Laut Aao Trisha 31st December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 31st December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Trisha says Pratik that he has troubled whole family members and especially mamma and today she is feeling more hurt than she was kidnapped and is in shock that her own dad is hurting her, she can understand what her mamma must be feeling when he insults her, but it does not matter to him at all. She says she cannot see mamma in this pain and repeatedly says she hates Pratik. Pratik ges devastated hearing this. Sonali thinks finally party is over.

Gaurav tries to console Trisha. Trisha asks why is dad not like you. He says each person is different and she should not have misbehaved with Pratik as he is her dad. She asks if Pratik did right by insulting Amrita and there is some limit. He asks how can she set that limit and says her mama and papa are together before she is born. Trisha asks does it mean he can hurt her. He says he did not say that and says when something is sad in a wrong way, it becomes wrong and she told Pratik I hate you dad, says she can get angry on dad but not hate him. She says she is right. Vivan hears their whole conversation.

Pratik in his room says it did not go well. Amrita asks what did not go well. He shouts at her that because of her, his and Trisha’s relationship is at risk and she had planned it well before, first she sent Sanya to hostel and once Trisha came back, she started playing her games and she snatched his daughter from him. Amrita says he is alleging him wrongly. He asks her to stop it and says if she continues like this, their relationship will finish and he thinks she is waiting for that moment. Amrita says he is a very good business that he thought how to divide our family, says separating Saniya was her helplessness and she is trying to unite Trisha even till now, asks how can he blame anyone without thinking about his mistakes. He says she is creating this drama to separate him from his kids. She asks him to stop being arrogant and think what Trisha went through when she came to know about his and Neha’s relationship and Kushan used that opportunity. She says she would have showed him mirror long ago, says he broke Trisha’s trust by continuing his relationshiop with Neha. He asks her to stop her rubbish talk and leaves from there.

Vivan says Gaurav that he heard all the lies he told to Trisha and says he made mistakes and expects him to forgive him as he is his father. Sonali asks why should he forgive Gaurav, what did he do. Vivan looks at Gaurav angrily and walks out. Sonali asks Gaurav also to stop, but he leaves. She thinks what is happening her.

Pratik reminisces Trisha telling that he hates him and Amrita asking him to change himself, else he will lose everything.

Meghan says Aditya that she is glad that Trisha backlashed Pratik. Aditya says she should not have told this in anger. She says he is right, but why are they discussing about it instead of celebrating christmas and asks if they can go out and celebrate. He says he is sorry as his mood is spoilt now.

Pratik meets Varsha and asks why did she call him. She says he wanted to know if she is Jahnavi Shah and says she is Jahnavi shah and he rightly identified her that day. He says they shared many times, so he can easily identify her. She says she shared, but he used her. She says Kabeer is her friend and she thought they will meet during Trisha’s case, she had already forgotten him, so she did not want to meet him, now after meeting his, she realized that she has forgiven him completely, so this is their last meeting. She says goodbye and leaves. Pratik comes near his car and stands in the middle of road while speaking on phone. A truck speeds towards him. Varsha sees that and rescues Pratik, but hits her head on stone instead and falls unconscious.

Lavanya’s lawyer gives her bail papers to Kabeer. Kabeer says it has many grammatical errors and he does not know how bail got approved, then says he was just joking to entertain him until Lavanya comes. Lavanya comes and lawyer says her bail is approved. Lavanya says she wants to hear this good news from Kabeer. Kabeer’s officer says her bail is approved and she can go. Lavanya says Kabeer that she told him he cannot harm her, but he did not listen to her, now he cannot say anything at all, says he is like a joker of card game which is meaningless. He says this game is carrom and not card. She says whichever game it is, winning is important and he has lost this game. He says in carrom, to get queen out, they have to get out cover also, her lawyer got her out easily, but cover/gun’s forensic report is with him and he will produce it in court, she has just won a move, not game. He says she cannot leave city as per bail’s condition. Lawyer says he is there to explain her conditions.

Pratik gets Varsha to hospital and once she wakes up, he asks how is she feeling. She says she is fine. He says doc said some tests have to be done, so she should stay for 2 more days. He calls her Jahnavi and apologizes. She says Varsha. He says he knows she lost a lot because of him, even then she rescued him, says she can call him whenever she needs anything. She says it is their last meeting and it is good bye forever. He sadly walks out.

Meghan sees Lavanya coming back home and hugs her happily. She says she thought even she will leave her like dad. Lavanya promises her that she will never leave her. Meghan thanks and hugs her.

Pratik comes home sadly and reminisces all the incidents happened where he troubled whole family and imagines Lavanya and Meghan shouting at him that he is reponsible for all their problems and she hates him. He imagines Sonali, Vivan, Gaurav, Varsha, Kushan, Trisha telling they hate him. He then imagines Amrita telling if he had realized his mistakes, everyone would have forgiven him. He panics imagining everyone’s voices that they hate him and want to kill him. He wakes up and it is his dream.

At mental assylum, Lavanya and Meghan meet Kushan and ask how is he. He touches their hands and then goes back. Meghan cries seeing him in this condition.

Amrita dresses her wound which she got when Pratik threw glass on floor. Pratik comes and apologizes her and says because of his ego, he made many mistakes and has lost his family and everything. He says he will apologize everyone as he cannot lose anyone now, needs her help. She consoles him and everyone gets one chance and they are all his family, so they will forgiven him. He both hug emotinally and cry.

Pratik comes to Trisha’s room in the morning and apologizes her. She says she is also sorry. He says if she would have told him whatever she said long ago, he would have learnt his life’s lessons long ago, now he will try to change. Servant informs that Aditya has come. Aditya comes in and asks if Trisha is fine. He says Trisha is not fine, she is hurt because she misbehaved with you and apologizes him. He says he does not have to apologize him. Pratik that that means he has forgiven him and thanks him. Trisha ges happy seeing her changed pappa and hugs him. He then apologizes Gaurav all his mistakes. They both get emotional and hug each other. Trisha and Aditya express their feelings for each other. Gaurav happily informs Sonali about Pratik apologizing him and then hugging him. He says he saw the same feeling in his eyes which he used to feel in childhood, Pratik has changed now. Sonali says in this world, anything can change except Pratik Swaika and says he must be trying to use him again. Gaurav says he saw truth in his eyes. Sonali asks then what is he hiding from her.

Amrita asks Trisha to go on a date with Pratik. She says she willl not. She says it is her gift for her marriage anniversary and she cannot deny her. Pratik comes and says they cannot deny their daughter. Amrita says she wants us to go to a resort. He says it is a good idea and they can have a second honeymoon, asks Trisha if she permits, he will convince Amrita. Trisha says sure and says she is going to book resort and they should not waste her hard-earned money. Pratik asks Amrita to remember their marriage days when he used to see her eyes whole day. She says he also used to sleep seeing her eyes. He says some times it was jet lag and asks if she remembers anything other than that. She says no. He says she should go to resort whith him then, he will make her reminisce everything.

Precap: Amrita tries to wake up Pratik and is shocked to see he is already dead with knife under his chest.

Update Credit to: MA

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