Life cannot be predicted- (Swasan and Swalak) Part 9

Hello friends. I don’t want to drag more on Laksh’s death.

Laksh’s funeral was done. Swara was in her room. Kavya comes near to her. Kavya was consoling her.

Kavya : Chechi, be brave. Try to forget everything. We cannot do anything now.
Swara just cried silently. She was thinking of Lakh’s accident and Sanskar’s story regarding accident.
She shares it with Kavya. Kavya got angry hearing this.

Kavya : Chechi? How can you hide this much big thing from all of us?
Swara : I donno Kavya weather I’m correct or not. I must get proof against him. Once I get the proof I will not spare him.
Kavya : Don’t worry chechi. I have my friend Nikhil. I will ask him to find out about Sanskar. What he was doing on Chetan’s accident day. Then we will decide.

Soon Kavya called her friend Nikhil and explain him the situation. Nikhil assure Kavya that he will find out about Sanskar every detail.
Nikhil was talking with his friend Jeyaraj regarding this issue at Jeyaraj’s home. At that time Jeyara’s elder brother Jeyaram came there along with Sanskar. (Nikhil doono who is Sanskar. He just knows him by his name. So he was not able to identify him.)

Jeyaraj : Chetta? You came back?
Jeyaram : Ha Jey. This is Sanky my friend. Actually my car is in the garage for service. So he came to drop me.
Sanskar : Ok bye. I got to go now. And he left from there.

Jeyaram : Poor Sanky.. He is so depressed after that accident.
Jeyaraj : Accident? Which accident?
Jeyaram : Haa Accident. Actually you remember few days back me came back on early morning after a part?
Jeyaraj : Yes. After ur friend’s bday party . Alle?
Jeyaram : Yes. On the way back me and Sanky saw a car was crashed near Kowdiar. Sanky identifies the car as his friend Laksh’s. We took him to hospital and admitted there. Later I return, whereas Sanky stayed back. But unluck.. That guy passed away next day afternoon.

Nikhil was hearing this and got cleared that Sanskar didn’t lie about accident. He soon called Kavya and informed her.

Kavya : Chechi, Nikhil’s friend’s brother was also there with Sanskar. So it is clear that he don’t have anything with Chetan’s accident.
Swara : Now I’m confused Kavya.. Laksh have to travel by 3.30 PM train and what he was doing at night Trivandrum in that night. If he didn’t traveld or he missed the train, he could have informed me. Y he didn’t he inform me.

Kavya : Might be Chetan thought not to disturb you as you r here and enjoying.
Swara : I donno anything Kavya. Now no use or thinking abt it. I lost my Laksh.
Kavya consoles her.

After few days Swara and Janaki went back Trivandrum to stay there as Swara wants to continue her job. They reached home and Swara get into their bedroom. She was crying seeing the room. She remembers her and Laksh’s happy moments. Janaki consoles her. Later she was keeping her dresses, she notice Laksh’s briefcase. She just opened it and found the train ticket on 16th morning.

Swara (monologue) : Laksh’s ticket is on 16th, then why he said me his train is on 15th?

Later in the evening Janaki was sitting in the living room. A car came outside and Sanskar stepdown from the car.

Janaki : Yes, You?
Sanskar : Namaskarm Amma (Namaste). My name is Sanskar. I’m working with Swara and also Laksh was my friend.
Janaki (smile) : Pls come inside and have a seat. I will call Swara.

Swara came and just sit there without any expression.
Janaki went inside to prepare tea for the guest.

Sanskar : Swara, I disturbed you a lot in these few months. I’m sorry for what all I had done to you. I love you so much. I had done all these just to satisfy my EGO. I want to show you that your life is in my hand.
Swara : You could have been happy but what about me?
Sanskar : Swara I agree I was so happy to behave with you like that. But I didn’t try to create any rift in your married life.

Swara : I don’t have any complain to anyone Sanskar. Not even to GOD. May be God has decided only this much years to my Laksh to live in this world.

Janaki came with tea in a tray. She gave it to Sanskar and let from there.

Swara : Sanskar you and Laksh were close friends. Right? So Laksh will tell everything to you. He will discuss everything with you. Alle?

Sanskar : What does that mean Swara?
Swara : No Laksh told me his train is on 15th evening 3.30 but his ticket is on next day morning.
Sanskar got tensed and nervous and Swara feels it.

Swara : Tell Sanskar you know something.
Sanskar : Swara I know you was thinking that I might be done something with Laksh. So to prove me innocent I collected his postmortem report. An in that……
Swara : In that? What is in that Sanskar? Pls tell me.

Sanskar : In that it states that he had drinks and had a physical relation 2 hrs before his accident.

Swara shocked after hearing it.

Swara : Nooooo. How can you say like that Sanskar? My Laksh will not cheat me. He will not. It might be some mistake.
Sanskar : Even I thought like that only Swara. May be a mistake from doctor. But here is the report. Pls go through it.

Swara took it in her hand. And cried.

Sanskar : Swara pls control yourself. If you need any help pls call me. I will be there with you in your entire problem if you consider me as your friend. Now I’m leaving bye. Take care.

And he left from there. Swara run to her room and cried out. Janaki came and console her, she thought because of Laksh. Swara also don’t want to disclose anything about the postmortem report of Laksh.

Next day she came to office and go to Sanskar’s cabin.

Sanskar : Swara you came?
Swara : Ha Sanskar. I want to resume my work. To forget everything.
Sanskar : Yes forget everything. And start a new life.
Swara left from his office.

She settled down in the seat and started to do the work. Later she got a call.

Swara : Hello. ELVIS. May I help you?
OP : Hello. Can I speak with Mrs. Swara Laksh?
Swara : I’m Swara.
OP : O sorry mam.. I’m calling from Dhanalakshmi bank. I’m manager Radhakrishnan Actually Laksh sir is having an account here. Could you pls come to our bank to do some formalities to settle down his fixed deposit and some other account issues?
Swara : Sure. I will come tomorrow

She informed Sanskar about it and Sanskar also suggest her to go to the bank.
Next day morning Swara gone to bank with Sanskar as Janaki was not feeling well.

Manager : Actually the nominee was his mother Sujatha. He change the nominee 5 months before to his wife name.
Sanskar : So what should Swara do now?
Manager : She should sign a document for opening a join account. And also the money that we transfer every month to Mullashery branch has to be continued or not. If has to be continue give a written permission.

Swara : Money transfer to Mullashery? To which account the money is transferred?
Manager : Let me check in the system.
Yes it is for one Ragini, Mangalathu House. Mullashery P.O Trivandrum.

Swara and Sanskar look at each other.

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