Ladies Special 31st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Bomb in Sapna Garments’ Box?

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Ladies Special 31st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mota pappa calls Amar and says he is so busy taking care of patients that he ignored Bindu. Amar says he did not understand. Mota pappa says Bindu is tensed that she could not help her friend, Amar had promised to transfer money into Bindu’s account and forgot. Amar says he will transfer 10 lakhs into Bindu’s account right now. Mota pappa says that is good, he should speak to her also. Kangana gets jealous hearing that. Amar calls Bindu and asks why did not she remind him to transfer money into her account. Bindu says she did not want to disturb him. He says he cannot forget his responsibilities and will transfer money in sometime. She thanks him. He says there is not thank you and sorry in friendship, she has helped him so much anyways. Kangana hears that and gets more jealous. She tells Amar that she will also come to hospital as can keep her self busy. Amar agrees and takes her to hospital asking if she is sure. She says she will go on rounds and asks if he will accompany her. He says yes. She walks into her cabin and reminiscing keeping Bindu’s signed divorce papers in her wallet, picks them out, calls peon and bribes him and orders to do as she says and not let anyone know that she sent him.

Viraj and Prarthana get out of local train. Viraj taunts that she became famous and got 2 million views on social media. Passengers request Prarthana not to stop singing. Viraj asks how is she feeling with her overnight fame. Prarthana says overnight fame also vanishes soon. People take selfies with her. Viraj calls Puneeth and informs about Prarthana’s trending video and fans clicking selfie with her. Puneeth excitedly asks to send him pics of fans clicking selfies with Prarthana.

A coolie finds Sapna garments box on railway track and informs TT that there is a ransacked box on track and it may have bomb. Police arrives and public gathers. Puneeth passes by and seeing Sapna garments label on box says it is his box. Police hears that and misunderstanding him as terrorist arrests him while pleads that he knows owner of the box and is not a terrorist. He is thrown into lockup.

Meghna with Mandar, Babu bhai, and clients go on trekking on clients’ insistence. Bindu calls her, but Meghna’s phone network disappears. News airs about bomb box found on railway track. Another police team finds similar box in Meghna’s client’s car and think it also has bomb.

Precap: Police finds stolen items in Meghna’s box and arrests her.

Update Credit to: MA

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