Lajwanti 19th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Lajwanti 19th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Pakistani roads
While walking and rushing ahead, she collides into sarfaraz, who eyes her boggled, as if almost recognising her. She apologises for her mistake, while he is still confused. A strong wind gushes, and the burqa unveils her face, and sarafaraz is shocked, and then amused to see lajo, in muslim attire, while she is too shocked and scared having confronted him yet again. She rushes from there, while he smirks at the prospect of seeing lajo again. She rushes frantically on the roads, ducking and evading his gaze, somehow, and then finally, comes up a building, and rushes up the stairs, and enters inside, and then locks the door. sarfaraz comes uptil the building and starts climbing the stairs too.

Scene 2:
Location: Temple, amritsar
Gunwanti happily offers prayers in the temple, and tells the priest as to how her lord ram has returned, but not Sita. He assures her that she shall come soon too, and asks her to have the faith. she smiles and complies.

Scene 3:
Location: Rented place, Amritsar
Sunder wakes up finally with a dizzy head, amd lal, sikka and his friends surround him, trying to revive back his memory, by narrating incidents from the past. But the minute they show him lajo, and mention her and her relation with him, his head aches severely, and he clutches at it in desperateion, while everyone is boggled and wonders what to do. just then, gunwanti comes and shoves them all aside, reprimanding lal, as to what he is trying to do, when the doctor clearly said that they should not forcibly try and make him remember anything, and if that means keeping him away from the mention of lajo and her thougts, then she shall ensure that he never ever hears the name lajo ever again. Lal and his friends are shocked, and resent it even. gunwanti takes him aside, and says that even if there is the need to form new relations, casting away the old, then she wouldnt hesitate to do so, as long as it ensures that sunder shall be alright soon. And when in time, his memory returns back, he shall remember lajo in his due course of time, when he has to, but up until then, she wouldnt let anyone even mention the name of lajo to him again.

Scene 3:
Location: Brothel, Peshavar
Lajo eyes the weird place that she is in, and then she is stunned with shock, as she eyes Dulari, sitting like a pr*stitute in front of the mirror, awaiting for the day’s programme to begin. She calls her, and dulari looks back, boggled and tensed. she feigns that she doesnt know anyone by the name dulari, and that she is Wafa jaan, the highest paid pr*stitute in the whole of heera mandi, and the life of this markwet. lajo is shocked and apalled at the transformation, and asks her to come back to senses, and says that there is still hope and that they can make their escape, if she helps her. sarfaraz hears this from outside, and is amused. lajo continues to get dulari to rememberher old ways, while she rebukes and ridicules her, that maybe she is the new fresh meat on the block. She continues to parade as Wafa Jaan, a professional pr*stitute would. lajo is unable to bear it, and wrenches her to try and get her to senses. she says that she needs her help to escape, and asks her not to give in to that filthy brother, who tried to change her. He is amuse,d outside hearing this, and asks lajo that its pointless now, as she is finally in the trap, and that noone goes out from here but just enters. Wafa jaan, in her sarcastic and demeaning tone, continues to make an account of her tragic tale, getting emotional for a moment, at her destiny. he breaks the door and comes in. lajo hides. he hollers and asks wafa jaan, where she is, and she gives lajo away. he takes her out, holding her hard by the hairs, and throws her in front of wafa, saying that she has had enough of hide and seek with him, and that now, she shall be the new flavour of heera mandi. Lajo continues to encourage and give hope to dulari, but she succumbs on the bed, collapsing and lamenting at the fate that life has handed her, wherein she is at the mercy of her madness, and people’s lusty devilishness, that she witnesses everyday. Lajo is aghast to hear this. he smiles. He says that lajo has by destiny, finally reached her rightful place, as this is the place, she belonged all along, and asks her to don the anklets too. but she dnenies, saying that she would rather bear having her legs cut off. He says that she shall be taught a lesson and then gets to makeing her wear them forcibly, while signalling wafa to hold her tight, as lajo struggles, and she complies. lajo is disgusted and apalled. he picks her up, by her hands, and wrenches her, saying that the anklets seem to have been made for her only, and throws her on the floor. she eyes back at him. He says that from this day, her name shall be adaa jaan. she asks how many names shall she have, first jamaal called her fareb jaan, then she became aisha, and now Adaa jaan, and call her by whatever name, but she shall always be lajo, and that lajo shall preserve her integrity come what may. He says that she wont accept easily, and then hollers for sikander, and a leering, lusty guy walks in and eyes lajo. she is apalled. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: As sikander takes lajo away, she curses sarfaraz that she has never wanted to kill anyone, but today she is forced to do so to him. she says that she swears in the name of god, that she shall cut off the hands that made dulari wear the anklets. She eyes him viciously, while he eyes her tensedly. Dulari is worried.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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