Ladies Special 14th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Meghna and Parthana’s Growing Differences

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Ladies Special 14th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prarthana and Meghna argue when Punith escapes from hospital without informing. Mandar says they cannot disturb patients here, so let us go home, Prarthana will inform once her brother calls her. Viraj messages Punith that a big problem has started after he left, he should come and handle situation soon. Bindu tells Prarthana not to be tensed, Punith will return home, she will accompany her home. Amar says his wife is right, Prarthana can go home with his wife. Kangana passes by and gets jealous seeing that. Meghna and Prarthana’s verbal fight continues, and they leave in autos. Kangana gets more jealous seeing Amar’s growing closeness towards Bindu.

Amar returns to his cabin. Kangana enters asking if she can. Amar says she does not have to take permission. She reminds his inhibition. He says he must have been tensed then. She asks what was happening. He tells whole story about Punith, Meghna and Prarthana’s fight, etc.. Bindu reaches Prarthana’s home and calms down her nervous parents with her stories. Meghna scolds her children seeing their fight. Mandar asks not to show her frustration on children and says even she is at fault for insulting Punith, so Meghna Prarthana reacted. He calms her down with his romantic talk. After sometime, Jyoti happily informs them that their company’s GST and other licenses are approved. Meghna says she forgot that she has to pay 2 lakhs to Shirke, how will she. Mandar asks not to worry, they will find some solution or go to police, let us see what Shirke will do.

Punith meets Viraj and informs that the goons from whom he took help to retrieve 3 lakhs from Shirke took 2 lakhs as their fees, now he does not know how to pay 2 lakhs to Shirke. Viraj says he knows a rich man who can help him with 2 lakhs. Punith asks if he is associated with underworld, he does not want to fall into all this again. Viraj assures it is legal money and asks him to return home while he solves his problem. Punith returns home. Prarthana and parents scold where was he, they were worried. Punith says there was misunderstanding and he sorted it out. Viraj calls Punith acting as Shirke and apologizes him that he got money in car and wrongly alleged Punith. Prarthana blasts at him for troubling her brother.

Bindu requests Prarthana to apologize Meghna as problem is solved. Prarthana reminisces Meghna confronting her and says she will not apologize as her brother helped Meghna so much, but she called her brother as thief. Viraj calls Meghna next and apologizes for misunderstanding. Meghna blasts him next. He suggests to reconcile with her friend. She yells not to teach her what to do and disconnects call. Viraj’s friend gets tensed what if Viraj gets into trouble. Viraj says he needs his help in next mission, means stealing. Prarthana scolds Punith for befriending goons. Punith says goons can be taught lesson only by goons. She storms out and walks away saying she is going to office. Punith calls Viraj and describing him situation says he falls into trouble always without his mistake. Bindu calls Meghna and tries to convince her to apologize Prarthana giving example of her Faibaa’s stories.

Precap: Bindu seeks her family’s help to reconcile Meghna and Prarthana’s differences. Jyoti informs Meghna that they got 50 dress order. Viraj takes money from office locker and Prarthana walks in.

Update Credit to: MA

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