Laal Ishq 8th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Rishi, Shreya, Kalyani and Her Curse

Laal Ishq 8th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rishi holds Shreya’s eyes and takes her to a table. Shreya is surprised to see champagne, cake, flowers, etc..and asks excitedly asks what is this. He says surprise, takes out diamond ring from his pocket and kneeling down says he practised a lengthy speech, but cannot express, will she marry him. He puts ring in her finger. She sees ring glowing red, Rishi dead on floor, and a ghost bride emerging in front. She shouts no….Rishi asks what happened, will she marry him. Ghost woman disappears. Shreya shouts she cannot marry him as her family is cursed and runs away from there.

Shreya returns home and lies on her grandma’s lap. Her servant brings fish from market. Her grandma asks when will she go back to Mumbai. Shreya says after durga pooja. Grandma says she already told her she cannot stay during durga pooja and asks why she has not worn gold, when she was of her age, she used to wear a lot of gold and her grandfather. Shreya says grandma used to get ready for Grandfather, but what about her, she loves a boy and he also wants to marry her, but why she gave promise not to marry in this life. She reminisces the incident in childhood where she plays bride wearing veil and her grandmother takes promise not to marry in this life. She asks grandma that she married and even her mother married, why can’t she marry. Grandma says she cannot explain and warns not to break her promise. Shreya walks to balcony and sees same ghost woman sitting on garden swinger man sitting near her. They both look at Shreya and then disappear. Shreya runs to her grandmother and says she saw a woman and man on swinger and have seen them even before. Grandmother says it must be villagers who barged in, she need not worry and asks servant to close door. Servant panics that she has returned and history will repeat. Grandmother asks to shut her mouth and not utter anything in front of Shreya.

Rishi reaches village and asks and old man where is Narayan Das’ haveli, taxi driver dropped him far away and was not ready to go further, was murmuring about kali pooja, not to go there, etc. Ghost woman is seen around. Old man warns him to run away, nobody goes to that haveli and rushes away. Rishi then sees ghost woman with her husband who ask if he came to meet Shreya, that is Narayan Das’ haveli. He asks how do they know. Woman says Shreya came from Mumbai yesterday. He turns and does not find them.

At night, servant closes doors and windows and asks Kalyani not to go out at night. Kalyani walks near swinger and sees ghost woman standing in balcony instead. She runs towards woman, but Rishi holds her. She hugs him and relaxes and takes him to her room. He says he cannot live without her and wants to marry her soon. Ghost notices them from a distance. Shreya then imagines ghosts’s husband in Rishi and gets afraid, she tells Rishi that her family is cursed and cannot marry him, she will ask grandmother the reason behind tomorrow. Next morning, she takes Rishi to grandmother and asks her to tell why she cannot marry and what is the curse, else she will marry Rishi in front of her and kaali maa right now. Grandmother stops her and tells her story that 50 years ago her inebriated granfather had eyed on poojari’s newly married daughter Kalyani and tried to rape her, but her husband Brij rushes to rescue and granfather stabs knife and kills him. Kalyani curses grandfather that nobody will be alive in his family and whoever marries will die, his whole clan will destroy. She jumps from balcony after cursing him. Out of flashback, Daadi says her 3 sons and bahus died within 1 year of marriage, her husband got paralysis within a few months after Kalyani’s death and died seeing his son’s death and took promise not to let Shreya married. Servant says today is kaali pooja night and Kalyani’s evil powers will be very strong, they should leave this house. Shreya says she will stay here and plead Kalyani to take back her curse as only one gives curse can help cancel it.

At night, servant prays kaali maa to protect Shreya and praays. Kalyani reaches there and tortures her and says nobody can save Shreya now. Shreya prays kaali maa. Kalyani reaches there. Shreya walks to her pleading to forgive her family. Kalyani gets into her body and tortures her with hammer. She herself hits her hand with hammer. Rishi breaaks door and stops her. Kalyani then tortures him and says Shreya she will kill whole Chaudhry clan. Shreya says she cannot live without Rishi and it is better Kalyani kill her, Kalyani knows the pain of losing dear one. Rishi joins her. Kalyani takes back her curse and says she can live happily with her husband and disapppears. Rishi and Shreya unite..

Precap: Tomorrow’s new story’s promo is shown.

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