Laal Ishq5..Red Love..VaNi, AvNeil, RiKara, AdiYa SS Part 5

Laal Ishq2..Red love..Part 5

After 3 weeks…

Kabir was sleeping.

Kavya:Kabir,why are you not getting up?It’s late.

Kabir:I feel weak Kavya.

Kavya:What happened?

She touched his forehead. have a slight fever.Don’t worry.I will bring you something.

She went to the kitchen.She took some medicinal leaves and prepared a drink.

She went near Kabir with that.

Kavya:Kabir…you drink this.You will feel better.

Kabir got up from the bed.

Kavya:Take this glass and drink it.

He he took it and sipped it.

Kabir:It’s bitter.

Kavya:But it’s effective.

Kabir smiled.

He drank the whole glass.

After some time….

Kavya went near Kabir.

Kavya:Now how do you feel Kabir?

Kabir:I am feeling much better Kavya.Your drink is magical.Thank you.

She smiled.

Kavya:I learnt to make it in my orphanage.There we were given this drink for fever.I used to make it for Vyom also.

Suddenly Kavya became emotional.Kabir realized it.


Kavya:I am alright.

She tried to hide her pain.She went out and cried.Kabir saw it and became upset.

Kabir:Why did you leave us Vyom?We both miss you very much.

Veeranshu gave a modern dress to Shivani.

Veer:You wear this.It will suit you.

She smiled.

Rabb toh sache dil toh
Tenu mangya soniye
Ab toh duniya toh door le jaa soniye

Tere bina mujhe chain nahi re
Tere bina dil rain nahi re
You’ve stolen my heart away
* when I see you baby

Shivani wore that dress and came.

Veeranshu:I will style your hair.

Veeranshu gave her a nice hair style too.

Wikipedia pe check karle
Google tu search karle
Baby zara look around karle
Naiyo milega aisa yaar soniye

Ek number ek number
Ek number ek number
Ek number ek number (2x)

Then he looked at her.Unknowingly Veeranshu was lost in her beauty.

Veer:You look so gorgeous Shivani.Your Purab will not be able to take his eyes off her.

She blushed.

Rabb toh sache dil toh
Tenu mangya soniye
Ab toh duniya toh door le jaa soniye

Tere bina mujhe chain nahi re
Tere bina dil rain nahi re
You’ve stolen my heart away
* when I see you baby(Sanam teri kasam).

Unexpectedly Mayuri came there.

Veer:Why are you here Mayuri?

Mayuri:Why can’t I come here?This is not the first time I am coming here.I am your girl friend.

Veer:Girl friend?Our relationship got over Mayuri.

Mayuri was irritated.

Mayuri:How can you say that Veer?From my side,it’s not over yet. I have not broken up with you.

Veer:You have not broken up with me as you want to do two timing.I have never seen such a disgusting attitude.Even Ponky supports you.So cheap.

Mayuri felt insulted as she noticed Shivani there. want break up as you got another girl friend.

Shivani felt upset.

Veer:Don’t talk ill of her.She is a nice girl.I am only her stylist.

Mayuri:You are grooming her in your flat?I can imagine what kind of grooming you are doing here.

Veeranshu lost his control.

Veer:Enough!If you talk against her,I will not tolerate it.Just get out Mayuri.

Mayuri felt insulted.

Mayuri:For this girl,you insulted me.I will show you what I can do.

Veer:You do whatever you want.

Mayuri went out.

She collided with Veeranshu’s neighbour Nina.

Nina:Hey Mayuri.How are you?

Mayuri:I am fine.Who has come to Veeranshu’s flat?I saw a girl there.

Nina:Don’t doubt your boy friend.She is a nice girl.She is Shivani;the niece of Sahil Oberoi and Meera Oberoi.

Mayuri was surprised.

Mayuri thought:Sahil Oberoi is such a big industrialist.I can get his number from the internet.

Mayuri bid good bye to Nina and rang up Sahil.

Mayuri:Mr.Sahil Oberoi?

Sahil:Yes.Who is speaking?

Mayuri:I am your well wisher.Your niece Shivani is spending time in the famous stylist Veeranshu Singhania’s flat.The rumour is that she is involved in immoral activity with him.

Sahil lost his control:How dare you talk like this about my Shivani?I know her very well.She is a very nice girl.

Mayuri:If you are not believing my words,you go to his flat and check.After office timing also without coming back home,what is she doing at Veeranshu’s flat?

Sahil became upset.

Sahil,Meera and Naintara barged into Veeranshu’s flat.Some of the friends invited by Mayuri also came there to witness it.

Veer and Shivani were stunned to see them.


Sahil:What are you doing here Shivani?And why are you in such an ultra modern dress?

Naintara thought:How will i tell dad that di is coming here for a make over to woo her colleague?Dad will misunderstand Di’s character.

Shivani thought:How can I tell Mamu that I am coming here for a make over to impress Purab?

Sahil:Say Shivani.

Shivani was silent.

Veeranshu:Uncle,I am just grooming her.

Shivani:Yes Mamu.

Sahil:What grooming?Are you planning for modelling?


Sahil:Then what?


Sahil:I got an information that you are coming very often for a bad purpose.

They were shocked.

Sahil:But I did not believe it.But you broke my trust Shivani.Is this the culture I gave you?

Shivani was in tears.

Shivani:Mamu,you are misunderstanding me.I am cultured girl who you brought up.

Sahil:No.You have changed a lot.If you had valued our upbringing and culture,you would not have been here.You are a disgrace to our family and my late sister Anika.My di was great.She and Shivay jiju made me stay in Oberoi family and gave me their surname.Otherwise I would not have been the famous Industrialist Sahil Oberoi now.But you ruined our surname.

Veeranshu felt upset.

Veer:You are misunderstanding this innocent girl.

Sahil:You don’t interfere.You are the one who spoiled her.Now onwards we have no relationship with you Shivani.We are disowning you.

All were shocked.

Meera:Sahil,you always say about the promise you gave your Anika di that you will look after her daughter Shivani.Then now what happened to that promise?

Sahil:You just shut up Meera.Don’t question me.I don’t want a daughter who forgot our culture and became immoral.

Shivani was shattered.

Shivani:Please Mamu…don’t say like that.I have only you,Mami and Naintara.

Sahil:Don’t show your fake love Shivani.If your love was true,you would not have done this.

Shivani could not bear anymore.She was crying.

Naintara:Papa,di is innocent.

Sahil:Don’t support her immorality.Come with me.

Sahil went out with Meera and Naintara.

Mayuri came inside.

Mayuri:Now did you understand what i can do Veer?

Mayuri smirked.

Veeranshu was shocked.

Veer:You turned Shivani’s family against her?You are more disgusting than i thought Mayuri.Get out.

Mayuri laughed and went out.

Shivani was crying without any limit.Veeranshu felt upset.

Veer:Shivani,don’t cry.

Shivani:Veeranshu..I have no one now.I am alone.

Veer:You are not alone Shivani.I am there with you as a friend.You can stay here.We know each other.We know that we are not wrong.One day your Mamu will also know your innocence.

Shivani looked at him emotionally.

Shivani:You are really nice Veeranshu.I never thought that there was a heart hidden behind your arrogant face.

He smiled emotionally.

Veer:Think about good things.Think about Purab.

Shivani:I not madly in love with Purab.I am a manglik.So no marriage proposal was working out for me.This was delaying Naintara’s wedding with her lover.Because Mamu wanted my marriage first.So as she told I decided to get married soon.I decided to impress Purab and get married to him soon so that Mamu will conduct Naintara’s wedding soon.But now since Mamu hates me,he will conduct Naintara’s wedding soon.So I don’t have to impress Purab.

Veer:You are so selfless.But Mamu did’nt see it.

Shivani became upset.


Shivani saw Veeranshu drinking.

Shivani:If we drink this,we will be able to forget our pain?That’s what I heard.

Before Veeranshu could reply she took the liquor and drank it.

Veer:Oh no….this is very strong.Why did you drink?You won’t be able to manage it.

Shivani giggled:Stop complaining and enjoy Veeranshu.

She gave me a glass of drinks and she took one.

She started singing and dancing pulling Veeranshu for dance.

They both started dancing like crazy while drinking.

Mood aashiqana hai
Subah ghar jaana hai
Tune kaisa jaadu hai kiya

Lamha ye suhaana hai
Time nahi gawaana hai
Jeene ka mazaa le sathiya

Tu kheech meri photo
Tu kheech meri photo
Tu kheech meri photo piyaa [x4]

Befikar dil hai aaj
Hai tera mujhpe raaj
Jo kahe kehne de baawra ye samaaj

Bhaage yahan wahan ye zindagi Ferrari hai
Waisi hi zindagi hai jis tarah guzari hai

Mood aashiqana hai
Subah ghar jaana hai
Tune kaisa jaadu hai kiya

Lamha ye suhaana hai
Time nahi gawana hai
Jeene ka maza le sathiya

Tu kheech meri photo
Tu kheech meri photo
Tu kheech meri photo piya [x4]

Khwabon kaa town hai, Raat bhi brown hai
Kya huaa kuch nahi, Do hi drink down hai

Nashe me hum nahi hain ye sama nasheela hai
Paani bhi peete hain to lagta hai Tequila hai

Mood aashiqana hai
Subah ghar jaana hai
Tune kaisa jaadu hai kiya

Lamha ye suhana hai
Time nahi gawana hai
Jeene ka maza le saathiya

Tu kheech meri photo
Tu kheech meri photo
Tu kheech meri photo piya [x4](Sanam teri kasam).

The next day they woke up from the floor remembering the drunk dance they had.They both giggled.

Veer:It was fun.But don’t drink to forget pain.It’s foolishness.Don’t drink.It does’nt suit you.

Shivani smiled slightly.

Prem was riding his bike.He remembered his bike ride with Stella.

He saw Heer on the way.He stopped the bike.


Heer was surprised to see him.

Heer went near him.

Heer:Hi Prem..what a surprise!

Prem:Why are you standing here alone?

Heer:I was waiting for an auto to go home.

Prem:I will drop you.

Heer:Thanks.I did’nt know that you ride bike also.I love bike ride.

Prem:Stella too used to enjoy bike ride.

Heer:Can I ride your bike for a few minutes?I am longing to ride the bike?Please…because no one at home allows me to ride the bike as they are scared.

Prem smiled:Ok.

Heer:Thank you.

She tried to ride the bike.But she lost balance and fell down with the bike.

Prem was shocked.

Prem:Are you alright?

Heer:Don’t worry.I am alright.I am used to falling down.

He smiled:Now I understand why uncle and aunty are scared to allow you to ride a bike.

Heer was embarrassed.

He extended his hand towards her:Get up.

She smiled.She held his hand and got up.Prem kept the bike properly.

Prem:Luckily the bike also has no problem.

Heer:Sorry.I always try to learn bike riding,But I always fail to get the balance and i end up falling.

Prem:Stella was also like this.Even she used to try bike riding and fall down.Then I stopped her from riding the bike.

Prem-Heer laughed.

Pranati and Jugnu were in the park.Jugnu was playing with children there.Pranati was watching them play.Suddenly she got a phone call from the college she works as she is a college lecturer.Because of range problem she walked to a corner.Reyaansh came there.He saw Jugnu there.

Reyaansh:Pranati’s daughter…

Jugnu stopped playing to take rest and sat near Reyaansh.Reyaansh was stunned.

He looked at her and called her:Beta!

Jugnu looked at him.

Reyaansh:What’s your name beta?


Reyaansh:Nice name.Your mother Pra…

Jugnu:My mother’s name is Pranati.

Reyaansh:What’s your father’s name?

Jugnu became dull.

Jugnu:I have no father.I have not even seen him.Mumma has’nt shown my father to me.

Reyaansh was shocked.

Reyaansh:What?You don’t know your father?But i had seen you with someone in the mall.

Jugnu was surprised.

Jugnu:You noticed me in a mall too?


Jugnu:That was Kabir uncle,my mumma’s friend.

Reyaansh was stunned.

Reyaansh thought:Pranati is still unmarried?Then Jugnu…?

Suddenly he remembered their moment…

Flash back….

During their college trip Reyaansh and Pranati went away from the classmates to have privacy.

Unexpectedly it started raining.

Pranati:Oh no…we got drenched.

Reyaansh cupped her face in his palms and said:Relax Pranati.It’s only rain.

Unknowingly they both looked at each other’s eyes intensely and embraced each other passionately forgetting themselves.


Reyaansh became restless.

He thought:Is Jugnu our daughter?

Pranati who returned got shocked seeing Reyaansh with Jugnu.

Pranati got angry.

Pranati:Jugnu..did’nt I tell you not to talk to strangers?

Jugnu got worried.Reyaansh’s heart got pricked hearing her address him as a stranger.

Pranati:Let us leave Jugnu.

Jugnu:Mumma..I have not finished playing.

Pranati:Enough of playing.

She held her hand and tried to walk away.

Suddenly Reyaansh called her.

Reyaansh:One minute Pranati.

Pranati stared at him.

Pranati:What do you want Reyaansh?

Reyaansh:Who is Jugnu’s father?

Pranati was shocked by this unexpected question from him.

Pranati looked at Jugnu and said:You can go and play for some more time.

Jugnu became happy.

Jugnu:Thank you mumma.

She ran towards the other children to play.

Pranati stared at Reyaansh.

Pranati:Why do you want to know who Jugnu’s father is?Why are you inquiring about my personal life?

Reyaansh:I got to know that you are unmarried.So…is she our daughter?

Pranati got another shock.

Pranati’s lips shivered.She could not open her mouth.

Reyaansh:Say Pranati…

Pranati was silent.

Reyaansh:Please say Pranati.I am not getting peace of mind.Say who Jugnu’s father is.

Suddenly Pranati blasted at him:You are Jugnu’s father.

Reyaansh was stunned.He looked at Jugnu playing.

He became emotional.

Reyaansh:Jugnu is my daughter…

Pranati:Are you not ashamed to claim her as your daughter?You left me alone and went.

Reyaansh became upset.

Reyaansh:Why did you hide this from me?

Pranati:How could I have said this to you when you broke up with me?

Reyaansh:If I had known that you were pregnant,I would not have left you.

Pranati:Enough Reyaansh.It’s my fault to fall in love with you.You know how much I got insulted in public as I am an unmarried mother?The people addressed me by different names.But for my Jugnu I tolerated everything.Even now my parents are dreaming of getting me married to someone to give a surname to Jugnu.Because of you,Jugnu is known as an illegitimate child.

Reyaansh felt guilty that Pranati and Jugnu suffered a lot because of me.He felt very upset.

Pranati:Finally my marriage got fixed with my best friend Kabir.But it was called off as we were not meant for each other.

Reyaansh was in tears.

Reyaansh:I am really sorry Pranati.Because of me,you,our daiughter and your family suffered.Please forgive me.

Pranati:How easily you apologized to me.Can one ‘sorry’ erase the pain you gave me?You cheated me Reyaansh.You pretended to love me.

Reyaansh:No Pranati.I have not cheated you.My love for you was true.

Pranati:Really?Then why did you leave me?

Reyaansh:I had a reason to leave you Pranati.

Pranati:What reason?

After the office hour,in Shivani’s office they celebrated a colleague’s birthday.

Purab went near Shivani.

Purab:You are looking Pretty.


Purab:Shivani,I am straight forward.

Shivani did not understand anything.

Purab:Can i marry you?

Shivani was stunned.

Shivani thought:I had decided to close Purab’s chapter.But he himself proposed me.I can’t believe it.

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