Laut Aao Trisha 4th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 4th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Trisha gets panicked seeing Lavanya trying to shoot her and says she is her like her daughter and she cannot kill her. Lavanya says if she does not, her family family, career, Kushan, everything will be finished. Trisha says she she is her aunt and can’t do that. Lavanya asks her to run. Trisha runs and Lavanya shoots at her.

Pratik opens door hearing a door knock and sees Amrita with bags. She says she is doing it for Trisha. He says even he is doing it for Trisha and she cannot ogo like that, he wants to know who is trying to kill Trisha first.

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At breakfast table, Bobby asks Lavanya it looks like she did not get proper sleep. She says she had headache. Kushan asks why did not she inform her, he would have given her pain killer, he cuddles her hands. Meghan sees their romance and say they both are mingling well since some days and says hope they continue like this and even Trisha’s kidnapper is arrested soon. Kushan gets tensed and chokes while drinking water. Whole family get worried for him and asks what happened. He says nothing. Kids leave for college then.

Trisha comes to Amrita and Pratik’s room and knocks door. Amrita opens door and asks why did she come without resting. Trisha says she wants to see them both first. Amrita takes her in. Trisha sees blanket on sofa. Amrita says she was reading magazine in the night on sofa. Trisha says she did not ask her anything and asks Pratik to come out for coffee. He says he will first jog and then will have coffee with her and asks her to perpare nice cofee. She nods yes. Amrita gives her cofee and says she is really happy getting her back and since went away, she prayed god to only send her and she had faith that god will not separate her from her and did a lot of things, like fasts, mannats. Trisha asks mannats. Amrita says she wants to go to temples. Trisha says she will also go with her. Amrita says she will have to get well first. Trisha asks her to go first, else she may go back again. Amrita agrees.

Kabeer reaches Neha’s house. She gets tensed seeing him and asks what he needs. He says eternity and he will get only when he solves case. He gets into house and says he needs info from her to arrest Pratik. She asks why did he oppose keeping Pratik in jail. He says he did not have much proof and asks why did Pratik kidnapped his own daughter. She says she does not know. He says she is hi pesonal secretary and knows everything about him and can even plant evidences. Neha asks why will she plant photos and debit card in Pratik’s wallet and locker. He asks why not.

Trisha sees Amrita’s clothes and ear rings in her cupboard and asks Mala what are these doing here. Mala says she kept them by mistake. Trisha says then how can so many clothes be kept in her cupboard and even ear rings and asks to tell her truth. Pratik comes and asks her to stop thinking much and says Sanya was missing her a lot, so Amrita stayed with her after she went and says they can have their favorite breakfast like before now. Trisha says she knows about his and Neha’s relationship, says she does not want to ask why he ditched his mamma but wants to know if he is still in relationship with Neha. He says it was his biggest mistake and is not with Neha now, asks her to get well soon. Trisha thanks her and asks him to promise not to do anyting that will harm mamma. He promises and asks her also not to take stress and goes out to get breakfast ready.

Neha says she cannot betray Pratik as she loves him. Kabeer asks why not and asks him to come and tell Pratik that she planted pics and credit card in Pratik’s wallet and prove her love. Neha says love is on its side and her safety on the other. He says she should prove her love now. She asks what he will gain by troubling her. He says she will get a lesson tha tin life, one should not make false promises and asks her to come and give her statement as he knows she is hiding something from her. He leaves after saying that. Neha gets tensed.

Pratik comes to hall and sees Sonali on breakfast table. Sonali calls Mala and asks her to get Gaurav’s breakfast as they are getting late for office and to prepare Pratik’s breakfast later as he will stay at home. She then says Pratik that he can go with Vivan to catch a movie or cofeee, etc. He gets irked and asks her to mind her language. Sonail says she knows she is talking to ex-CEO. He says he does not want her suggestion. Gaurav comes, asks him to calm down and says he can come and assist him in office. Sonali says he will ruin office environment and instead can stay at home and take care of Trisha. Pratik says she will pay for this.

Trisha hears their whole conversation and thinks what is happening in her absence and calls Kushan to know what happened in her absence. Kushan gets tensed seeing her call, picks it and talks nervously. She asks why is he sounding nervous and why did not he come to meet her. He says he got busy and wll come soon. She says he knows how much she trust him and asks what happened in her absense that everyone is fighting. He asks her to ask Pratik. She says that kidnapper ruined everything and soon he will be caught and will die in jail. He cuts call saying he has to go now. She thinks why is he behaving so wierdly.

Pratik reaches Lavanya’s office and says she knows Gaurav will ruin their company. She says he made him CEO to defeat her and instead got defeated from Gaurav and CEO. He says whatever it is, but Gaurav will ruin our company and tells him about Jagapense deal. She says sonali is taking decision. He says in our fight, company will be destroyed. She says he made Gaurav CEO and Gaurav follows his wife. He says when he can make him CEO, he can kick him out also and asks Lavanya if she will help him or not and if she helps him, she will get what she wanted.

Trisha calls all her cousins and asks what is happening here, why are our families fighting, dad is not company’s CEO, Kushan and Lavanya did not come to meet her, Gaurav and Sonali are not in talking terms with dad and asks what is happening. Meghan says in her absence, a lot of things happened. Vivan jokes that Meghan become lonely beauty in college after you went and says nothing has happened. Trisha says she wants to know what happened in her absence. Doctor comes and says she should not take so much stress, takes her to her room. Vivan says we should throw a party and get everbody to show Trisha that we are all one again.

Kabeer says Abhay and other officer that Neha is very selfish and knows who the main culprit is. Abhay says we will pressurize her. He asks if she is a pressure cooker and says if she given a chance, she will lure half country and asks them to find out whom Neha is helping and who is behind all this.

Pratik says Gaurav that his japanese deal is a foolish deal. Sonali says it is a fantastic deal and he is just jealout of them. Pratik says she is just fit for kitty party and should not interfer in office issues. Gaurav asks him to stop scolding sonali as he is his wife. Lavanya comes there and Gaurav asks her to explain PRatik that it is a good deal. Sonali says CEO can decide anything and Pratik cannot interfere. Lavanya says Sonali is right and says Gaurav that Pratik knows company well and he should listen to him. Sonali says he is not ceo and board of directors have selected Gaurav, so Pratik should not interfere. Pratik says we will call board meeting again. Lavanya asks them to stop fighting and says we will call meeting and decide who will run company now. Pratik smiles and Sonali/Gaurav shocked.

Doctor tries to cheer Trisha, asks her he wants to meet her, where is she. He talks to her pic and says he wants to talk to her. Finally, Trisha cheers up and starts a friendly fight.

Lavanya sees Kushan nervous and asks him to not think much, everything will be alright. He says Trisha called him today. She asks what did she say. He says general talk and she does not know what happened, if she gets her memory back, he will be finished. She says he should not worry. He says he was very tensed when he spoke to her and he is going mad. She says Trisha has partial amnesia and we should think how to use her situation in our favor.

Varsha comes to Kabeer’s home, sees him tensed and jokes that he must not be thinking about her. He asks if he took a difficult case like Trisha’s. He says case is not yet closed. She says his work was to find out Trisha and once she is found, his work is done. He says his work has not finished and until he finds out Trisha’s kidnapper and who tried to kill her, he can’t be in peace. He says someone from family is the culprit and he has to reach him soon.

Vivan says Gaurav and Sonali that he wants to throw a party to Trisha to make her feel good. Sonali says she does not care what Trisha feels and she cannot play a fake drama, says as Trisha says, there is nothing left in family. Vivan says their family issues are at one side and Trisha on the other. Gaurav says Vivan is right and he is with kids. Sonali says she will not help them and does not want to see Pratik and Amrita’s faces and if Gaurav has even a bit of self-respect, he will not go.

Kushan apologizes Lavanya for panicking. She says it is okay and says we should meet trisha and make everyone feel that everyting is normal.

Trisha and doctor continue talking. Bobby sees them talking and says Trisha she got a good friend and doctor combo. He wears hooded jacket. trisha sees that and reminisces Khushan kidnapping her an dpushing from a cliff. She shouts and gets afraid.

Precap: Lavanya tears letters and thinks how can Kushan be so careless. She gets busy on a call. Meghan picks torn letters.

Update Credit to: MA

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