back. “My pleasure”, she replied with a smile. “I was saying something, I won’t be there with you when you sleep, hug that fat teddy bear I gifted you yesterday”, I said and she giggled. “OK baby, now you can go”, she said laughing. I got out of bed and went to freshen up.

I came out and saw she’s asleep again, I thought not to disturb her and gave her a last look. Wow what a beauty. I smiled and went. I knew it was difficult to stay away from someone you love, but c’mon she’s not going forever. Besides she need to be with her a family, now I m really happy that she got her family back.

I woke up after a good night sleep and yawned, I went to freshen up and came back, I picked my phone to see if any missed calls or messages are there. Yeah there was one message, it said: hey cutie pie, I don’t know you are awake or not, let me know when you read this message, driver will drop you to your house and yeah, miss me, love you, reach safely.

I smiled and replied “I am awake, love you too, miss you alot.” I went for breakfast, and bid bye to his mom and as soon as I reached I told Abeer. After meeting everyone at my house, I went to my room and set that Teddy bear in my room and laid hugging it. Wow its too soft and fluffy, not good than Abeer, but it will be OK. I slept hugging it, later I woke up by a call and saw it was Abeer’s call. I received it. “Hallo”, said an unknown voice from the other end of the phone. “Who’s it? This is my friend’s number, who are you?”, I asked confusingly. “He met with an accident”, said the voice. “W-what? W-w-where is he?”, I asked stammering. “City hospital”, said the voice. “I a-am c-c-c-coming”, I said through tears and broke down.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Meher does’nt want to leave abeer,she’ll miss him very badly,of course he is d one who gave her everything.Mehbeer moments were sweet.That’s shocking.Abeer met with accident or is it Akshat’s plan to trap Meher?

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