Laal Ishq5..Red Love..VaNi, AvNeil, RiKara, AdiYa Aly Gony-Jasmin SS Part 6

Laal Ishq5..Red love..Part 6
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Reyaansh:Actually I am not a Khurana.I don’t know who my real parents are.I heard that when I was small I was kidnapped by some beggars.A nice man saved me.But he could not trace my real family.So he adopted me.He loved me like his own son.But dadi was rude to me.But I ignored it.But I lost my father during our college days.You know that.Right?

Pranati nodded.

Reyaansh:After that dadi started ill treating me.She spilled out why she always hated me.It is because I am not her real grand son.That time only I realized that I was not a Khurana.That’s why I left you Pranati.

Pranati was shocked.

Pranati:For such a small thing you left me Rey?

Reyaansh:No.Where I have no value,what will be your value?You will be treated 100 percent worse than I get treated.I thought that you will regret marrying me and deciding to live your whole life with me.I thought that instead of living the whole life in pain and insult,it’s better to have pain only during our break up.

Pranati became emotional.

Pranati:You are a fool who thought that if you leave me,I will be happy.Because of what you did not even for a moment I could be happy.

Reyaansh was in tears.

Reyaansh:I realized that now Pranati.I realized that my deed had reverse effect and you suffered too much.Because of me you and Pranati got insulted in society.But I swear…I never expected this and I never wanted this.If I knew about your pregnancy I would not have done that.Trust me Pranati..My intention was not bad..I did that only for your better future.But I never thought that it will turn out to be like this.Please forgive me Pranati.

He fell at her feet.Pranati was shocked as she never expected it.


She made him get up.Her eyes were full of tears.

Reyaansh:Please forgive me Pranati.

Pranati:It is not easy for me to forgive you Rey.But I still love you.I can understand that your intention was not bad and you have not betrayed me.So my anger for you has melted.But if you repeat this foolishness I will slap you.

He smiled tearfully.

Jugnu came back.

Jugnu:Did Uncle make friends with mumma?

Reyaansh:Not uncle..I am your papa.

Jugnu was confused:But mumma said that you are a stranger.

Pranati:Mumma could not recognize your papa.Sorry.He is your papa.

Jugnu got excited:Really?



Reyaansh caressed her emotionally.

Jugnu and Reyaansh hugged each other.Pranati smiled emotionally.She also joined the hug.







Purab went near Shivani.

Purab:You are looking pretty.


Purab:Shivani,I am straight forward.

Shivani did not understand anything.

Purab:Can i marry you?

Shivani was stunned.

Shivani thought:I had decided to close Purab’s chapter.But he himself proposed me.I can’t believe it.


Purab:I was not interested in getting married as I had lost faith in love.But my parents wanted me to get married.I thought that if I find a suitable girl I will marry her.I had been observing you and I felt that you are right girl for me.

Shivani was surprised.

She thought:That means even after I stopped wearing ultra modern clothes and high heel shoes he wants to marry me?

Shivani:But you said that you like very modern girls who wears high heels.

Purab:Actually my ex-girl friend was like that.That’s why I said that.That does’nt mean that I like only such girls.Appearance does not matter to me.

Shivani became very happy.

Purab:Will you marry me?

Shivani became dull.

Shivani:I need to tell  you something.After hearing that you decide whether you want to marry me or not.

Shivani told him about bring a Manglik,his family disowning her and she started living in Veer’s flat.

Purab:I admire your honesty.I trust you and I am not superstitous too.So I will not change my decision.You say your decision.

Shivani blushed:For the first time somebody said that he wants to marry me.Then how can I say ‘no’?It’s yes from my side.

They smiled at each other.






Reyaansh took Pranati and Jugnu to Khurana Mansion.

Baljeet:Who are they?

Reyaansh:My love Pranati and our daughter Jugnu.

Baljeet was shocked.

Baljeet:So this is your girl friend for whom you refused to marry Mallika.

Pranati was stunned to know that Reyaansh refused to get married because of her.

Baljeet:But how did you both reunite?

Reyaansh was silent.

Baljeet:Leave that.But how come you both have a big daughter?

Reyaansh and Pranati could not answer her question.

Baljeet:I understood everything.She was pregnant when you both got separated.Pranati…you know what position unmarried mothers have?

Pranati became upset.Her eyes got welled with tears.

Baljeet:It shows how characterless you are!

Pranati burst into tears.

Reyaansh lost his control and shouted at Baljeet.

Reyaansh:Enough dadi.You kept insulting and taunting me.But I kept quiet as I considered you as my dadi.But if you speak a word against Pranati,I will forget that you are my dadi.

Baljeet blasted at him:You ungrateful boy!We gave you everything even though you were a street boy.Still you raised your voice against me for this characterless lady.

Reyaansh’s eyes turned red due to anger.


Baljeet:How dare you talk like this to me?Till now no one has spoken to me like this.I can’t keep a barking dog with a characterless lady and an illegitimate child here.Till now I tolerated a street boy like you.But now onwards you have no place here.So get out.

Reyaansh:Even I don’t want to stay here where my Pranati and Jugnu have no value.

Baljeet just stared at him.






Pranati brought Reyaansh to her house.Her parents and Prem were stunned.

Pranati told them everything.

They became emotional.

Pranati:We have decided to start a new life together.

Pranati’s mom Vishaka:Finally God heard my prayers.My Pranati got the person she loved.

Reyaansh felt guilty and was not able to face her parents and Prem.

Reyaansh:Please forgive me.I am the wrong doer in your daughter’s life.

Pranati’s father Vivek:I had even cursed you once.But now that you realized your mistake let us forget it and start a new life.You can stay here.

Reyaansh:But how can I stay here?I have to search for a job.

Prem:I can understand your situation.But till you get settled you stay here.

Vivek:Yes.You are sad that you are an orphan.But consider us as your own family.Then you won’t feel bad to stay here.

Reyaansh smiled emotionally.

Vishaka:But their wedding should not be delayed.

Vivek:Exactly.This is the most awaited wedding.

Reyaansh and Pranati smiled at each other.





Reyaansh-Pranati got married.

Mittal family also arrived.

PK blessed Pranati:God bless you.You are a very nice girl.That’s why God returned you your happiness.

Pranati smiled.

Kabir:I am happy that finally you got your Reyaansh back.

Pranati smiled.

Kavya:All the best both of you.

Reyaansh-Pranati:Thank you.

Kavya said in her mind:I was guilty that because of me Pranati lost Kabir.Now only I got guilt free.

Kabir:Reyaansh…no one can love you as much as Pranati loves you.So don’t hurt her again.

Reyaansh:I know that Kabir.I promise that I will never hurt Pranati.

Pranati smiled.





In their room….

Reyaansh looked at Pranati deeply.She became shy.

Reyaansh:As you wished you wore red lehenga for your wedding.

Pranati was surprised.

Pranati:You remember that?

Reyaansh:Yes.I remember whatever you like.

She smiled.

Pranati:Even after our separation you did’nt marry anyone chosen by your dadi.

Reyaansh caressed her face and said:How can I marry someone else?I removed you from my life.But i never removed you from my heart.So I could not imagine sharing my life with anyone else.

Pranati smiled emotionally.

Reyaansh:You looked very pretty in your red lehenga.

She blushed.

He moved closer to her face touching her nose with his

and rubbed her nose with his romantically.

They got into a romantic embrace.

Pranati:Rey…you don’t remember anything about your real family?

Reyaansh:Not at all.But I miss my unseen family.

Reyaansh became emotional.Pranati embraced him to comfort him.





Veeranshu and Shivani were going out.They saw Sahil.Sahil also saw them.Shivani ran towards him.


Sahil:Don’t call me Mamu after what you did.

Shivani got hurt.

Shivani:Please believe me Mamu.

Sahil:If you were true,you would not have started staying with this man.

Shivani became upset.

Veeranshu:She stays with me because she has no other place to live.If you had not left her hands this would not have happened.Please stop blaming me.

Sahil:You don’t try to advise me what to do.An immoral guy like you have no right to advise me.

He walked away.

Veeranshu held Shivani’s hand to comfort her.They looked at Sahil walking away painfully.




Shivani was shedding tears.

Shivani opened her purse and looked at the photograph of her parents Shivay and Anika.

Shivani:Why did you both leave me alone?I miss you both.

Veeranshu wiped her tears.

Veer:Don’t be upset Shivani.One day you will get the happiness you wanted.Think only of Purab now and be happy.

Shivani was silent.





Without others’ knowledge Prem and Heer’s friendship grew.

They met.

Prem informed her about Pranati’s wedding.

Heer:What a surprise!Why did’nt you invite us?

Prem:Sorry.Actually we wanted only a small wedding as it was done in a hurry.

Heer:This is called miracle.Pranati got back the love she never expected to get back.Who expected that she will get back Reyaansh?

He smiled.

Suddenly he became dull.

Prem:Pranati is lucky.But not all are lucky like Pranati.I will not get my lost love back.

Heer could feel Prem’s pain.

Heer:We can’t predict anything Prem.Life is unpredictable.What if miracle happens in your life too?

What if in that accident Stella had not died?What if she returns to your life?

Prem:Then I would be the happiest person in this world.But that is not possible.

Heer:Why not?You never saw Stella’s body.You assumed that she is one of the burnt bodies.What if you were wrong in assuming so?

Prem was stunned.

He thought:Can Heer be right?

Heer:I simply said a’s not that it will happen.

Prem smiled slightly.

Prem:But for a moment i wished that Stella should come back.

Heer looked at him emotionally.





Kabir and Arush watered the plants together.

Arush:Kabir…why do we water plants?

Kabir:Because just like we eat food,plants also need water to survive.

Arush:Water is the food of plants?


Kavya smiled seeing it.





Kavya entered the kitchen to cook.

Kabir came there.

Kabir:Kavya,today is off for you.Today I will cook.

Kavya was surprised.

Kavya:Are you sure?

Kabir:You know my cooking skill.You and Vyom have always appreciated my cooking skill.Right?

She smiled.

While cooking something fell in his eyes.



Kavya held his face and blew air in his eyes.


Kavya:Are you ok now?


Kabir:Yes,I am.

She smiled.



After cooking Kabir served food to everyone.

Kabir:Arush,you say did you like my food?

Arush:It is yummy.

Everyone smiled.

Kabir:I made this specially for you as it’s your favourite food.

Arush:How do you cook so well Kabir?

Kabir:It’s a magic.

Arush:Magic!I did’nt know that Kabir is a magician.Will you teach me magic?

Kabir:When the right time comes I will teach you magic.

Everyone laughed.

Kavya thought:Kabir loves Arush just like Vyom loved him.

Kavya smiled.




Sahil looked at Shivani’s photograph and said:Happy birthday Shivani.

He wiped his wet eyes.

Meera saw it and went near him.He hid the photograph.

Meera:If you love her so much,why don’t you forget your ego and bring her here?We could have celebrated her birthday.

Sahil:No.I can’t forgive her after what she did.

Meera became upset.


Shivani got a phone call from Naintara.

Naintara:Happy birthday di.

Shivani:Thank you Naintara.I miss you.

Naintara:I miss you too di.My marriage is fixed.Papa agreed to conduct our wedding.

Shivani:That’s a happy news.

Naintara:For me you spoiled your life.My happiness is your sacrifice di.

Shivani:Don’t think like that.Be happy.

Naintara:Di,will you come for my wedding?

Shivani became upset.

Shivani:Mamu won’t like it.So from a far distance I will watch your wedding.

Naintara smiled tearfully.





Shivani took bath and came.She was surprised to see a dress and ornaments on the bed.

She saw a note:Wear this and come.

Shivani wore them and went out of the room.

Veeranshu:Happy birthday Shivani.

Shivani was surprised:You know that today is my birthday?

Veer:Yes.Naintara told me.

She smiled.

Veer:Cut the cake.

Shivani cut the cake and fed it to him.He fed her back.

He started singing.She smiled.

Maine jise abhi abhi dekha hai
Kaun hai voh anjaani
Use jitna dekhoon utna sochoon
Kya use main keh doon, hit it!
(Maine jise abhi abhi dekha hai
Kaun hai voh anjaani) – 2
Voh hai koi kali ya koi kiran
Ya hai koi kahaani
Use jitna dekhoon utna sochoon
Kya use main keh doon
Pretty woman, hey
Pretty woman, dekho dekho na pretty woman
Pretty woman, dekhte ho na pretty woman
Pretty woman, tum bhi kaho na pretty woman
Ho maine jise abhi abhi dekha hai



Kaun hai voh anjaani
Voh hai koi kali ya koi kiran
Ya hai koi kahaani
Use jitna dekhoon utna sochoon
Kya use main keh doon
Pretty woman, dekho dekho na pretty woman
Pretty woman, dekhte ho na pretty woman
Pretty woman, tum bhi kaho na oh pretty woman

Yo pretty woman!
Listen up girl why you feel this way
Don’t you see the sunshine comin out today
You gotta feel it right just like day after night
Don’t let the sunshine out of your sight
Cause I can feel you here can you feel me
When I say that I can feel you here
Can you feel me here when I say
I’m crazy about you pretty woman!

Sone ka rang hai, sheeshe ka ang hai
Jo dekhe dang hai kya kahoon
Hairaan main bhi hoon
Yeh kya andaaz hai, itna kyoon naaz hai
Is mein kya raaz hai kya kahoon
Ho, voh to pal mein khush hai pal mein khafa
Badle voh rang har ghadi
Par jo bhi dekhoon roop uska
Lagti hai pyaari badi
Use jitna dekhoon utna sochoon
Kya use main keh doon, pretty woman
Pretty woman, dekho dekho na pretty woman
Pretty woman, dekhte ho na pretty woman
Pretty woman, tum bhi kaho na pretty woman
Ho aankhon mein hai nasha, zulfon mein hai ghata
Pehle humne ada yeh haseen dekhi na thi kahin
Dekhi jo yeh pari masti dil mein bhari
Hai yeh jaadugari ya nahin
Ho, na to jaanoon kya hai naam na jaanoon main pata
Par itna hai maine jaana
Jise dekh le ek nazar bharke
Usko kar de voh deewaana
Use jitna dekhoon utna sochoon
Kya use main keh doon
(Pretty woman, dekho dekho na pretty woman
Pretty woman, dekhte ho na pretty woman
Pretty woman, tum bhi kaho na oh pretty woman) – 2(Kal ho na ho).





Romi and Naintara got married.She was still gloomy.

Romi:Why are you looking sad Naintara?We got married.You wanted this since long.Right?

Naintara:I wish Shivani di was here.


Romi:I understand your pain.But your dad is too strict.

Suddenly Naintara saw Shivani.

Shivani waved her hand at her from a far distance.

Naintara smiled emotionally.She became very happy.

“Shivani di”.

Romi also saw Shivani and smiled.

Romi:Now you are happy?

Naintara:I am very happy.





Purab took Shivani home to introduce her to his parents.

Purab’s mother Chanchal ordered the servant to make tea.

Shivani:I will make tea for all of you.

Chanchal and her husband Niranjan smiled.Shivani went to the kitchen.

Chanchal:Such a nice girl.

Niranjan:Very responsible too.

Shivani started making tea.Purab came there.

Purab:Shivani,don’t do anything.There are servants to do this.

Shivani:But I love to do this for my family.

Purab smiled.

After making tea,Shivani served tea to Purab and his parents.

Niranjan:Really nice.

Shivani smiled.

Chanchal:Yes.It’s really nice.Purab…this time your selection is good.We were worried whether your new relationship will be like your previous relationship.

Purab became dull which was noticed by Shivani.




Purab and Shivani started dating in full swing.Veeranshu was their biggest support.

He arranged their dinner date.

Seeing them feeding each other,



he felt jealous.

Yaadon ki kaid mein
Giraftaar ho gaya dil
Darbadar ishq mein
Thar thar ho gaya dil (x2)

Bewaja nahi milna tera mera
Rehnuma.. rehnuma.. rehnuma
Bewaja nahi milna tera mera
Rehnuma.. rehnuma.. rehnuma

Seeing Purab and Shivani going out on a date

unknowingly Veeranshu got disturbed.

Yaadon ki qaid mein
Giraftaar ho gaya dil
Darbadar ishq mein
Thar thar ho gaya dil

Bewajah nahi milna tera mera
Rehnuma.. rehnuma.. rehnuma
Bewajah nahi milna tera mera
Rehnuma.. rehnuma.. rehnuma




Two months passed by…

Reyaansh got a job.



Veeranshu,Purab and Shivani went for engagement shopping.

Veer:Purab,you choose the dress for Shivani.She will be satisfied only if you select for her.

Shivani:Ya…because you only know how to select good ones.

Purab:Ok.But you should choose for me too.



Purab:No excuse.

She smiled:Ok..

Purab and Shivani selected a dress for each other.

Purab:Your choice is the best.

Shivani:Your selection is the best for me.

They smiled.

Veeranshu was staring at them.

Kisi aur ko tu chaahe
Kisi aur ko tu soche
Is dil ko nahi yeh gawara hain
Furqat ka sharara hai
Kaisa angara hai
Teri tishnagi ne mujhe mara hain

Bewajah nahi milna tera mera
Rehnuma.. rehnuma.. rehnuma
Bewajah nahi milna tera mera
Rehnuma.. rehnuma.. rehnuma

Purab and Shivani bought rings for the engagement.

Purab and Shivani smiled at each other.Shivani was blushing when Purab was smiling at her.

Seeing that Veeranshu’s heart was pricked unknowingly.

Rahein saath adhurapan
Chaahe main jahan bhi rahoon
Kahin sabr na mujhe aata hai
Meri berang duniya mein
Mere saath tera hona
Mujhe rahat kyun de jaata hai

Bewaja nahi milna tera mera
Rehnuma.. rehnuma.. rehnuma
Bewaja nahi milna tera mera
Rehnuma.. rehnuma.. rehnuma




Shivani went near Purab.

Shivani:Our engagement day is getting nearer.But I find you gloomy.Are you not happy with our engagement?

Purab became upset.

Purab smiled holding her hand:Nothing like that.


Shivani:But I feel that something is bothering you.

Purab:It’s just that my past is haunting me.


Purab:I got betrayed in my previous relationship.But I could never remove her from my heart.I don’t know why.I am worried about that.

Shivani became upset.

Shivani:Even though you proposed me that was only because you wanted a girl to get married to make your parents happy.You don’t love me.So you are free to end our relationship.

Purab:No Shivani.You are a nice girl.I am sure that after marriage slowly slowly I will start loving you.I want to move on from my past which gave me only pain.


Shivani smiled slightly.

She thought:Why do I feel an unknown fear that something unpleasant is going to happen?



Purab-Shivani’s engagement function….

Purab-Shivani danced together.

Veeranshu became dull seeing Shivani dancing so close with Purab.

Veeranshu imagined dancing with Shivani.



Yaadon ki kaid mein
Giraftaar ho gaya dil
Darbadar ishq mein
Thar thar ho gaya dil

Bewajah nahi milna tera mera
Rehnuma.. rehnuma.. rehnuma
Bewajah nahi milna tera mera
Rehnuma.. rehnuma.. rehnuma

Suddenly he came back to senses and thought:Oh no…how could I see myself in place of Purab with Shivani?What is happening to me?

I always wanted Shivani and Purab together and I helped her to unite with Purab.Then why I am feeling insecure?Why I feel a strange feeling seeing them together?Why I feel a fear that I will lose Shivani?No…Shivani will be always my friend and I will not lose my friend.

Bewajah nahi milna tera mera
Rehnuma.. rehnuma.. rehnuma
Bewajah nahi milna tera mera
Rehnuma.. rehnuma.. rehnuma(Sanam teri kasam).

Veeranshu,Shivani and Purab clicked pictures together.


Purab and Shivani got ready to exchange rings.

Purab’s finger shivered as he remembered his past and became upset.He controlled his emotions and tried to put ring on Shivani’s finger.

Suddenly they heard a voice.

“Stop it.This engagement should not take place”.


All were shocked.

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