Laal Ishq FF – MATSH, SNS, YHM, Swararagini, Saraswatichandra Part 10 (Diwali Special)

Laal Ishq..Red Love…Part 10
Dedicated to coolhi1988 for giving a jodi name to Dharam Durga-dharga.Dedicated to Piyali who wants RaJi scene and their dance.Dedicated to Hansa,Divyaruhi,divanfanS who were unhappy that in the last part Ishra part was really short.Dedicate this to Piyali and Yashfeen who want more of Samud.

Gaura arranged a party in happiness of getting Durga back on the day of Diwali.
Gaura:The party should be so grand that nobody should forget it.
Shravan and Vidya smiled:Yes Dadi.

The party arrangements were going on.

Shravan was looking for Vidya.
Sh:Where is Vidya?
Suddenly his eyes struck on Vidya who was lighting lamps.

Vidya saw Shravan and smiled.
He went near her.
Sh:Vidya..this ghagra choli you are wearing..I mean this was what you were wearing when I first saw you.
Vidya smiled cheerfully:Yes Shravan.Your memory power is too sharp.
Sh:How can I forget this ghagra?Because this is when I fell for you first time.
Vidya could’nt believe it:What did you say?

Sh:Yes Vidya,I never told you that before.But actually it was love at first sight for me.You were looking gorgeous in this outfit.
Vidya was surprised.
Sh:So when dadi told me about your alliance I was very happy and surprised.But because of inner turmoil I could’nt express it.But seeing you again in the same appearance I felt nostalgic and shared my feelings with you.
Vidya was very happy:Wish that day had come again and you had confessed your love at first sight that moment itself.
Sh:Then shall we recreate that scene as you are wearing the same ghagra.
V:Yes sure.I would be glad if you…
Shravan looked at her deeply.

Sh:This is how I looked at you that day which you never noticed.
She blushed.
Vidya :Wish I had seen you stare at me like this that day itself.Then I would have spent the next few years happily feeling that you are fond of me.But I was so confused about your feelings and so I was tensed about your reply when our proposal came.
He smiled:I was happy knowing that you were fine with our alliance.
Sh:Vidya…let us go back to our 1st meeting again.
She smiled:Yes.
Shravan looked at her romantically.
V:Hey..why are you looking at me like this Mr.Shravan Suryavanshi?

Sh:You look so beautiful that I can’t take my eyes off you.
She blushed.
Sh:Miss Vidya Modi..I think I have fallen in love with you.
She blushed:So fast? at first sight.
V:Don’t you think it’s a bit too filmy?

Sh:When our life becomes beautiful and romantic like a film love too becomes filmy.
They both giggled.
V:Thank you so much Shravan for recreating that day for me.
Sh:I did for myself too Vidya.The feelings which I did’nt express that day due to awkwardness.

They smiled.
Sh:Let us take the selfee of this precious moment.

They posed together and took a selfie.

Modis were getting ready to go for the Diwali party.

Samar was surprised to see Monica in a traditional saree and jewellery.
Samar:I am surprised to see you this way.
Monica:Today is Diwali.So I thought I will wear something traditional.Is’nt it suiting me?
Samar:To be frank I did’nt know that you can look so beautiful in traditional look.
Monica became very happy.

Sona wore designer saree with a stylish hairstyle and accessories which went well with the saree.
Sahir was mesmerized by her looks.
Sahir:During courtship too I did’nt realize that you were this beautiful.

Sona smiled:Means my pati dev had eye problem that time.Now eye sight is good.
They both laughed.

Modis arrived the Suryavanshi house.
Durga was excited:My son’s in laws have come.
Dharam and Durga welcomed them by wishing ‘Happy Diwali’.

Shravan Vidya welcomed them with diyas:Welcome to the grand celebration of Diwali.

Sh:You all are going to enjoy this Diwali party a lot.

Gaura:Shravan said right.
Modis wished them back:Happy Diwali to you all.
Kokila:We are very happy finally you reached back safe Durga.

Durga:It’s because of your grand daughter Vidya Kokila kaki.
Ahem,Jigar,Rashi,Samar,Sahir,Gopi,Hetal,Parag,Chirag gave a pale smile.
Durga looked at Gopi:You have given nice culture and values to your daughter Gopi.
Gopi smiled.
Durga:I heard that Vidya has an elder sister.Where is she?
Slowly Meera came from behind.Durga was shocked to see her.
Meera:Namaste Durgaji.
Durga shivered:Namaste…
Meera and Dharam looked at each other emotionally.

Suna suna lamha lamha meree raahe tanha tanha
Aakar mujhe tum tham lo, manjil teree dekhe rasta

Her eyes told him:I miss you Dharam.But I am happy that atleast I could see you today.

Mud ke jara abb dekh lo, aisa milan phir ho na ho
Sab kuchh meraa tum hee toh ho

Dharam replied in his mind:I know what your eyes are speaking Meera.Like you I am also missing you very badly.But I am helpless.Please forgive me.But seeing you I can’t tell you how happy I am.

Bapanah pyar hai aaja, teraa intejar hai aaja
O bapanah pyar hai aaja, teraa intejar hai aaja

Vidya and Durga watched it and felt sad.
Meera and Dharam parted ways painfully.

Suna suna lamha lamha, meree raahe tanha tanha( Krishna Cottage)

They all celebrated Diwali with lights and having sweets.They blasted fire crackers too.

When they burst fire crackers they howled:Happy Diwali..

Gaura:It’s an auspicious occasion.Why don’t we have music and dance?
Kokila:Sure Kokila.
Gaura:Then let us start the entertaining items with our own dance Koyili..
Kok:What are you saying Gaura?
Gaura:Why?We used to dance a lot in our younger days.Right?Are you shy to dance before your son,daughter in law and grand children?
Kokila smiled.
Gopi:Maaji..please dance with Gaura maasi.
Ahem:Yes mom.

Vidya-Meera,Samar Sahir:Please please dance..
Koki:Ok..I will..
Gaura:Wah..when Paragji said only you agreed to dance.
Everybody laughed.Parag and Kokila became shy.
All of them got dressed up to dance.
Kokila and Gaura danced.

yeh dolaa… re…
Dola Re Dola Re Dola Re Dola
Haye Dola Dil Dola Mann Dola Re Dola(Devdas).

Gopi hugged dance so well.
Ahem:Gopi is right mom.You danced well.
Parag: My Koki always dances well.
Kokila blushed:Thank you.
Durga:You too danced well Maaji.
Dharam:Right.You too rocked along with kokila maasi.
Gaura smiled.

Ahem-Gopi,Shravan Vidya,Jigar-Rashi,Samar Monica,Sahir Sona danced.

Dhoom Taana Ta Dum Ta Na Na Na
Dhoom Taana Ta Dum Ta Na Na Na
Dhoom Taana Dhir Na Dhir Nana Patekar… (2)

Kaise, Naino Se Nain Milao Sajna
Kaise, Mein Aise Na Ghabrao Sajna
Kaise, Aaye Na Kaise Mohe Laaj Sajna
Choona Na Dehko Mohe Aaj Sajna

Dhoom Taana Ta Dum Ta Na Na Na
Dhoom Taana Ta Dum Ta Na Na Na
Dhoom Taana Dhir Na Dhir Na

Mrignaine Tu Na Jane, Prem Kitna Mere Maan Mein Hai
Yeh Bechaine Maangthi Hai, Roop Jo Tere Yovan Mein Hai
Tera Phool Sa Hai Aang, Tere Aang Mein Hai Rang

Tere Rang Ke Mein Sang Gori Ye
Tere Rang Mein Hai Roop, Tere Roop Mein Hai Dhoop
Tere Dhoop Hai Anoop, Gori Ye
Sajna Se Kahe Aaye Laaj Sajni
Choone De Aang Mohe Aaj Sajni

Jigar was staring at Rashi.
Rashi:Jigarji..why are you staring at me?During the dance too you were staring at me.
Jig:Today in this ghagra choli you are looking so young and pretty that I could’nt take my eyes off you.
She blushed:Me too felt that you were looking young and handsome.
He smiled.They shared a sweet eye lock. both too dance.
Dharam Durga became dull.Dharam-Meera looked at each other painfully.Durga noticed it.
She thought:I know don’t want to dance with me.Your mind is in Meera.You want to dance with her.
Dharam:Ok..Let us dance Durga.
Durga was surprised.
Dharam-Durga started dancing.

Meri Makhna, Meri Soniye, Chand Bliye…(2)
Soni Teri Chaal Sonive, Lagdi Kamaal Sonive…(2)

Meera found it unbearable.Dharam imagined dancing with Meera and Meera imagined dancing with Dharam.

Meri Makhna, Meri Soniye, Marjava Hai Tere Bin Ve
Soni Teri Chaal Sonive, Lagdi Kamaal Sonive..- Baghban dance.
Meera:I have no mood to dance maasi.
Rashi:How can any celebration be complete without dance?You should dance.
Meera suppressed her pain and danced with a fake smile.

Hey dhin tadaak dhin tadaak
Aaja ud ke saraat
Pairon se bedi zara khol
Nagada sang dhol baaje, dhol baaje
Dhaayn dhaayn dhum dhum dhaayn
Nagada sang dhol baaje, dhol baaje
Dhaayn dhaayn dhaayn dhum dhaayn (x2)


Dharam was engrossed in her graceful dance while Durga became insecure noticing it.

Through out the party Durga was uncomfortable because of Meera’s presence.

Dr.Manoj’s family…
Manoj gifted a saree to Shagun:Diwali gift for you.
Sha:Wow!It’s so beautiful.

Manoj:I am relieved.I doubted if my fashionable wife will like it or not.
Sha:Your selection is the best Manoj.That’s why i am the best.
They both giggled.
Anjali came.
Manoj:Papa’s little girl come..
Manoj lifted her up in his arms:Papa has brought a gift for you.
He gave her pretty dress.
Anj:Wow..i loved it.Mumma..I want to wear this now.

Shagun:Sure baby.Now itself I will make you wear this asthis is papa’s diwali gift.
Manoj:You too wear the saree I gave you.
Shag:Yes Manoj.I am going to wear it now.
He smiled.Shagun Anjali wore the diwali dress and came.
Manoj:Both are looking so good that I feel like taking you both in my arms.
Shagun smiled.
Anj:Really papa?Then take us in your arms.
Manoj went towards them and hugged both of them.

Saras Kumud lit the lamp together.In the light Kumud looked very beautiful for Saras.He could’nt take his eyes off her.
Saras said to her in his mind :You look as ravishing as moon light.
She blushed seeing him look at her deeply.

Yoon Shabnami Phele Nahi Thi Chandani
Chand Woh Bharman Gaya
Tujhko Dekha To Sharama Gaya
WOh Churane Laga Hai Nazar
Yoon Shabnami Phele Nahi Thi Chandani

While playing with fire crackers Kumud’s duppatta caught fire.
Suddenly Saras saw it and screamed:Kumuddddddd
She saw fire on the tip of her duppatta and got scared.

She screamed:Sarasssssssssssss
Saras took a bottle of water from the near by table and poured it on her duppatta.
The fire vanished.They were relieved.
He cupped her face in his hands emotionally:Kumud..are you alright?
Kumud nodded ‘yes’.
Suddenly Kumud fell on his chest and wept:Saras…I got scared.

S:Me too.But don’t worry.When I am here you will be saved from all dangers.
They shared an emotional eye lock.
S:Now no more fire crackers.Let us have a peaceful Diwali.
S:Can I tell you something?
S:When you were lighting diyas I saw your face in that light.You were looking beautiful and shiny like a moon.
She blushed.

Ho Yoon Shabnami Phele Nahi Thi Chandani
Chand Woh Bharman Gaya
Tujhko Dekha To Sharama Gaya
WOh Churane Laga Hai Nazar
Yoon Shabnami
– Saawariya

Saras:Since we decided to have a peaceful Diwali let us celebrate by having sweets.
She smiled.
He took sweets plate from the table and started feeding her sweet.She fed sweet to him too.

Kumari searched for Danny and he was missing.
Kumari rang him up.

The phone was lying on the bed and ringing.
Kum:On the day of Diwali where has this Danny gone?That also without taking his phone.
Suddenly he felt the smell of something burning.
Kum:I had switched off the gas.Then how come this smell from the kitchen.
She rushed to the kitchen and was stunned to make Danny making jalebi.She switched off the gas stove.
Kum:What is this Danny?
Danny:It is Diwali.So I thought of making jalebi for you.

Kumari could’nt believe it:Jalebi for me?
Danny:Ya.You used to tease me that I don’t know cooking.To surprise you I was making this jalebi.
Kum:To surprise me?Is this the surprise Danny?This Jalebi is half burnt.
Kum:You did’nt even understand that and you are making jalebi?First of all your cooking is horrible and you wasted flour and sugar too.What was the need of all this when you are zero in cooking?
Danny became dull:Sorry Kumari.I never thought that it will turn out to be like this.
Kumari felt sad for him.
She thought:He took so much of effort to make jalebi for me.Though it was a flop he attempted it.Instead of appreciating him I scolded him.Poor Danny.I made him upset on Diwali.
She took a jalebi piece and tasted it.Danny was stunned.
Kumari:It is not as bad as I thought.
Kum:Of course..after all my sweet Danny cooked for the first time for me.

He smiled.She ate one jalebi.When she was about to take another jalebi he stopped her.
D:Don’t have this burnt jalebi just to please me Kumari.You tasted this even though it was burnt.This is more than enough for me.
D:Don’t say anything.He embraced her.She smiled embracing him back.

Ishita wore red salwar suit

and ornaments.

Ishi:Let me see how Raman will react seeing me like this.
Raman came.
Raman:Diwali preparations are over?

She thought:Raman is not saying anything.
Ishi:Raman…do you find any difference in me?

Raman observed her:No…nothing.
Ishi:Look at me again.
Again he rolled his eyes on her:No difference.You are the same Ishita I know.

Ishita got irritated:No use of asking Ravan Kumar.
Raman:Hey..suddenly why have you become Jhansi ki Rani?
Ishi:Nothing like that.I am going to lit oil lamps.
Ishita began to walk.Suddenly Raman called her:Ishita!
She turned back.He went near her:I forgot to tell you one thing.
Ishita was least interested to listen to him as he did’nt give her any compliment.
Ishi:What?Tell fast.I need to go now.
Raman:You look gorgeous.
Ishita was surprised with his unexpected compliment.
Her face blossomed.

Raman:Madrasan…I knew that you were waiting to hear this from me and that’s why you asked me to look at you.But purposefully I did’nt say anything as compliments at unexpected moment is better. were making fun of me?Ravan Kumar Bhalla..
She started kicking him.They both laughed.

ye khatti meethi takraar hai ya pyaar

yeh rootha roothi ye khatti meethi

saath saath rehna hai roothna manaana hai

yeh kaisi hai ladaai

ek dor kheenchey hai ek dor baandhey hai

hoti nahi hai judaai

ek duje se hai shikayatein

phir bhi sang hai yeh hai mohabbatein

Ishita went and lit the oil lamps with Sarika.

Romi:Wow…bhabhi and Sarika have done a good job.
Mr.Bhalla:Right.Looking very pretty.
All bhallas were happy.
Toshi:Let these lights bright in our family always.
Everybody smiled.

After the party at Suryavanshi house…
Modis returned home.
Meera wept seeing Dharam ignoring her.
M:Dharam…you did’nt even look at me once while we were leaving your house.
Dharam was remembering Meera and was very upset.
He said in his mind:Sorry Meera.Though you are near me I am forced to make you far.
Durga went near him.
Dur:What is all this Dharamji?Taani…
Dharam:She is Meera.She was my student too.
Durga was shocked:Means you know her close.
Dharam was silent.
Durga:The way you both were looking at each other…I saw love in both of yours eyes.But pain too.Why?Am I thinking right?
Dharam:Meera is Taani’s reincarnation.

Durga was shocked.
D:Means she returned as per her promise.
Durga was in shock.
Gaura came hearing all this.Dharam went out of the room.
Durga:Maaji…Meera is Taani.
Gaura:I know.But don’t worry.Dharam’s wife is you.Dharam won’t leave you.He made it clear to Meera that he can never accept her and you are his wife.
Durga:But Maaji…Dharamji is making such a big sacrifice for me..he should not have done that.
Gaura:What are you saying Durga?
Durga:He loved Taani a lot.But fate took Taani’s life from him.Ours was a forceful marriage.He married me only to give an identity to my son Shravan.The truth is that Shravan is not his son,but his brother Mihir’s son.He married me,gave me all comforts,accepted my son as his..that itself is a big sacrifice.Now again he is sacrificing for me?Poor Taani.She took birth again only to be with Dharamji atleast in this birth.But because of me she is not able to be with Dharamji.How can I ignore it Maaji?

Durga:I don’t want to be the reason behind Dharamji and Taani’s separation.I will never get peace of mind.Dharamji and Taani should unire Maaji.They are made for each other.
Gaura:Hey Ambe Maa…
Gaura wept hugging Durga:You are great Durga.
Durga cried.
Vidya who overheard it was shocked.She came inside.
Vidya:Shravan is not Dharam papaji’s son?

Gaura and Durga wept.
Gaura:You heard everything?It is true.

Vidya was shocked.

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