Legally Mrs Laksh Maheshwari: Raglak (OS)

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Hello Friends..I m Meethi.??.I m going to write a Os on Raglak….LEGALLY MRS MAHESHWARI..i hope u all lyk it and do tell me abt ur views because it is d first tym i m writing an os…So i will begin now…

The scene opens on a man…he is doing some work on his laptop..spectacle on eyes..and stubble on his cheeks…Engrossed in work…Suddenly the phone rings….Yes Mr Laksh Maheshwari here..yes i have checked the reports u can approve it saying this he kept the phone …

Laksh pov…

Yes..i changed from the careless laksh…to a self made and independent laksh..but wats d point..u left me…yes u did…I loved u…will love u but why..I knw i was at fault but the fault was not fully mine too..U knew my circumstances but I was there 4 u..still u left me…I loved from d bottom of my heart but u betrayed me…

The scene changed to a house..a boy is seen running from here nd there…
Raksh..Raksh wait beta u have to go to  school
..the school bus will come any moment..
Yes mom…Raksh said… why r u so stressed the competition is tom not today so chill…
Yes I knw my cuttu..but…Beeep Beeep..the school bus's horn rang..
Go and all d bst for ur campaign…the woman said and kissed raksh on his cheeks…Raksh left ….
Suddenly d maud comes saying..Ragini Bhabhi…wen r u gng to tell him d truth…(Yes she is our Ragini).
Never..ragini said in a stern voice and proceeded towards her room..

She starts crying and sits on d bed…

Ragini's Pov..

Yes…the fault was make u a friend n then to love u…It was my fault…I knew ur situation still i couldnot resist u …ur touch…Because I loved u…I had no choice …wen i knw u were hers…then to i loved u…I didnt have the courage to face u…to see u becoming hers completely…

The scene changes to laksh..

Laksh Pov…
No ragini…how could u leave me…wen u and i both knew that we love each other…I knw i was engaged…to swara…'s frnd's daughter…but i have always loved u…U left me…

The again changes…
Ragini pov…

I did not leave u..situation made me leave u…I knew u cannot refuse ur dad for ur marriage wid swara…i knew u cant go against him…I loved u..truely…for forever…It was my fault..i knew u were engaged still…i loved u…and let u love me…I could not break swara my bst frnd's heart ..for my love…

The scene shifts to laksh…
Laksh pov…
How could u think..that i will stand for our love..i proved my loved that day..wen i made u mine forever…but still u didn't trust our love..and me…That day…My wedding Day…i refused…for marriage made everyone accept d fact that i love u and cannot marry swara….Somewhere god was wid me…wen i got to knw swara loved brother..and not me…everyone agreed for their marriage that moment only…and i ran and came to ur house…to make u MRS MAHESHWARI LEGALLY…but…u left me..ur aunt told me u  married….and left d town…my whole world became upside jst got over…on few sec..i realised i lost u…forever…

Scene shifts to Ragini..
Ragini pov…
I had to leave..i told my aunt to that u can start a new and frsh lyf wid swara..and forget me..I…but did not leave kolkata..bcoz i couldnot it was d place..where our love begin..i fell in love wid u and u wid me..we became one here…we separated also here…I changed my name..From RAGINI GADODIA TO RAGINI MEHTA…so that u cannot find me..amd i was right…after Few months..i got to knw..i was carrying a part of urs in me..the symbol of our love…Our SON..RAKSH….I wanted to share this beautiful feeling wid u but could not…i was the chains..of…..But I still love u and will continue to love u tillmy last breath…

Scene shifts…
Laksh pov..

BETRAYAL…u betrayed me but i couldnot stop lovinv u infact i fell in love wid u all over again..I love u ragu..pls come..back..but i onw u cannot..u r married..u might be living u life wid ur HUSBAND..and maybe ur kid…A tear of drop escapes…

Laksh -Come in..
A boy comes..
Hello Uncle i m Raksh..Raksh Mehta..
Laksh wipes off his tears and goes to d boy..
Hello beta..I m laksh..

Raksh-Uncle actually i am frm xyz international school and we have a programme tom..our school has a organised a campaign in which we students will go to diff buisness mans..ans request them to come to watch d play…Uncle will u come plsss..he looks into laksh's eyes wid lots of innocence…laksh feels..a spcl bond..

Laksh pov..
What happened laksh…u said yes …u d one who hates..these thngs..d one who os now only engrossed in work…but yeah..i fell for his innocence i could not refuse…why was i getting a feeling that he is me…a part of me…but tat cannot be true…never..
I smiled and looked at himm..he was seeing me cabin wich had loads of paintings..decoratng d cabin..He told me that his mom..also liked paintings..I felt happy as i remembered my ragu..she loved to decorate houses wid paintings..
I called Ramu kaka and told him to brng two juices…

Pov ends…
Ramu kaka entered and bought 2 glasses of juice and gave it to them..
Laksh…Raksh beta have this juice..laksh is gng to take a sip but…Raksh..kaka pls take this juice..
Laksh-Wat happened?Do u want smthng else…
Raksh-No uncle its that it is an orange juice n i hve an allergy frm orange juice..
Laksh sees d juice and realises tat wat he was gng to do..laksh pov..
Ohgod i was gng to drnk the juice..inspite knwng that i am allergic to this juice..thank god raksh told otherwise i would …
Laksh-Thank u raksh..
Raksh-y uncle..
Actually i m also allergic to orange juice..said laksh to which raksh replied we both have lots of thngs in common..laksh started thnking abt this..but raksh diverted his mind by his talks…Raksh left d office and reminded laksh to be in tym tom..laksh smiled and waved him good bye…

The nxt day…In Raksh's School…
Raksh met laksh and told him that he will make laksh meet his mother ..
Raksh goes to call ragini and ragini comes along woth him…laksh's back is facing ragu..
Ragu-Sir..Thank u so much for cmg…My son has been telling abt u since yesterday…
Laksh felt smthng..he felt a part of him..was back..He turned..and was shocked no happy no blessed to see his love his ragu in front of himm…her ragini was also shocked to see her heart she was thankng god..bcoz she was able to see her love once again…

Laksh pov…
She did not change not even a bit..her long hair…adorning her face..her smile…which changed into a shocked reaction seeing me…her eyes…still had d same innocence..her hands…that used to hug…me like i was completely hers..was d same…and her lips..that kissed mine…showng d love she had for me…was same..she was same…my love…my ragu..but…The long chain…the mangalsutra that she had on her neck…and her hairline adorned by the sindoor pierced my heart…it hurted very badly..It indicated now she was someone else's…not mine…the kid…Raksh..was her son..indicting she had become…completely someone else's…My eyes..were searchng for a reason in her eyes..but couldnt find it..a layer of tear had already filled her eyes..and i couldnot see her lyk this..I knew SHE WAS MINE..BUT..

Ragini pov..
He…He was in front of me standing shocked jst like me…He did not change he was d same laksh who i loved…or i should say whom i love..but d difference was he had spectacle indicating he changed..Everything abt him was same…his eyes had d sme truthfulness and pureness….his stubble was d same…which he would rub against my cheeks to tease me..his hands..which used to pull me into a bone crushing was d safest place for me..amd his was d same lips who used to kiss show d love he had for me..but all these were of no use now…He was not mine anymore…All these thngs were jst memories of our love..i couldnot meet his eyes..i was scared that i might reveal the love i had for him…all over again…But i wanted to tell him..I WAS HIS AND ONLY HIS….BUT…

Suddenly raksh interupted…
Ma he is laksh uncle..he is very good …he talkedWid me yesterday..and we drank juice also…
Ragini smiled at raksh..and decided to greet laksh for d sake of raksh as she did not want her son to get to knw abt her PAST..

Ragini-Good Morning Mr Laksh..Thank u for cmg..For MY SON.

The word MY SON..pierced his heart even more..he had no words d way ragini became a stranger..was the biggest shick of his lyf..after gaining lots of courage he said…hi Ragu..ini

Suddenly ragini was called by one of d teacher's and she went…

Uncle uncle..i want to have an ice cream can u take me there..there is an ice cream parlour their..
Laksh had no choice he had to take her love's son….beacuse of the innocence and love raksh had…while gng laksh asked..
Raksh where is ur father..? Is he not here…
Raksh-he got sad actually uncle i have never seen him…
Raksh-Actually mom says he died…wen i was gng to be born..but i knw d truth..
Laksh-Wat truth..
Raksh-Actually i heard my neighbour aunty saying that my father left my mom wen she was pregnant..
Laksh felt bad..abt wat his ragu went through…

They soon reached d  ice cream parlour…laksh ordered 4 2 chocolate ice cream which was his and Raksh's fav…as laksh was busy in paying d money..raksh saw a ballon wala in d the opp lane..he started running but dhoom..a car hit him..and laksh saw a boy surrounded by a pool of blood…

The scene changes to  hospital…laksh is sitting outside  d donated d blood for raksh as they both shared d same blood grp..
The doctor came and told he is out of danger and absolutely fine..he has gained consciousness..
Laksh ran onside d room and hugged raksh…u r fine na..who told u to run on d road..
Yes uncle i m fine and sorry..raksh said..

Suddenly d nurse came and asked laksh to complete d formalities..laksh went out but forgot his mobile..while raksh was laying down..laksh's mob rang..raksh saw d caller showed ragu.!..the phone soon got disconnected…

Raksh pov…

How come laksh uncle has my mom's no..he toh jst met her today only…..wait i will see his phone..bit mom says it is bad to see others phone..but he is toh my uncle na..then its ok..he opes d phone and sees laksh's and ragini's pic together as the home and lock screen…How is this possible they onw each other..?..he thinks..i shd check his notes..i will get some info..he thnks this because ragini also writes her sorrows or any happy moments in the notes so that it can be wid her always..he opes d notes and jad all their past…their love 4 eachother…so laksh uncle..ooops papa is my i will bring them bck together..

Laksh amd Ragini botg enters d room at d same time..ragini runs to raksh and kisses him all over his face..
Raksh-Ma u sit on d stool..and uncle u sit on d  bed..
They both ask why but..have to finally agree..
Raksh-Uncle do u love ma?..
Both ragu and laksh were shocked..
Laksh-Wat r u aksng beta..though laksh wanted to scream yes..but he did nt want to break ragu's relation wid her son..he said why?.
Ragini was shocked..though she wanted a yes as an ans but she didnot wanted to break laksh's martial life…
Raksh -Jst ans truely..mummy ki kasam..
No laksh had no other choice yes! He said…and raksh smiled…
Ragini was happy but didnot show it..
Raksh-Now ma…do u love him?…aapko meri kasam..
Ragu-It does not matter raksh…we already have moved on in life..
Raksh-Answer ma..!
Laksh was happy so was raksh..
Raksh-U both r so buddhu na..because of this misunderstanding i had to stay away frm my papa..and ma u frm ur love..!.
Laksh and Ragini were stunned hearing d word papa!laksh saw ragini…asking that was it true?…ragini had no ans..
Raksh mom thought you married swara Aunty and u thought she married smeone else..but d truth was…u both were waitng for eachother…Ragini and Laksh were on cloud nine hearing this..their happiness had no bounds..❤❤..They were looking at eachother..wen a cute innocent question came from Raksh..
Ma papa but how did i come.?…Both Ragini and Laksh were embarrassed and remembered the night wen they both Surrended themselves to eachother and broke all their bounds and became one..they both were blushing and thinking how to answer him..but then d nurse entered and took raksh for check up..Now laksh and Ragini were alone..they both started moving towards eachother…They were close…laksh pulled ragini into a bone crushing hug! They both hugged eachother passionately to..make up for the years they were apart from eachother..They broke the hug..

Laksh-I have always regarded u as my ragu ..and will always..ur my son's mother but ..
He goes and searches for a pointed object and sees a knife kept there..he cuts his thumb and wid the blood fills ragini's hairline..and removes d mangalsutra which had worn and makes her wear it again..NOW U ARE LEGALLY MRS LAKSH MAHESHWARI and now no one can separate us…no one..
Ragini hugs laksh…and says I LOVE U LAKSH!
Saying this laksh whisphers..into ragini's ears..waise ragu…
Laksh-I m thinking to gift raksh wid a little bro or sis?…Will u help me..?..
Ragu- Innocently…how?.

Laksh winks at her and ragini understands…chii laksh..and she trys to leave blushingly but laksh stops by holding her hand and pulls her…she lands over his chest..arre…wat chii..our raksh will be feeling lonely na…saying this he moves closer amd eyes her lips…Ragini understands and closes her eyes in approval…and their lips finally meet..they kiss very passionately…wanting to make up for all these years of separation…

The scene changes…

After 4 years…
Its morning…

Laksh wakes up and finds ragini wearing saree…He gets up and goes towards her…and hugs her frm behind…

Ragu why so beautiful…I am falling in love with u once again…Ragini blushes…
Laksh-Vaise ragini wat abt 1 more child and winks at her…
Ragini-Fakes anger Laksh i m very happy wid my Raksh and Ragya..and u…whose jst like a child…i cannot handle u all…
Laksh-Wat did u call me a child!…
Ragini-Yes!u r my cute bacha!and kisses him on his cheeks..Laksh.hold his cheeks and smiles..and he looses his grip on ragini and ragini tries running..but Laksh stops her…by pulling her hand..and pins her to d wall..

Laksh-U called me a child ri8!Now this child wants a morning kiss!..and now!..
Ragini-Laksh voh voh u r not a child okay happy..pls let me go..u knw na they will come to d room..anytym…
Laksh-Morning Kiss!
Ragini surrenders..and agrees..
Laksh comes closer…their lips are jst abt to meet wen…

Ma pappa..they get separate and pretend dng sme work…
Ragya and Raksh enters…
Mom dad..Sanskaar chachu and swara chachi..has come..they r calling u both down…saying this they leave.. Laksh and Ragu smiles at eachother and remembers d moments they had together..and will have 2gether..and goes down…..

And they lived happily ever after…

HEY!So how was it guyss i was horrible..i m so sorry..if u was bad…this is d frst tym i tried my hands on a os…an idea clicked my mind and i started writing..Pls do forgive me…and do tell my mistakes so that nxt tym i will not make thise mistakes…

Thank u ❤…do comment and tell me ur views..!..Byeee and take care??

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