Laut Aao Trisha 2nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 2nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kushan, Lavanya and Prem start lunch at a hotel. Kushan suggests a party at home to lighten their moods. Lavanya says they cannot as Pratik will get angry. He says even he will like it and says they will throw a lunch party tomorrow.

Pratik calls doc for Amrita’s checkup. She asks why doc came, if Sanya is alright. He says she is fine. Doc says she came to meet and check her up.

Kabeer is engrapsed in a thought. His officers say Kabeer is engrasped in thoughts for 15 minutes. Kabeer says they should go on a trip and suggests to go to Lonavla. Officer asks if he is afraid of Swayka’s. Kabeer says he should go and check and if anything goes wrong, he will blame them. Abhay says any time. Kabeer asks another officer to stay there and keep an eye on Swayka’s. He says let us believe mother’s instinct and see if we can find Trisha there.

Doc checks Amrita and leaves. Amrita asks Pratik if he is thinking she has gone mad. He says he is not. She asks then why is he not talking to her and not getting worried about Trisha. He says he is worried and says if police is not searching her, he will ask him men to search. He asks her to relax as she was shouting on kabeer, asks her to take pills as they will make her relax. She says she does not want pill and goes unconscious.

Kabeer and Abhay reach Lonavla market and see locket shop missing. They go to the nearby shop and asks about the shop. Shopkeeper says there was an antique piece shop, but after a fight with a rich man, shop owner packed his goods and left. Kabeer asks about the shop owner. He says he came just a few days ago and his name is Patil. Kabeer then gets Pratik’s call, but he does not pick. He thinks who is this Patil, they should find him. He then picks Pratik’s call, says he is in Lonavla and asks him not to disturb him until he finds something.

Nikhil thanks Gaurav for coming to enjoy a drink with him. Gaurav asks if he came to taunt him. Nikhil says he says him as his friend and also wants him to kick out of his house. Gaurav says he cares about his family and does not want to destroy his family life, he will not meet him again. He gets up and clashes with a man. Man apologizes him. Nikhil says we both are in a relationship and he cannot deny hit. He hugs Gaurav tightly. Gaurav pushes him and sends. Nikhil follows him and says whatever happens in New York was truth and to accept that he is a gay. Gaurav says it was his mistake, he loves his family and asks him to get out of his car.

Lavanya calls Pratik and invites him for the party. He says he cannot. She says it is for Trisha and we will pray for her. He says he cannot guarantee but will try.

Amrita is traveling in her car. She imagines someone taking Trisha in another car with her mouth and hands tied during traffic signal. She shouts Trisha and is runs behind the car. It is just her dream and she wakes up worriedly. She wakes and cryingly says Pratik that they are taking Trisha and to inform Kabeer. Pratik says it was her bad dream and says Kabeer is already in Lonavla. He says very soon Trisha will be with us. She says she knows their daughter will be with them soon.

Precap: Amrita asks Kabeer if he spoke to the stall owner. He says he went for the same, but could not find him. Prem brings wine for Lavanya. Kushan says Prem he knows his wife better than him. Amrita asks Kabeer to share his pain and sorrows with her.

Update Credit to: MA

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