Lajwanti 28th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Lajwanti 28th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Lahore/ Amritsar border
Sunder and lajo both in the same carriage, keep feeling the other’s proximity, but due to their different attires, arent able to recognise each other. Destiny keeps trying to give one signal after the other, while they strongly feel the other’s presence, but they dont meet each other eye to eye. Sunder feels thirsty, but finds that there is no water. they stop at a joint, wherein he drinks water. The dalal too gets down with lajo, and lajo bends down to ask for water from sunder. He asks sunder to give some water to his wife too. When she drinks the water, she sees sunder’s reflection in the water, and excitedly gets up, but finds the Dalaal instead. Then She is aghast. he asks her not to try and act smart, and if she tries to seek help from the stranger then she shall be responsible for his death too. he adds that now there is noone to save her. she reiterates that her sunder shall come, and he should pray that he isnt killed. They both come back, while sunder notices some tension between them and asks if everything is okay. The muslim asks him to mind his own business. they both sit back, and then he tells sunder that he should get down as he and his wife would prefer to travel alone now. He complies, and gets down, before he can see lajo’s face, as the muslim veils her burqa. Lajo however feels a strange connection to the stranger and wonders how is this possile, as if it had been her Baraati, then she would definitely have recognised him.

Later, they come across the border, where the army has set its patrol. the muslim asks her not to be oversmart. they are told by the soldiers and that ahead is a Hindu area, and lajo is alarmed to hear this. they decide to take an alternative way to Peshavar. as the muslim turns around after talking to the soldiers, he finds lajo gone. he rushea after her. Lajo meanwhile runs for her life. Lajo rushes in her muslim attire, and finds hindu rioteers blocking her way, branding her as a Muslim woman, and vowing to kill her. She protests that she isnt a Muslim but a Sikhni. But they rush to her nevertheless with raised swords. Lajo gets dizzy. Sunder comes and stands in between them, as lajo falls on the ground unconscious, while he takes off his shroud, and it falls on lajo covering her. he tells them that noone shall do anything to her, as she is his wife. they are tensed. He gives them a long lecture as to how this is wrong, but they dont listen to him. He then holds one of the swords with hisbare hands, which draws out blood, thatfalls right on lajo’s forehead, from under the veil. He recites the Haunman chalisa, and the rioteers realise their mistake. they leave after profusely apologising, while he asks them to fight for humanity. He then picks up lajo, oblivious that its actually is own wife, prays that just like he saved someone’s life, someone would save lajo’s life too. he then goes and puts her back on the carriage while she is conscious. the muslim is tensed and a little taken aback. He asks sunder about his religion, and he gives a dicey answer. He turns to go. lajo then wakes up and finds sunder going away, unable to see his face. she is drawn to him, but doesnt understand why. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Yakub stops lajo’s carriage and asks the muslim if they saw some hindu from here, as he tells about sunder’s illegitimate crossing of borders. he tells about the stranger they gave lift, while lajo is curious to hear about a Hindu crossing borders. the muslim shows the way sunder went. later, in the night, while sunder walks in the isolated area, he collidfes into someone, with a blanket on him, and apologising he tries to moves ahead, but finds his hands hand cuffed. He is shocked as she turns around to find that its Yakub. He tries to escape but isnt able to.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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