Lajwanti 27th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Lajwanti 27th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Jamaal’s kabila
Nooran reprimands lajo that she is a witch who has come to take her jamaal away. Lajo tries hard to convince her, but she doesnt listen. Nooran says that she would rather die than be her bandi, and see jamaal with someone else. he comes in asking if thats what she wants, then so be it, and lunges at her throat, grabbing it viciously, as she starts suffocating. Lajo begs him to leave her, for her sake, making him swear on her name. he lets her go, and nooran collapses on the floor, gasping for breath. Lajo asks what he upto, and why does he want to kill her like this, and that too in ramzaan. Lajo tries to take her away. but he says that her rightful place is in her feet only. nooran is embarassed. he asks her to apologise to lajo. lajo asks him not to , but he is adamant. she does so resignedly. Jamaal comes and says that in this month of ramzaan, he shall not do, either sehri or Iftar, but with aisha’s hands. nooran is devastated, and looks away, while lajo is apalled.

Lajo meanwhile wonders when would their separation end, as this partition, separated her from her baraati. she recounts all the horrors that she went through, since the partition, and wonders how long she shall keep saving herself, and thinks that by now, his heart must have melted seeing her pain. She turns around to find someone comforting her, and it turns out to be her fearless self, and asks her not to lose hope, and motivates hwer, to keep up her spirit, not only for herself but for baraati too. She realises where she was going wrong, and then composes herself back for the battle she has been forced into.

In his room, jamaal sharpens his dagger, while nooran prays. He looks upto find lajo taking a heavy suitcase, and almost dropping it, and collapsing back. he rushes and lunges, with her falling in his arms, before she falls on the ground. he asks whats she doing, as she is the begum, and she neednt do this work. He hollers for nooran, and she comes there, leaving her prayers. he again reprimands her for being careless in her work, in attending to lajo, but since she was praying, hence he is leaving her. but warns her not to repeat this. nooran eyes lajo angrily, while she is tensed. nooran picks up the suitcase, with much difficulty, and places it properly, and leaves from there. Lajo tells him, that the world knows that a woman’s heart is priceless, and the biggest crime is to hurt the woman who loves you the most. she says that his sins are increasing by the day.

Nooran meanwhile comes in and finds the dagger kept on the table. she picks it up, with a vicious idea. She says that she wont let lajo become his aisha begum, and that she shall have to die now, as her death shall ensure her life now. she says that she loves jamaal intensely, and then hides the knife behind her, and walks towards lajo, as he is talking to her lovingly. Nooran and her bandi both eye lajo evilly, as the bandi says that she continues to think of her as begum and hates lajo. Nooran saysthat she has never seen jamaal like this, and that she cant bear this passion and this restlessness. She asks the bandi to go. Meanwhile, the jamaal says

lajo says that she has a wish too, that she shall turn him into a human from the devil, and is waiting to see when she gets a response. she then sits down for sehri, while jamaal turns around and finds nooran, with the dagger in her hand. he comes upto her, and eyes her, while she is tensed. he asks whats the purpose of the dagger in the hand, and then takes her hand, saying that this can only mean murder, and asks if she wants to kill him. She says that she cant, as she loves him immensely, Jamaal Sahib. he says that the right to call him by that, is only for aisha begum now. she is apalled.

Scene 2:
Location: Amritsar
while surfing through her clothes, she finds sunder and lajo’s pic, and thinks that she cant risk keeping it here, lest it be seen by Sunder. lal comes in to ask for the pic, and she asks what shall he do with this pic. Gunwanti says that this pic bothers sunder and not her, and he is getting better and has searched for a job too. she says that she is scared, that he takes a step, that might disturb his mental balance, and hence for that, they have to keep this pic away for some days. he asks if delaying it would change the time or the truth, or reality. she says that she is just taking sometime. he says that it shall be too late, as lajo is going away with every passing second. she asks him to understand sunder’s condition, when he takes lajo’s name. lal asks if he is hurt or she herself. gunwanti slaps him tight across his face. lal says that he got his answer and the truth came out, and that she still harbours hopes, that sunder shall become hers, and that its had never gone, and that she doesnt want his memory to come back. she says that its a lie, as she worships sunder. he asks her to come along, and help him remember lajo, and begs her to think about lajo once, as to what condition she might be in. She agress with him, and says that she forgot lajo, thinking about sunder, and says that she shall try her best, for sunder to remember lajo, and then get her bacl from the bordrs.

Scene 3:
Location: Jamaal’s kabila
Jamaal says that he can see the fire of revenge in her eyes, one which he never saw earlier and that he knows her inside out. he turns her around, capturing her, and then places the dagger against her throat while she is scared. he says that he can kill her in an instant, and take out all the warm blood, that wants someone else’s blood. he says that had aisha not been there, he would have killed her then only, but now, even aisha isnt there. She says that she would rather die, than live under her. he asks her to be respectful. She says that she only has him in her eyes, and asks to be excused, as lajo is waiting. he asks her to properly take care of her. she complies and leaves. the screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: While jamaal is asleep, nooran stealthily comes and successfully manages to come and take out the dagger. Then she goes to lajo’s room. Nooran says that she needs her life back, and takes out the dagger that she has hidden in her back, and lajo is surprised and shocked to see it.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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