Ladies Special 13th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Family time

Ladies Special 13th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bindu And Amar:-

Bindu come to Mota papa and mota mummy and talk about relationship as scale where Amar has always given to me and all of us, now its our turn to return every thing for making scale equal.. They get confuse and ask about what is she talking about?? She says she is talking about marriage of Amar and Kangana.. He scarified his love for you all and married me, but he need educated doctor wife unlike me.. Mota papa and Mota mummy try to make Bindu understand by saying Kangana can’t play bulf, can’t cook, doesn’t understand amar..
Bindu get flashback where amar said same that no-one can cooke better than Bindu and understand him..

Prathana And Viraj:-

After puja, parimal family is sitting for buying jewellary, when viraj father order das babu to

postpone all meetings for spending time with family, when Jewaller tell them that they returned every jewellary, but for the sake of festival buy something for DIL!! Prathana deny, so as Papa deny.. Driver Call mom and she order to talk to Papa, he joke with him and get terrified after talking to her and so as Viraj, when finally that lady say to prathana that she is her MIL and order her that its festival, so buy one, rest will be made when she returns as per prathana liking.. Prathana ask if its necessary?? Papa say its order from high command, so you have to buy.. Prathana take one and when jeweller say that prathana proved that she proved parimal’s DIL, she selected elegant and most expensive.. Prathana get shocked.. Viraj tease her..

Papa try to teach golf to prathana when das babu call and inform about meeting loss, he say I earned for my son and he went away to make his identity, so let me enjoy my family time.. Prathana think how her mom was doing show off infront of their friends, stating prathana will soon fall in status of parimal and see papa and viraj and think mom was wrong instead they are falling in my status and letting me live my life according to me, but missing meetings is not right and think to talk to him..
Papa ask her to play, when Viraj take glass stating its worth 1200/-rupees and give steel glass.. Prathana give shot breaking window glass.. Papa tease Viraj..

Meghna and Mandar:-

Meghna take money out when goons follow her and try to snatch her bag showing knife.. When jyoti husband come and hold goons, they both talk about taking goons to police and they run away.. Meghna balme him for letting them go, but he say he was listening to her and got distracted..

Precap: Sachin ask riddle from Amar, bindu answers, swapna say he is useless without bindu.. Meghna and Mandhar fight for contract..

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