Life cannot be predicted- (Swasan and Swalak) Part 6

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Sandeep : I will be relaxed after he joins. I donno what made him work in our country. He had influenced in the head office to get a job here. Anyway he will be an asset to our company.

But Swara was not listening to anything. She was only worried about the joining of Sanskar. She was answering the calls and doing work like a machine. Her concentration was not in her work. She was thinking for strong reason to resign from the company.
By 5 PM her intercom ringed.

Ashok : Swara, by 5.30 we have a meeting at conference hall.
Swara : What happened?
Ashok : GM didn’t tell anything. I think it is regarding the new deputy manager arrival.

Swara didn’t say anything. She informed Laksh about the meeting. And told him that she will be little late today. The subject for the meeting was not the new boss arrival. It was last 6 month’s turnover and company’s progress. After the meeting they all had a tea party and Sandeep ask office driver to drop Swara to her house.

Swara reached house and pressed the calling bell. At that time she can hear Laksh was talking to someone. Laksh came and open the door.

Swara : Laksh, when did you come?
Laksh : Just now Swara. Sandeep informed me that he send you along with company driver. Come inside I will prepare tea for you.
Swara : No need Laksh. Let me change dress then I will prepare tea for both of us.

She gone and change her kurthi and jeans and wore a skirt and top. Same time Laksh prepared tea, gives her one cup and both settled down in the living room.

Laksh : What is the new news in your office?
Swara : There is big news. Sanskar is going to join in our company as Deputy Manager.
Laksh : I know he already spoke to me.
Swara (irritated): I don’t understand what make him work in this company. I heard he had a big salary in Mumbai, but why he refused to continue that work and join here.
Laksh : May be something more important than money is here that attracted him to work here. He said this with a smirk o his face.
Swara was tensed hearing that. She had a doubt whether Laksh was pointing towards her. But she didn’t ask anything, just left with the glasses. After dinner both went to sleep.

But Swara was not able to sleep. She was thinking for a strong reason to resign from ELVIS. Suddenly she thought for a reason. BECOME PREGNANT. And automatically Laksh will refuse her to going for work.

Next day morning she applied only little makeup because Sanskar was joining. She came to office and at that time her intercom ringed. It was Sandeep.

Sandeep : Hello Swara, Our deputy manager is already here. Please come.

She was tensed and was feeling weak. But she was making her strong.

Swara POV.

Why should I be afraid? He is my deputy manager. And I’m office secretary. I should not allow him to have any kind of relationship apart from official.

She has entered Sandeep’s cabin.

Sandeep : Swara, meet our new deputy manager Sanskar.
Sanskar : Sorry Swara. I want to give you a surprise, that’s why I didn’t inform you.
Sandeep : Now you can work with your favorite persons.
Sanskar : Not only that Sandeep, I love the advertising industry. Also in Mumbai I had done a part-time advertising course.
Sandeep : That’s great. So that means you can handle both administration and creative together.

Both laughed at his sentence. Swara just fake a smile. Later Swara left to her cabin.

Later at night Laksh received a call from Sanskar.

Sanskar : I joined today Laksh.
Laksh : I know. Congratz friend. My wife is happy that you join with their company.
Swara gave a death glare to Laksh. He chuckled. You must give me a great party.
Sanskar : Sure Laksh.
Laksh : Ok Sanskar, Bye goodnight.

Swara : What was the need to ask for the party?
Laksh : Y you are so angry with Sanskar. He is a nice gentleman. And also behave well. He is now your boss.
Swara : I don’t want to know anything. Keep his friendship away from me.

Laksh didn’t tell anything.

Next day Swara got a call from Sujatha.

Sujatha : Hello Swara.
Swara : Amma, How are you? How is your health?
Sujatha : I’m doing good Swara, What about you both?
Swara : We both are doing well.
Sujatha : Swara this coming Saturday is my birthday. So you both have to come here.
Swara : Sure Amma. We both will come.

Suddenly she called Laksh and informs him about it. Both decide to go on Friday after work.

Both took leave on Saturday and left to Laksh’s village to attend his mother’s birthday function.

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