Lajwanti 31st December 2015 Written Episode Update

Lajwanti 31st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Peshavar mandi
Lajo is shocked as she looks up to see who bid 1000rupees for her. As lajo is set up for selling, the man who is shown to make his way through the crowds, approaching where lajo is being sold, turns out to be Jamaal. Lajo is aghast and terrorised, as he eyes her leeringly and with steely determination, to have her. She remembers their past exploitative encounter. he comes and stands in front. the dealer asks if anyone wants to up the ante, and then looks around. Jamaal looks at her, and raises his hand in denial. she closes her eyes in shock. he himself begins to seal the deal, while lajo is petrified. As the deal is sealed, lajo is distraught and apalled. he gives the money to the dealer, asking him to seal the deal, as this beauty is his now. He eyes her, while she is mortified. he then gets up the stage, and eyes her right inside her soul, as she watches him through tear splotched eyes. he tells her that he had told that he would get her very soon, and that he had given her the oppurtunity of being the wife, but now she would be his servant. the dealer asks him not to waste time, and then holds her hand, and asks him to take her away. Jamaal says that he is right, and that he wont allow any other hand to touch that girl now, or else he shall rip it off. the dealer gets scared and retreats his hand. Jamaal eyes lajo, as she is scared like a caged bird. he asks her to come along, as she is his servant, and he her master. He carries her on his shoulders, and then amidst the crowd takes him away, while he is apalled and distraught. Others comment that she was indeed priceless. after the sale, the crowd disperses. Sunder arrives later and finds it bare, and collapses on the ground, distraught, begging to be forgiven, as he could not prevent her from being sold. he is utterly apalled at not being able to save her, but swears that he would find her from anywhere.

Meanwhile, jameel puts lajo down, saying that ropes dont look good on her. Lajo says that she cant go with him, and begs to be left. He shushes her and then shows her the horse. lajo understands that she saw this horse in the dreams. he says that he wanted to enjoy heaven with her, but she wanted to be someone else’s bedwarmer, but still he finds her attractive, and brands her as Fareb. she says that she is Baraatiji. jameel asks her to forget him, as he would kill sunder. she tries to hit him, but he wrenches her around, and then again pours ittar on her, and smells it, while she is disgusted. they get up the horse and drive off. As they are driving, she bites on his hand, and he lets go, and she falls on the ground, while she starts running. Jameel turns his horse around and rushes after her. She makes a dash to run for her life, up the mountain, while Jamal eyes her thinking that this game shall be highly interesting. lajo continues to rush in the jungles, oblivious that sunder too is in the same jungles. Lajo thinks that the lord has to make her meet sunder, or else, there shall never be a true love story, that ever culminates, and that its not her, but the lord’s test today. As the morning light streams in, she starts hearing the sound of the muslim prayers and gets tensed, nearby.

Later, yakub arranges all muslim men, and warns them about Sunder, describing his appearance and apparel. sunder hears this from hiding, and thinks that he wont be caught this easily. yakub announces a prize of 500 on catching him dead or alive. he starts hearing the people’s comments who get to searching him. he ducks and evades wherever he finds a chance of being caught. All men get to searching. one of them tells yakub about which way sunder went. Yakub hurries away. In an accidental encounter at a snacks shop, he meets the dealer who had sold off lajo, at the mandi. Sunder enquires about lajo, when he starts leering talking about her beauty that he sold at about 1000. Sunder angrily asks who did he sell. he asks why is he so concerned. Sunder tells him that the girl is his wife. The dealer is shocked and asks if he is the hindu, who has prize on his name. Sunder starts beating him up, and then asks about him. the dealer finally blurts out that he is from peshavar, and then says that he shall make him reach there, for the work that he does, to penance for it. he eyes the boiling water, and then throws him, while he is shocked. enraged, sunder claims that he shall never let lajo’s trust be broken, and that he shall find out wherever she is, and then take her with him, and asks her not to worry, as he is here now.

Scene 2:
Location: Dargah
The next morning, Lajo picks up a holy plate, and then thinks that in this strtange land, she knows sunder is somewhere around, as her soul can feel it instinctively, and beckons him to come soon and get her. right beside, her, sunder too walks with his oly plate. they finally arrive at the main shrine. he places his plate down. as sunder bends his head at the dargah, he is oblivious that lajo stands next to him, with a holy chadar on her head, balanced. A thorn pricks her leg, and she winces, holding it up. he notices the pricked thorn, and then looks up to see the woman, and she too looks at him. for a moment, they are unable to believe that they actually found each other. Sunder and lajo are overwhelmed as they eye each other after a long time, as tears of relief stream down their cheeks. The screen freezes on Lajo’s face.

Precap: Sunder and lajo hold hands, and he says that the lord did find her, and that they are united at last. Lajo smiles at him lovingly. meanwhile, yakub finds them from a distance, as they are lost in each other. They however dont realise it.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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