Laal Ishq3..Red Love…RoSId,DhEera,TanShi,SamAya,Siddharth Puri-Helly Shah SS Part 11

Laal Ishq3…Red Love… Part 11

It was Vikram who saved Annie.
Arjun held his hand:I can’t thank you enough for saving my Annie.
Vikram:I got enough thanks from all of you.Your dad is a beast.He is my all time enemy.I could get peace only if he gets punished.So I stalked him and I saw him going with Annie who was a stranger to me.I was shocked to see the crime.Without his knowledge I took it’s video with my phone.I saved Annie.But I waited for Annie to be alright to expose your dad.
Arjun:So glad that you took the video.Now he can’t escape.Can you show me the video?
Maan:Vikram sent the copy to me and Geet too.I will sent you the video to you too.
Geet brought the phone and gave it to Maan.
Geet:Send him the copy Maan.We should save as many as copies as possible.So that if one video gets destroyed someone else will have it’s copy.
Maan:You are right Geet.

Maan sent him the video and Arjun saw the video angrily.
Arjun:How dare he do this cruelly to Annie?
Arjun:By the way said my dad is your enemy.How?
Vikram said tearfully:Because of him I lost everything including happiness and peace.

Vikram told how Swayam tried to molest his mother and how he ended up killing his own mother instead of Swayam.Yes,it’s Swayam Khanna who was Vikram’s father’s friend who tried to molest his mother.
All were shocked and teary eyed.
Arjun:Never thought that my dad was so cheap.He deserves the worst punishment.
Maan:Yes,he should suffer.
Annie looked at Arjun emotionally:Arjun..I know that you are in extreme pain after knowing your father’s reality.

Arjun:May be.But now I have no feelings for him.So I am ok Annie.

Annie held his hand:I am with you Arjun.
They shared an emotional eye lock.

Anushka:Papa…do you know him?

Prem:Yes.Yuvraj is right.He was Siddhanth’s business partner.

Simar:His name is Swayam Khanna.We should not leave him.But we don’t know where he is now.

Sharman:I think I have heard this name I got it.Siya’s favourite singer is Arjun Khanna.To surprise Siya by taking her for Arjun’s concert I had checked his wikipedia to know the details.There I had read that Arjun is Swayam Khanna’s son.So I know where he stays.

Yuvraj:Thank God.
Sharman:Thank God?Say thanks Sharman as I only gave you the details.
Yuvraj:Yes bro.You are a genius.
Sharman:Yes I am.

Ishita was thinking of her last moment with Subbu.

Flash back….

Subbu:Ishu…promise me that you will unite Tanuja and Rishi after i pass away.
Ishita became upset:What are you saying Subbu?I am not only your best friend but also your doctor.I am trying my best to save my best friend’s wife and you are talking about dying?
Subbu:Ishu… I know very well that my last days are near.You know that better than me.But you are hiding it from me to not make me upset.
Ishita was upset.
Subbu:Just tell me if you can unite Rishi and Tanuja or not?So that i can die peacefully.

Ishita held his hand painfully.
Ishi:Yes Subbu..I promise that i will unite Rishi and Tanuja.
Subbu smiled tearfully:Thank you Ishu.
Ishita was very sad.


Ishita:And you left Subbu.That was our last interaction.I have to keep up my promise.Rishi has to live.
Tanuja reached the hospital.
Tanu:Ishita…how is Rishi?
Ishita:Everything is in God’s hands.Raman is attending Rishi’s case.
Tanu:Dr.Raman will save Rishi.Right?
Ishita:I hope God will help Raman to save Rishi.
Tanuja was tensed.
Ishita: Subbu was my best friend since childhood .So I tried my level best to save his life.But i failed in treating him.We lost him.Before going away Subbu had asked me to unite you with Rishi.
Tanuja looked at Ishita emotionally.
Ishita:But you were adamant that you won’t accept Rishi though your father who was against you marrying Rishi before wants you to marry Rishi now.So I could’nt fulfil Subbu’s last wish.But still I hoped that one day I will be able to fulfil Subbu’s last wish.I want Rishi to recover and marry you.
Tanu:My father wants me to marry Rishi only because no one else wants to marry a widow like me. I refused to marry Rishi because I don’t want him to marry a widow like me.

Ishita:Widow?So what?In which generation do you live?
Tanuja was silent.
Raman came out after the operation.
Tanuja:Dr.Raman…How is Rishi?
Raman was silent.
Ishita:Tell Raman,is Rishi alright?
Raman:I tried my level best.Let him regain consciousness.

After some time…..
Raman:Rishi regained consciousness.
Ishita and Tanuja are very happy.
Raman:But still his condition is not that good.It’s like he does’nt want to be better…like he does’nt want to live.
Tanuja became upset.
Ishita:Only if there is a reason to live we will feel like living.Only if there is some one to love us we will feel like living.Rishi has no one to love him as you ignore his love completely.Then how will he feel like living?
Tanuja’s tears rolled down his cheeks.
Tanuja went near Rishi.He was sleeping.

She caressed his head emotionally.

Har ghadi badal rahi hai roop zindagi
Chaanv hai kabhi kabhi hai dhoop zindagi
Har pal yahan jee bhar jiyo
Jo hai samaa kal ho naa ho

Her tears fell on his face.
Rishi looked at her painfully:Tanuja…you came…

Tanuja wept.

Har ghadi badal rahi hai roop zindagi
Chaanv hai kabhi kabhi hai dhoop zindagi
Har pal yahan jee bhar jiyo
Jo hai samaa kal ho naa ho

He smiled tearfully:I am happy that finally you came to me.Now I can die peacefully.
Tanu:No Rishi…you won’t die.You will live.

Chaahe jo tumhe poore dil se
Milta hai woh mushkil se
Aisa jo koi kahin hai
Bas vahi sabse hasin hai

Rishi:Why should I live Tanuja?
Tanu:For me…you will live for me.
Rishi could’nt believe it.

Us haath ko tum thaam lo
Woh meherbaan kal ho na ho
Har pal yahan jee bhar jiyo
Jo hai sama kal ho na ho

Tanuja shed tears:I love you Rishi and I want you.
Rishi smiled tearfully.

Palko ke leke saaye
Paas koi jo aaye
Lakh sambhalo paagal dil ko
Dil dhadke hi jaaye

They shared an emotional eye lock.

Par sochlo is pal hai jo
Woh dastan kal ho na ho
Har pal yahan jee bhar jiyo
Jo hai sama kal ho na ho
Har pal yahan jee bhar jiyo
Jo hai sama kal ho na ho(Kal ho na ho).

Raman and Ishita watched it smiling.
Ishita:Subbu’s last wish is fulfilled.

Raman:Now Tanuja has expressed her love to Rishi.So Rishi will recover fast.

They smiled.

Swayam was shocked to see Arjun entering home holding Annie’s hands.
Arjun and Annie smirked.
Annie:You are shocked to see me alive.Right Uncle?Arjun’s love saved my life Uncle.
Arjun:You have one more surprise dad.

Cops surrounded him.Swayam was shocked when he got arrested.Prem Simar Yuvraj Anushka Sharman who reached there was shocked to see him being taken by the police.
Swayam was shocked to see them.Prem Simar looked at him angrily.

Prem:So you remember us.We trusted you a lot and you betrayed us cruelly?

Swayam thought:So as I feared Yuvraj and Anushka informed them that I only killed them.
Anushka and Yuvraj were surprised to see Vikram there,Vikram too was surprised. come you are here?
Vikram:This blo*dy rascal only destroyed our lives.He only tortured my mother and I lost my mother.
They were shocked.
Swayam looked at Vikram shockingly.
Vikram:I am the same Vikram.Do you remember me?I am the son of Raghu and Megha.
Swayam was shocked.
Vikram:I had only one dream in my life.Your destruction.That is happening now.

Swayam controlled his anger.
Prem:Inspector…why he is being arrested now?
Inspector:He tried to kill his son’s girl friend.
Arjun held Annie closer and said:He tried to kill my beloved.
They were shocked.

Simar:Shame on you Swayam.You are such a big criminal.

Simar slapped him.
Simar:You deserve more than thisYou deserve death.
Inspector:Ma’am ….what are you doing?
Prem:Anyone who is in my wife’s position will do this only.Infact more than this.
Prem slapped Swayam.
Inspector:What are you guys going?
Yuvraj pulled Swayam’s collar:You killed us already.Then now again you tried to kill us.Right?
Anushka:That won’t happen in this life.

Inspector:What are you guys saying?
Prem:This blo*dy criminal only killed my brother and wife.He deserves the worst punishment.
Inspector looked at Swayam:Is this true?
The inspector pointed the gun at him:Tell the truth.
Swayam admitted it hesitatingly:Yes,I only killed Siddhanth and Roli.
Inspector:You did so many crimes.You will get the worse punishment now.
They dragged him to the police jeep.

Anjali was shocked to know this from Prem Simar and Anushka.
Anjali:Never thought that the person who destroyed Vikram’s life only caused the biggest tragedy in our family.Pathetic.

Anushka:Even I was shocked to know he was connected to Vikram.

Dharam told Anjali:Anjali…why don’t we go for a picnic?

Anj:Cool idea bade papa.

Dharam:Then call your friends too.
Anj:Sure bade papa.

Dharam thought:In that name I can speak to Meera.

Meera was excited to go for the picnic with  Bharadwaj family.
Meera:I can spend time with Dharmji.

Meera dressed well for the picnic.
All of them got inside in different cars.Accidentally Dharam and Meera sat close to each other.
They shared a cute eye lock.
Prem and Simar made castles on the sand.
Anushka and Anjali laughed:Still both of you behave like lovers.
Prem Simar blushed.
Nirmala:They are still madly in love with each other.

Prem Simar blushed.
Simar:Mataji…you too.

Nirmala:See how shy you both are.
Everyone giggled including Rajendra and Sujata.

Anjali Anushka Sanskar Kumari decided to play volleyball.Sanskar made all the arrangements.
Sanskar:Meera…you too join us.
Meera:No Sanskar.I am not in a mood to play.
Sanskar:How can you tell like that?
Meera:Please Sanskar…you guys play.
Sanskar Kumari bumped into each other.
Sans:Oh…you hit me.
Kumari:What?Me?No.You hit me.

Anjali:Stop it guys and play.

Anushka:Ya..right.Fighting like silly kids.We are here to enjoy.Not to waste time in stupid fights.

Sanskar Kumari were embarrassed.
They were playing volley ball.

Dharam was sitting on the sand.
Dharam:I have to talk to Meera.
Suddenly Meera came and sat near him.
Meera smiled at him.
Dharam:Meera…please try to understand that I am not fit for you.My one leg is in the grave.
Meera:You are not that old.
Dharam:But in middle age one’s life has no guarantee.
Meera said emotionally:But I don’t care.Even if I will be able to live as your wife only for one day I will be happy.

Dharam was touched by her words.
Meera:One day you will understand my love.I will wait for that day.
Dharam looked at her emotionally.

All of them enjoyed in the beach letting themselves wet in the sea water.
After that they took photographs in the beach.

Antara came wearing a red gown for the ball room dance party.
Druv was lost in her beauty. look like a fairy tale movie heroine.
She blushed:Thank you handsome.

She held his hand and they both left for the party.
They danced together.

Ek Din ..Ek Din Teri Raahon
Baahoon Mein Panaahon Mein
Aungaa Khojaunga
Ek Din Tera Ho Jaunga
Ek Din ..Ek Din Teri Raahon
Baahoon Mein Panaahon Mein
Aungaa Khojaunga
Ek Din Tera Ho Jaunga

Yeh Dil To Na Keh Yeh Baatein
Dil To Na Keh Saka
Yeh Dil To Na Keh Yeh Baatein
Dil To Na Keh Saka

Tu Jaane Na Tu
Chaahat Meri Kitni Betaab Hai
Tu Jaane Na Tu
Chaahat Meri Kitni Betaab Hai
Ho Jo Barso Meri Palkon Mein Tha
Tu Wohi Khwaab Hai

Har Ghadi Har Ghadi Yaadoon Mein
Vaadon Mein Iradon Mein
Aungaa Khojaunga
Ek Din Tera Ho Jaunga
Har Ghadi Har Ghadi Yaadoon Mein
Vaadon Mein Iradon Mein
Aungaa Khojaunga
Ek Din Tera Ho Jaunga

Yeh Dil To Na Keh Yeh Baatein
Dil To Na Keh Saka
Yeh Dil To Na Keh Yeh Baatein
Dil To Na Keh Saka
Yeh Jhukti Nazar
Jaane Jigar Hosh Lejati Hai

Yeh Jhukti Nazar
Jaane Jigar Hosh Lejati Hai
Mein Kaise Kahon
Ek Ajnabi Dard Dejati Hai

Chupke Se Chupke Se Teri Neeedon Mein
Khwaabon Mein Khayalon Mein
Chaaunga Khojunga
Ek Din ..Ek Din Teri Raahon
Baahoon Mein Panaahon Mein
Aungaa Khojaunga
Ek Din Tera Ho Jaunga

Ek Din ..Ek Din Teri Raahon
Baahoon Mein Panaahon Mein
Aungaa Khojaunga
Ek Din Tera Ho Jaunga
Yeh Dil To Na Keh Yeh Baatein
Dil To Na Keh Saka
Yeh Dil To Na Keh Yeh Baatein
Dil To Na Keh Saka
Yeh Dil To Na Keh Yeh Baatein
Dil To Na Keh Saka
Yeh Dil To Na Keh Yeh Baatein
Dil To Na Keh Saka.(Naqaab).

After the dance icecream was served.
They were having icecream.
Antara giggled seeing icecream drops on Druv’s lips.
Druv:Why are you laughing?

Ant:Seeing your icecream lips I can’t stop laughing.

Druv:Why don’t you have icecream from my lips like a romantic girl friend?
Ant:Naughty shameless boy.
He giggled.
She wiped icecream from his lips with her fingers.
They shared an intense eye lock.

They broke the eye lock.
Ant:Now stop flirting and continue having icecream.
They both giggled.

Manav Archana Shravan Siya were there in the hall.
Manav:I have a happy news for you Siya.
Siya:What’s that papa?
Manav:We have found a good guy for you.His name is Karan.
Archana:He is a computer engineer.

Siya and Sharman became dull.
Siya:Marriage?But why papa?
Archana:Why means?Are you going to remain single forever?
Siya:No.But so fast.
Archana:Not fast Siya.You are in the correct age to get married.
Manav:Tell me is it fine for you to get married?Only if you agree we will tell Karan and Family to come here.
Siya was silent.
Sharman thought:Siya getting married?

Manav:What do you say Sharman?
Sharman gave a pale smile:If Siya is fine with marriage it will be nice. say something.
Siya:I know you all are worried about my marriage as once all wedding plans got foiled.
This time I won’t give any tension.I am ready to marry anyone who is chosen by papa mumma.

Sharman felt an unknown pain in his mind.
Manav:Don’t you want to see his photo Siya?
Siya:No papa.I know that you will choose the best person for me.
Manav and Archana smiled.

Manav Archana in the room….

Archana:Manav…Siya agreed to get married.But I did’nt find her happy.I don’t know if her past is haunting her.
Manav:No Archana.Siya has completely come out of her past.This is something else.

Arch:You mean Sharman….?
Manav:Sharman was so excited when we discussed about Siya’s marriage with Druv.But this time he did’nt show any excitement.He was silent.
Arch:Ya..right.If they both love each other like we think why are they doing it?Why can’t they tell that openly?
Manav:May be they both are not sure of it.’s generation is really confusing.I think we need to wait more before taking a decision.
Manav:You are right Archana.

Anjali went near Vikram.
Anj:Vikram…can you give me a lift?My car got punctured.
Anjali smiled.
Suddenly Kumari came:Anjali…why did you leave your car simply?Why are you not taking it?
Vikram:It got punctured.
Kumari:Who told you?We just started now.But not seeing Anjali around only I came here.Anushka was searching for you.
Anjali got embarrassed.
Anj:You go.I will come later.Tell Anushka to take the car.I have an important work.
Kumari went away.Vikram stared at Anjali.
Vik:Why did you lie?

Anj:You are ignoring me.To seek your attention I had no other option.

Vik:Why are you trying to grab my attention.To make fun of me?Don’t try to come near me.
Vikram tried to go away angrily.Anjali became upset.
Suddenly Anjali said:Vikram..I love you.
Vikram was shocked.He looked at her in disbelief.

Khamoshiyan aawaaz hain
Tum sun’ne to aao kabhi
Chhukar tumhe khill jaayengi
Ghar inko bulaao kabhi

Vik:What the hell!You are again teasing me?What are you going to gain out of it?
Anj:I am serious.I really love you.

Beqarar hain baat karne ko
Kehne do inko zaraa..


Vik:Just because I helped you, like the heroines of films you are getting attracted towards me?Do you know anything about me?If you know about my past you will hate me.
Anj:I know everything Vikram.I know in what circumstance you killed your mother.You tried to save your mother.Then why should I hate you?

Khamoshiyan.. teri meri khamoshiyan
Khamoshiyan.. lipti hui khamoshiyan

Vikram was shocked.
Anj:After knowing everything also I love you.
Vikram looked at her emotionally.

Kya uss gali mein kabhi tera jaana hua
Jahaan se zamaane ko guzre zamaana hua
Mera samay toh wahin pe hai thehra hua
Bataaun tumhe kya mere sath kya kya hua

Anj:You don’t need to be guilty Vikram.You have not done any mistake.It’s bad luck that it happened though you tried to save her.Let society say anything.You just ignore it.You give attention only to the people who love you.Your dadi..and me.Then trust teasing and taunt will hurt you.You will live happening in your own world of love.Vikram..tell me…do you love me?

Khamoshiyan.. teri meri khamoshiyan
Khamoshiyan.. lipti hui khamoshiyan(K

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