Ladies Special 10th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Kangana’s Father Reminds Bindu Of Her Promise

Ladies Special 10th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mandar’s children Sachin and Swapna happily run and hug Mandar seeing him. Mandar gives them gifts and seeing Akshaya tritiya pooja arranged at home praises Meghna’s arrangemnts and says he thought she cannot do anything without his help. She says Ram made all arrangements. Mandar walks to Ram and asks what is he doing here. Ram says he is helping Meghna and can do anything for her. Mandar feels jealous seeing that. He asks Meghna why did not she invite him in his own house’s pooja. Meghna says she informed him via Khadar bhai. Mandar reminisces Khadar bhai informing him about pooja at his house. They both then perform pooja. Viraaj and Prarthana perform pooja in their home. Viraaj gets romantic while accepting aarti.

Bindu does Amar’s hand massage and says

just like kids go on vacation and return to school, his hand also had gone on vacation and should return soon. Mota pappa and mama smile hearing that. Bindu says she cannot stay with him forever. Mota pappa gets angry. Bindu reminisces Kangana’s father taking her promise to convince mota pappa and mamma for Amar and Kangana’s wedding and go away from their lives. Out of flashback, she praises Kangana’s father’s surgical skills and his kind nature. Mota pappa opens door hearing door bell and seeing Kangana asks if she did not go to hospital. Kangana says she wants to meet Amar and gets in. She meets Amar. Mota pappa and mama fume when will she go. Bindu gives them juice and asks to cool their minds. They ask to give it to Kangana and fume. Bindu praises Kangana’s nature and says she came to meet Amar on her request.

Meghna and Mandar insist Suchin to cut their brought cake. Baba asks to cut Meghna’s cut. They see they brought same cake. Meghna identifies her cake and asks Sachin to cut it. Ram says he will leave now as he has to help Santosh prepare tender papers. Meghna says they need cheap material also to quote low price. Mandar says she will get it in Janaki nagar market and walks away. Baba informed Meghna that Mandar addressed her. Meghna picks money from her cupboard and seeing 3 gold coins reminisces Mandar promising to buy 1 coin each akshaya tritiya and dreaming of buying a big coin one day. Out of flashback, she tells baba that she is going to buy gold for akshaya tritiya.

Kangana over phone informs her father that Bindu is very clever and will not go away from Amar’s life. Father asks to give phone to Bindu and reminds her promise to leave Amar once Amar gets well. Bindu says even he hid a fact that surger posed more risk than treatment. Father says he did it for his daughter. She says if he had given some good morales t his daughter, she would not have gone out of control..

Precap: Bindu asks Mota pappa if doctor’s wife should be a doctor or illiterate and convinces them for Amar and Kangana’s wedding. Kangana checks Meghna and informs she is pregnant.

Update Credit to: MA

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