Let’s Synchronize our Emptiness (Chapter 3)

Chapter 3
Scene 1
It’s said that the most prettiest smile hold or rather hide the most darkest secrets. Her smile was on such! Om thought. But wait a minute why that girl…her smile..was disturbing him so much. Every person who enters into our life maybe because of some relations..or at times just for few seconds like casually or just with some intention or without intention whatever it maybe…but they definitely have a role in our life. That role maybe an important one or a minor one. But which role are they gonna play is quite unpredictable. Om knew this all but all he wanted now was to know what role did she played..what role gauri played in his life. His phone beeped. Ishana’s photo flashed on the mobile screen which had been set as his phone’s wallpaper since quite long. He looked at it or rather stared it. He was at such a dilemma on one side he wanted to forget her and on the other side he didn’t wanted to lose her.
It was Shivaay’s text which suggested him to visit the hospital. Om who had promised shivaay went to the hospital where his appointment with the best psychologist had been placed.

Soon his wait was over. He was called out. He went inside the cabin. He was completely shocked to see anika sitting on the chair.
O: Anika…
A: Hey Om! How are you? I know you are totally confused. Please have a seat.
O: Anika I mean you here…you work in this hospital?
A: Yes Om..I work here. Look I know you will not feel comfortable at the first but gradually you will.
Om didn’t knew at that moment…how to react…what to say..

A: I know you must be thinking that I am shivaay’s friend and I will tell him everything we discuss here..it’s not like that. I agree that shivaay gave me your case to handle but here I am your doctor and you are my patient. Whatever happens here..stays here..You can tell me. I will try to help you out. You can trust me.
O: Ya anika I trust you…and it’s really not that i don’t get anything..it’s not about shivaay or anything..umm..Anika I think I will need sometime…

He turns to leave.
A: For how long will you stick to the past Om? I can see it in your eyes..your body language…your voice..you are hurting Om..you are hurting..
O: Yeah…I know it hurts..but kinda now I am used to it..so it’s completely fine…completely fine
Upon saying this he left from there. Anika wanted to stop him. She wanted to convince him. But all that now she had with her was to just wait for om.

He came to his favourite place..where he used to find solace. It was a quite lonely beach..away from the world..away from the crowd..away from those voices and away from those sounds…It was just him and his companion silence now. Those light cold breeze which touched his face..those chilled waves of water which touched his feet..made him feel so fresh and relaxed. He loved the pampering recieved by nature. It used to be only him and the silence at this hour..but this time there was someone else on the beach. He was surprised by this view. He eagerly wanted to know who was it. He went a bit closer to have a look.” Oh hi!” The person said.
Om was happy to see that person…wait not exactly happy but he was feeling contented and satisfied..kinda relieved.
O: Gauri…how come you here?

G: Well actually…oh wait a second..what is your name? I forgot to ask that time.
O: Om…omkara…
G: Wow..such a pretty name..but don’t you find a bit..I mean a little bit heavy…
O: Umm…yeah it is.
They both smile looking at each other and then together laugh.
G: Okay well…it feels so nice here na..i mean away from the world…it feels so good..do you frequently visit here?
O: Ya I mean ever since…ever since she left.

G: Oh looks like my boy…you have a huge story with her.
O: Yeah..but it was not that too much big.
G: Hmm..look I am not being like…okay I don’t know exactly what I should speak right now.
O: It’s just…just okay.
G: I can see it in your eyes om..you want to share something…you know…you can share with me..only if you are okay with it..

O: No..it’s nothing like that..
Gauri smiles looking at him.
O: Okay yes…I lied because I don’t want you to know how much it hurts me.
G: It’s completely fine…take your own time..well will you accompany me for a walk.
O: Yeah sure..
They walk a few miles. Om feels really satisfied when he is with her. Why is he feeling so he thought. Gauri thought that he maybe disturbed because of her…like because of ishana( guys gauri doesn’t know Ishana’s name. It’s just for you all to understand). In order to cheer him up she intiated a talk.
G: You know what you seek is seeking you?
O: Wait it’s from a movie right?

G: Oh! You guessed it..
O: Yes of course…but I don’t think it really works in real life. I mean see if I wish for..
G: Wish for?
O: Suppose love…it’s not going to seek me na…you get it what I am trying to explain..
G: Ya I agree with you..to a certain extent..but you never really know what fate has planned for you..
Om was completely drown in thoughts with these words of gauri..
Will love knock his door?
Will he be able to forget Ishana and love someone else?
Can love happen twice?

What has fate planned for him now?
Stay tuned…for getting these answers.

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