Ladies Special 8th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Meghna, Prarthana, and Bindu Inaugurate Ladies Special Train on Women’s Day

Ladies Special 8th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jyoti informs Meghna that they have got many likes on social media for their company dresses. Meghna excitedly says let us check, but laptop is in factory, let us go and get it. Viraaj calls Meghna and asks if she did her job. She asks what. He reminds that she needs to find out Prarthana’s birth time and day for his friend. Meghna asks if he is sure it is for his friend. Viraaj nervously says yes. Meghna says during her college days, a boy asked her photo saying it is for her friend, but then she found same photo in Mandar’s cupboard. She assures him to find out Prarthana time and day of birth by tomorrow. She calls Rachna and asks Prarthana day and time of birth for her friend. Rachna excitedly asks if she found a boy for Prarthana, does he have a house and high paying job. Meghna

says he is young and will get his own 2 BHK flat in 5-6 years, he is very talented, even she knows him. Rachna asks who is he. Meghna says Viraaj. Rachna gets sad hearing Viraaj’s name and says she will check and inform tomorrow. She walks to living room where Prarthana asks Viraaj to accompany her for Kulfi at a nearby shop. Father says its kulfi is really tasty. Prarthana says she will get even parcel for everyone. Rachna says not need to go today and insists. Prarthana agrees.

Meghna, Prarthana, and Bindu shop inner wears at 50% discuss and reach railways station discussing about it. Constable stops them and routine checks their bags. Meghna asks to be careful as everyone are around. Constable asks if they got it in discount. Meghna says yes 50% discount and Bindu tells address and says she is a Gujrati and knows if it is genuine discount or not. Constable calls her sister informs about discount. They then see a lady with her pregnant bahu asking her to walk carefully and seeing them says new generation is so impatient, her bahu wants to walk fast, she cannot take chance with her grandson. They are amused and asks if she is sure she will have grandson and not granddaughter. Woman starts that daughters are a burden on parents and if they are ugly it will be difficult to get them married, they have to get married and leave home and cannot support their parents whole life. Meghna, Prarthana, and Bindu are more amused hearing that and confront that does she think even she is a burden on her parents, in her words all women should be named trouble. They tongue lash her royally and explain importance of women. A lady minister present there claps for them and praises their thinking. Bindu identifies her as minister Sangeeta Madan and says her husband Dr. Amar Desai is fan of her.

Sangeeta felicitates even them along with herself and makes them inaugurate new Ladies Special train. They excitedly inaugurate train. Sangeeta then requests them accompany her in train till last stop. They agree and sit with her. Sangeeta thanks them for accompanying her. Meghna says who does not like traveling with celebrity, in India politicians and actors are celebrities. Sangeeta ask what do they do. Meghna explains she has opened a garment factory Swapna Garments, it is small, but soon will grow big and even minister’s grandchildren will wear her factory’s garments. She continues that without family’s support one cannot do anything and she fortunate to have a supporting husband. Sangeeta asks about Prarthana. Prarthana says she works in a private company. Meghna says she is working since 14 years old to support her family and is a good singer. Sangeeta says she is fortunate to meet a businesswoman and a singer and asks what Bindu does. Bindu says she is a housewife and takes care of her husband and his family and sells mehandi cones part time. Sangeeta says housewife’s duty is the biggest duty and they dont even get salary for that. Meghna and Prarthana praise Bindu. All 3 then dance with other ladies.

Precap: Meghna asks Prarthana if she likes Viraaj. Prarthana gets nervous.
Amar meets with a car accident and loses his life. Bindu prays god to return her Aamarji.

Update Credit to: MA

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