Laal Ishq 30th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivan’s Past Mitali and his present Mahi

Laal Ishq 30th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mahi over phone insists her friend Chini to attend her wedding. Chini says she has college. Mahi says she does not know anything, pack her bags and come. She then calls cateter and orders him to prepare only veg dishes and not nonveg dishes. Mirror cracks. Next day, Mahi’s fiance Vivan calls her from cafeteria and says if she does come in a few minutes, he will date whichever girl he sees first. She traveling in car asks to be patient. Someone looks at Vivan. A girl comes and sits in front of Vivan and nervously requests to save her from goons and let her sit with him for sometime. She holds his hand. He pulls his hand back and asks who are the goons, sips cold coffee. Two men enter. She asks if he still likes cold coffee. He is surprised to hear that. She says they came and runs to washroom to hide. Boys walk towards waashroom. Vivan bends to pick money. Other male customer walk out of male’s washroom. Vivan sees gil stands hiding near wall and asks if she did not go to bathroom. She says when he bentg, she came out of washroom and hid here. She him congratulates him for his wedding. He surprisingly asks how does she know. She says she heard him speaking over phone and rushes out. Vivan returns to his table and sees girl’s gift bag. He goes out to return, but she has already left. He returns and sees Mahi sitting already there who says she came to dsicuss about wedding arrangements and asks if he made guest list and other arrangements, she is tensed as she alone has to take care of her side’s arrangements. He gives her guest list. She sees pages empty and asks where is list. Heart with their initials emerges. She smiles and says he does not have to pamper with this heart. She then sees bag and asks what is it. He says it is that girl’s. She takes out doll from bag. He looks at it surprised. They both walk out of restaurant and give doll to a street kid. Doll sticks to his hand and with difficulty part ways.

At night, Mahi wears beautiful lehanga choli and looks at mirror, is shocked to see it cracked. She senses someone running behind and gets afraid. Someone holds her eyes and takes her to living room. She gets afraid and asks if it is Vivan. Vivan comes in front. She relaxes. Someone watches them from a distance. Vivan shows her candles decorated as candles. She gets excited seeing that. He romantically dances on Sun mere hum safar song.. She says no now, they have to reach Alibaug tomorrow morning for destination wedding. Vivan says some more time. She pushes him, then kisses his cheek, thanks him for his romantic gift and asks him to go now. He leaves smiling.

Next morning, Vivan heads for Alibaugh in his car. FM radio malfunctions. He then sees restaurant girl standing in the middle of the road and crashes his car to a tree trying to save her. He sits shocked. Another girl loosens his seat belt and gets him out saying he is bleeding, his car is damaged, she will drop him wherever he wants to go. He says Alibaugh. She says what a surprise, this road goes to only Alibaugh and she is also going to Alibaugh. She introducesfwf herself as Chitra and continues chitchattting. They reach wedding venue. Chitra says this is also her destination, asks if he is Vivan who is marrying Mahima, she is Maihima’s cousin Chitra from Bareily. He excitedly says Chiniii, but she was not coming. She says she wanted to give surprise to Mahi didi. Vivan calls Mahi and informs he reached destiny, met with a minor accident, her cousin Chini is here. She asks what.. how can Chini be here, he must be confused. Vivan turns and does not see Chini. Chini returns. He calls Mahi again. Chini says she has better idea and takes selfie with him to send it to Mahi. Vivan takes her in. Venue’s caretaker says Vivan he made arrangements as Vivan ordered. Vivan asks to bring Chini’s bags from her car. They both walk into house. Caretaker drops Chini’s bag. Chini angrily shouts to be careful. Caretaker apologizes and puts bag doll (which the restaurant girl had gifted) into bag.

Vivan then goes out and speaks to Mahi regarding wedding theme. Chini looks at him from a distance. Mahi shouts if he has gone mad, how many times she haas to explain him. He stands shocked. Chini walks to him and asks if he is speaking to didi, she shouts always. Vivan says Mahi never shouts at him. Caterer comes. She says she ordered 12 dishes, will taste them first and then approve, etc. Vivan is surprised as Mahi said same dialogue in restaurant. Mahi brings cold cofee. Vivan asks how does she know he likes cold coffee. She says it is for her as she likes it. She then says there is an old lake near this house, can he take her there. Vivan gets nervous and says no. She says does not need cold coffee. In the evening, Vivan stands near swimming pool calling Mahi repeatedly. Chini asks if he is calling didi. He says yes, she tried multiple times, she did not pick. She says he should give did some time, she will be alright. Vivan’s friends enter. Chini asks if he wants to enjoy bachelor party, she does not mind. They all dance on Tu mera hero…song. They both then dance romantically on tujhko hai mujhse rabta…song.

Next morning, guests start coming in. Vivan receives his parents and grandma with garlands and hugs them. Daadi asks if he is remarrying. Friends shockingly ask what..Vivan says Daadi has dementia and jokes that one wife to serve daadi and one wife to serve maa. His mother scolds that girl’s family should greet them and not him and he should not work during his wedding. Vivan says that is okay and smiles. Mahi’s family comes. Vivan happily greets them and tries to hug Mahi. Mahi behaves weirdly and looks surprised, asks his mother why did they come here. Everyone look at her in surprise. Vivan tries to speak to her, but she looks at him as if he is a stranger. In the evening, some ritual starts. Pandit asks Mahi her husband’s She says Abhishek. Everyone look at her. She says Vivek. Everyone get more shocked. Chini says Vivan. Once ritual comples, sangeet ceremony starts. Vivan dances with Chini and then drags Mahi for dance. She warns him to stay away from her and pushes him away. Everyone are shocked. Vivan goes and sits near pool sadly. Mahi walks to him and apologizes, says she does not know what happens to her, she loves him a lot. Vivan cheers up.

Next morning, Vivan dresses up as groom. His father asks him to tie pagdi soon. Guests discuss bride is throwing tantrum and not letting even makeup artist in. Vivan walks to her and asks if she is fine. She looks weeping and says she will get ready in a minute. Hair straighter bursts and she gets injured in her cheek. Whole familyh gathers. Mahi says she wants to delay wedding as she cannot see Vivan like this. Vivan cheers her up and asks her to come out for pheras. The both start pheras. Chini looks at them with crying face. Mahi stops and walks away saying she does not want to marry him. Vivan stands disheartened.

Vivan then sits near pool shattered. Chini walks to him and asks if he is hurt, it pains a lot in love, etc. Vivan shouts to leave him alone. He then sees real Chini introducing herself and realizes it was someone else. He then sees doll next to him and reminisces playing with dolls with his friend in childhood and promising to marry her. She goes to fill water from lake and drowns. Out of flashback, Vivan cries holding doll and says Mitali loved him so much, so she came and reminded him as doll, girl, Chini, etc. Mahi says her love was immense, so she reminded him even after death. Pandit says they have to perform pooja for Mitali’s soul’s peace and mukti. Vivan performs pooja and immerses doll in lake. Vivan and Mahi get married next. During wedding, Mahi acts and asks who is he. Vivan gets tensed. She then laughs.

Precap: Next week’s new story’s promo is shown.

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