Ladies Special 22nd May 2019 Written Episode Update: Kangana cooks food

Ladies Special 22nd May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Viraj and Prathana: Both are travelling in train and listen people talking about falling shares of Parimal industries… Viraj think that how his uncle vishwajeet met them and tried to convince viraj to think once again about his decision, though he add that he is not forcing, as he never forced himself for anything either.. Papa say why you take tension, I am here to business, when uncle say I never take..
Later he relex Prathana saying we are setting our future with our salary and goes on his job, prathana get thinking..

Bindu, Kangana, Amar: Kanagana cooks undhiyo using bindu recipe and talk with amar.. She shows happiness and dance like crazy in love… Amar smile and happy seeing her happiness.. Bindu come and get sad while taking Amar book…

Bindu, Mota Papa and

Mota Mummy: Mota papa act as his kidney failure but keep hand on right side.. Bindu see amar book and say kidney are not there.. Mota papa may be his liver is dead.. She say even liver is not there and catch his lie.. They both bet over going for dinner at kangana house.. Mota mummy says i told you she catch your lies always..

Bindu and Amar: Bindu complaint to Amar about Mota papa act and say how will fulfill promise gave to Kangana father?? Amar ask which promise?? Bindu cover about dinner promise.. And ask to bet she will do anything to take Mota papa to Kangana house, Amar say he will lose and say I know you will win like always…

Swapana Garments: one erson come to meet Meghna and ask for order, in return offer her children admission in big school..

Punith and Kangana: Punith ring Kngana house bell, when Kangana open he make weired face and ask for presentation in pen drive.. Kangana say stay outside.. Punith call her strange woman..

Mandar, Baba and Meghna: Meghna think about that person.. Later she call Mandar to talk about Swapana and Sachin.. She ask Baba to send children out, they send them with neighbour to watch movie.. Mandar come when see motor connection and get angry on Meghna for doing this.. Meghna think he doesn’t care for me.. Mandar ask her to buy flat where water come 24*7 as she is owner.. Meghna say she will buy within a year.. Baba stop their fight and ask Meghna to tell about that thing which she told him, flashback shows how Meghna shows sonogrphy of Swapana, sachin and 3rd child… Out of flashback Meghna deny being sad, but baba say until when we will hide, its his right.. Manadar shout why you wasted my time if you don’t need to talk.. Megha say think of new name like he did for swapna and sachin..

Precap: Mandar and Meghna fight for hiding child truth till now.. Mota papa and Mota Mummy get to know that Undhiyo recipe is of Bindu and irritate Kangana…

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