Laal Ishq5..Red Love..VaNi, AvNeil, RiKara, AdiYa SS Part 4

Laal Ishq5..Red love..Part 4

PK and Suman called Kabir and Kavya.
PK:We have decided something.

Suman:We decided to get you both married in public.

Kabir-Kavya were stunned.
PK:Without legal marriage,if Kavya stays here,it’s a shame.Public will make fun of us.So get ready for a wedding.
Kavya was very upset.
Suman:Till you both get married stay in separate rooms.
PK and Suman went to their room.
Kabir looked at Kavya.
Kavya was weeping:I just lost my Vyom. Immediately I have to get married again.What a fate!No woman should have my fate.
Kabir felt upset.
He did not know how to console her.She just walked away.
Veeranshu was drinking a lot.
Flash back…
Veeranshu was shocked to see his girl friend romancing another boy.
Veeranshu could not tolerate it.
Mayuri and her new boy friend Ponky looked at Veeranshu.
Ponky:Hey Veeranshu…chill…
Veer:Such a big betrayal!
Mayuri smirked:What to do Veer?I fell in love with Ponky as he is cute.But I love you too.I love both of you equally.
Ponky:Trust me.I have no problem if Mayuri loves you too.
Veeranshu felt disgusting.
Veeranshu:I never thought that you are so cheap.You are so shameless Mayuri.I hate you.
He walked off.
Veer:Why did you betray me Mayuri?
Suddenly Veeranshu remembered Shivani seeking his help and he insulting her.
Veeranshu felt guilty.
Veer:Why did I do so?I released my anger for Mayuri on Shivani,I have never mixed my professional life with personal life before.I should contact her.But how will I contact her?
Veeranshu stood before the Oberoi Mansion in the evening.Shivani was coming back from her office.She was stunned to see Veeranshu there.He was relieved when he found her there.
Shivani:Why are you here?
Veer:I was waiting for you.
Shivani was stunned:Why?
Veer:You wanted my help.I am willing to help you.
She was surprised.
Shivani:You are not joking.Right?
Veer:No,I am serious.
Shivani:But last day you refused to help me and shouted at me.
Veer:I was frustrated as my girl friend betrayed me.I am sorry for behaving badly with you.
Shivani thought:He was so arrogant.Suddenly he apologized to me.I can’t believe it.What’s his real face?
Shivani:But you said that girls like me have no place in your life as you have a stylish girl friend.
Veer:I was wrong.I thought ..she was perfect for me,but she was not.Anyways..leave it.Tell me why do you want make over now?
Shivani became shy.
Shivani:I like a guy.To impress him I want to change.
Veeranshu smiled.
He thought:I lost my love.If another person gets love because of me,I should help that person.
Shivani was in her office.Surprisingly Purab came near her.
Purab:Hi Shivani…
Shivani:Hi Purab.
Purab:Everyone had food.But only you are skipping food and working.
Shivani:I am dieting.I want to be slim.
Purab:I never thought that you are a type of girl who works out to be slim.
Shivani:You don’t like slim modern girls?
Suddenly he remembered a girl in a modern dress.
Purab:Of course..I like slim modern girls…
Purab remembered a girl with high-heel shoes.
Purab:Modern girls who wear high heels are cute.
Shivani smiled.
Kabir-Kavya’s wedding took place.
At night in the bedroom…
Kabir was feeling weird.Kavya was silent.
Kabir:You don’t need to get tensed Kavya.I will always be your friend…not more than a friend.I will never try to claim you as my wife.
He lowered his eyes.
Kavya:Kabir…you don’t worry whether I will misunderstand you.I will never misunderstand you.I know you very well.I trust you completely.
Kabir-Kavya shared an emotional eye lock.
Arush came running.Suman came after him.
Suman:Arush beta…You sleep with me.Let Kabir and mumma sleep alone.


Kabir-Kavya felt really weird.
Arush:No,I want to sleep with mumma.
Suman:Please don’t be adamant beta.
Kabir caressed Arush’s face and said:Don’t worry Arush.Your daily routine won’t be changed.You can sleep with your mumma.
Arush and Avni became very happy.
Suman became dull.
Suman:But Kabir…
Kabir:Maa please…let Arush stay in this room.
Suman went out of the room.
Arush and Avni hugged each other.
Kabir smiled.
Kabir:Arush…now be a good boy and sleep.
Arush:Ok..good night.


Kabir separated the 2 cots and slept on one.Kavya and Arush slept on the other bed.
Shivani met Veeranshu.
Shivani:I am in a big problem.Can you help me?
Veer:Now what’s your problem?
 Shivani took high heel shoes from the bag and showed him.
Shivani:This is my problem.Purab..I mean the person I like prefers high heel shoes.So I bought a pair.But when I tried walking I am fell down.
Veer smiled.
Veer:You need practice.You will get used to it.
Shivani:Please help me to walk properly.
Veer smiled:You are talking as if you need me to groom you for ramp walk.
Shivani:Ya..I want to walk like a model to impress the person I like.
He giggled:Ok ok.
Shivani wore high heel shoes and walked.

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She started shaking and tripped.She was scared.Suddenly Veeranshu caught her preventing her from falling down.

There isn’t much you can ask
Turn my world around
Love is in your eyes
I’m gonna turn my world around
You’re looking me in the..o o..
Don’t you ever leave and go.. o..

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With a smile he said:Don’t worry.I have held you tight.You are secure in my arms.You have not fallen down.
Tere bina mujhe chain nahi re
Tere bina dil rain nahi re

Slowly she looked at him.They were lost in each other’s eyes.
You’ve stolen my heart away
* when I see you baby
They broke the eye lock.
Veer:You walk slowly.You won’t fall down.
He made her walk again.

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Veer made her wear many modern dresses too.
Veer:You are looking very beautiful.Modern dresses suit you a lot.


She was surprised:Really?
Shivani:Thank you.
He smiled.

Koi nahi samja ye rishta jaaniye
Hai poora hokar bhi ye adhura Heeriye

Tere bina mujhe chain nahi re
Tere bina dil rain nahi re
You’ve stolen my heart away
* when I see you baby

Each time she wore a modern dress,Veeranshu tied her hair in different styles to see which hair style suits her the most.
He was satisfied with all her hair styles.

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Reyaansh was travelling in a car.He saw a just married couple in a temple.
He imagined himself with Pranati in the wedding attire.
He remembered a past moment.
Flash back…
Pranati:Reyaansh,I want to wear a red lehenga for our wedding.
Reyaansh:You started imagining your wedding attire also?
Pranati:Yes.Tell me what you will you wear for our wedding.
Reyaansh:I have no idea.
Pranati:You have no idea.I will choose sherwani for our wedding.
He smiled.
Pranati:But atleast do you have any idea about what I should wear for the wedding?
Pranati pouted.
Reyaansh:Because you look pretty in whatever you wear.
She blushed.They shared a romantic eye lock.
(Credit 4 this edit goes to the unknown editor)



Reyaansh imagined romancing Pranati in the wedding attire.
Reyaansh reached a mall.
Pranati came there with Jugnu.Surprisingly they met Kabir there.
Jugnu:Hi Kabir uncle..
Kabir:Hey Jugnu…How are you?
Jugnu:I am good uncle.
Kabir looked at Pranati:How are you Pranati?
Pranati:I am fine Kabir.How are Kavya and Arush?


Kabir:They are fine.I came here to buy toys for Jugnu.
Pranati:We also came here to buy toys.
They smiled.
Reyaansh saw them.
Reyaansh:Pranati is married and she is a mother too.
Reyaansh was shattered.
He wiped his tears.
Reyaansh:Why should I cry?This is what I wanted.I wanted Pranati to move on and live happily with someone else.And finally it has happened.I should be happy to see Pranati happy with her husband and daughter.



Prem was looking at flowers in a flower shop.Heer also came there.
Both were surprised to see each other.
Heer:What a coincidence that you are also here!
Prem:I am surprised that you are also here.
Heer smiled.
Heer:Destiny is making us meet again and again.
Heer:Did you buy flowers?
Prem:No.Stella used to love flowers a lot.So whenever I come this way,I simply come and look at these flowers.It gives me happiness.
Heer:I also love flowers…especially orchids.I came here to buy orchids.I keep them in my flower vase.
Prem was surprised.
Prem:Orchid was Stella’s favourite too.Even she used to keep orchids in the vase.
Heer:That’s really a surprise.
Suddenly some kids threw a basket of flower petals at each other.
Those flower petals fell over Heer.
Heer enjoyed that moment.Unknowingly Prem was lost in Heer.
Prem thought:Even Stella used to enjoy flower fall.
Prem remembered Stella enjoying the flower fall.



A smile appeared on Prem’s face.
Gracy and David looked at the old Christmas photographs where Stella was also there.
Gracy’s eyes became wet.
Heer sat near them.
Heer:Years passed by.Still Stella’s memories make your eyes tearful.
Gracy:Nothing like that.I just got emotional.When you are with us,it’s like our Stella is with us.We got you after we lost Stella.So you are our Stella.
David:Yes.Just your name and dressing are different.Characterwise there is no difference between you and Stella.
Heer smiled.
David held both Gracy and Heer closer and said:Our family is complete with you.
The trio smiled.




  1. Nice episode so kabir and kavya got married their understanding was good felt bad for veer mayusi broke him that’s why realise his mistake and helping shivani reyansh flaceback was cute so he mistook pranti and kabir as couple you sometimes wrote avni instant of kavya heer prem movement was cute if I am not wrong so heer us Stella na waiting for next episode

    1. Jasminerahul

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