Ladies Special 14th May 2019 Written Episode Update

Ladies Special 14th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prathna and Viraj: Prathana talk to Viraj about Papa missing meetings and loss, which is not good as she feel its due to her.. Viraj make her relex and say papa know what is he doing, he has seen him since childhood, everything will be fine.. And both smiles😊😊

Bindu and Amar:- Bindu count qualitites of Kanagana like she is educated, smart, knows world, confident where as Bindu count her disadvantages like 12th pass, underconfident.. Than she ask mota papa and mota mummy if Amar need kangana or her?? They turn speechless…

Bindu, Amar, Manadar, Meghana: bindu ask amar to have medicine but he deny by doing joke, mota papa and mota mummy smile seeing them together, just than sachin make video call and amar say sorry for not able to be present in his birthday.. Sachin and Swapna ask riddles and bindu answers.. Sachin ans swapana say amar is useless without bindu..

Mandar and Meghna: Meghna get angry that jyoti is making children away due to ego.. Mandar talk to jyoti and she say this is best, she can’t let her self respect loose..after party full family take walk and have ice-cream, where Meghna scold sachin for over-eating.. Mandar say she gave him toffees.. Meghna say its children nature and their age… Sachin and swapana complaint and apprecitate that meghna make them sleep early while mandar plays with them, than they add but mandar have not taste in food while meghna have.. Baba ask about their work to divert topic.. Mandar and meghna have cold war on same big project they want for their respective companies..

Precap: Kangana show attatiude to Meghna and Punit.. Later while talking Bindu inform Meghna that she taught Kangana to make gujrati food.. Meghna feel vomit

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