Laal Ishq 24th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Seher And Arjun’s Love Story Completes In a Different World

Laal Ishq 24th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Show starts with white jasmine flowers falling from its plant. A girl Sheher comes out of her house holding flower basket smilingly and picks flowers. Seher imagines her past where she and her boyfriend Arjun chat sitting next to a swimming pool and asking Arjun if he knows what is common between her and these flowers. He says no. She says these flowers spread mildly pleasant smell all around and she spreads smile. She gifts a locket to him and says this locket is key to his heart and she will have key with hi and when he will do any mistake, she will unlock this locket with key. He gets romantic. She says let us get married. He gets nervous and then gets romantic again. She says someone will watch them. On the other side, Arjun walks to a woman and it is revealed she is not the same girl. Lady/Nidhi is speaking over phone. He wishes her happy birthday. Nidhi says she is going out and will meet him in the evening. Arjun looks at his locket and reminisces Seher giving him and telling it is key to his heart and key is with her. His friend Angad enters holding a wrapped portrait and wishing happy birthday bhabhi to Nidhi. He tells Arjun that photos came really well. Door bell rings. Arjun says he had ordered roses for Nidhi. Angad picks basket and says it is lilies instead. Arjun says it is jasmine and smells them, says today is very important to him. Angad says he will be proposing Nidhi. Arjun asks Angad to bring roses for him from market an invites him for party tonight. Angad leaves. He unwraps photo frame and is sees his and his Nidhi’s photos. He calls someone and turns back and sees Nidhi’s photos distorted. He calls photo studio owner and scolds him. Owner says he checked photos properly before sending. Arjun asks for another set of photos. Owner gives him address. Arjun ges into his car. Addresses erases automatically and changes. Arjun reaches address and calls studio owner to ask where is his studio. Owner says his studio is in some other address. Arjun scolds owner. owner apologizes and says he is doing mistakes because of fight with this wife and sends address again.

Arjun then sees Nidhi passing by and is shocked. He follows her and is more shocked to see Nidhi hugging her new boyfriend. Nidhi tells boyfriend that Arjun was not letting her go. He asks her to why don’t she tell Arjun about them. Nidhi sees Arjun and runs to him. Arjun confronts her and panics. She says they are not made for each other, he should understand that. Arjun reminisces telling same to Seher and saying they cannot continue anymore and have to part ways. At night, Arjun gets heavily inebriated standing in balcony and escaping from slipping down and falls on balcony floor instead. He reminisces Seher pleading not to leave him and him telling they have to breakup to build career. She continues pleading, but he leaves saying they are not made for each other. Jamine flowers fall on him and he sees Seher’s photo in his mobile. Next morning, he decides to go to Bhopal to meet Seher.

Arjun boards Bhopal flight and reaches there. He boards taxi and reminisces his meeting with Seher and their nok jhok, she telling he cannot romance her so soon, etc.. and leaves. He gets out of flashback and asks driver to take back to airport as he changed his mind. Driver switches on FM. RJ asks repeatedly to apologize once. Arjun is shocked. Driver changes channel. Car gets punctured by a roadside nail. Arjun gets out of car and is surprised to see Seher’s house just in front of him. He scolds driver where did he bring him. Driver says this is shortcut and he can take another taxi as he needs time to change tyre. Arjun gets into Seher’s house and looks at jasmine plant and swimming pool. Seher touches him from behind and asks if he came back. He asks how is she. She says he left her and came now. He says he had some work here. She asks him to sit, she will bring water. He looks around carefully. She returns with water and says he would not have married yet, but would have a girlfriend. He says yes, but he broke up recently and tells her whole story. His friend Sartaj calls him. He says he will leave now. She asks when will he come. He says tomorrow and walks out and calls Sartaj who asks why did not he meet him after coming to Bhopal, Angad informed he is here, when is he meeting him. Arjun says he as some meeting and will meet him soon. Sartaj asks where is he staying. Arjun says hotel. Sartaj says how dare he is to stay at hotel instead of friend’s house. Arjun meets Sartaj. Sartaj taunts him about his breakup and asks where he had gone. Arjun says to meet Seher and apologize her. Sartaj looks tensed and says Seher war married and then.. Sartaj’s phone rings and it falls from balcony. Arjun asks him to get his mobile repaired, he will meet him later.

Arjun meet Seher again. Sartaj calls him. He says he is with Seher and gives her phone. Sartaj panics and speaks in fear, but hears a loud sound, drops mobile down. Seher says something is wrong. Arjun sees phone not reachable. Seher tells she left her husband 6 months ago and reminisces her husband bringing his friend and insisting her to spend time with his friend. She cries. Out of flashback, Arjun fumes and says he will not spare his husband and asks to tell his address. Seher says it all happened because he left her, he should not bother about her now. Arjun walks out and gets a call from his aide who informs Seher’s husband’s address. Arjun reaches there and trashes Seher’s husband royally. Husband says listen to him… Arjun walks out of house panicked and a speeding car hits him. Arjun then reaches Seher’s house injured. Seher asks how did he injure. He says he met with an accident and says he went to meet her husband. She asks what did he say. Arjun says he told she is dead 6 months ago. She says if he thinks she is dead, he can go He walks out and sees vehicles passing via him. Seher comes and says she warned him not to meet her husband and reminds that he is dead in accident now and came to her world. Arjun reminisces his soul leaving his body. She emotionally hug him and even he emotionally reciprocates. They both walk away holding each other’s hand.

Precap: Promo of next week’s new story is shown.

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  1. Shagina

    Loved to see Zain sir after Naamkarann
    May god bless him
    To the author who had written this written episode on TU, Why in the title it is written Seher and mehak as in the show it was Arjun and Seher
    Hope you will understand what I meant to say

    Loved this episode of Laal Ishq

  2. Nina

    First time I had known Zain Imam as Neel in Naamkaran. I have pleasantly seen him in Laal Ishq again. Interesting story that was done by the good actors. Zain fetched the audience as always.

  3. zain is the best but we need aditi too in naamkaran

  4. sry,zain is the best but we need aditi rathore too in laal ishq with zain imam

  5. i love zain i love him very much but this so boring not interesting zain is the best actor deserve a great show..but i will wach just for him beceuse i love him wish you the best zain

  6. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Sweet, heart- touching love story! Completed in another world!

  7. Mona146

    i feel zain love story is a compulsed one. he was dragged to seher, he did not come on his own and died left with no option than seher otherwise he would never realise how he played with her feelings and dumped her.

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