Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 26th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Amrit meets Randhir

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 26th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amrit saying you are asking me to tell Bau ji that I m Ranjhan. Vashma says you can explain him well. Lala says kite has gone when I left the strong. His wife gets the lassi for him. Lala says times have changed, we don’t know when things change. Amrit worries seeing Lala’s words. Rajrani ties the pagdi to Lala ji. He says Amrit has grown up, I want a nice guy who keeps her more happy than me. She says none can keep her more happy than you.

Randhir is on the way. His friend asks why are you waiting for Ranjhan. Vashma asks won’t Randhir know who is Ranjhan. Randhir says its my life, my heart says that the writer would be some girl, I like Ranjhan’s stories, I don’t find it stories, but her emotions. He talks to Sharfu. Amrit says I have to meet Randhir, when its written in fate. Randhir sees her flying the kite. He asks the man to stop the cart. He sees a sight of the indian flag.

He quickly makes a sketch. He smiles. He says it will be a free India. He salutes. Saira says a guy is seeing your flowing dupatta. Amrit asks where. Lala asks Amrit to manage her kite. Amrit flies the kite. She pulls the string. She cuts the other’s kite. Lala gets glad. He says its fun to fly kites on the roof. He asks for one jalebi. Abrar comes. Vashwa goes to him. She greets him.

The boys get into a fight. Baig apologizes to Lala. He takes his son Abrar with him. Amrit says poison has filled in the air, they are fighting each other. Vashwa says their friendship is weak, unlike ours. They colour the kites. They write Amrit and Vashma on the kite. They say that the kite can go far, but our names won’t get away. Vashma comes to meet Uday. He asks why did you come at this time. She taunts him.

Uday says I will get selected in the hockey team. Vashma asks him to close his eyes, she has to show some magic. Uday asks her to just go. She gets scared seeing Chacha ji coming. She gives a hockey to Uday. She asks him to be a part of the team. Bua ji looks on and goes to Chacha ji. She says Vashma is throwing love traps for Uday. She says you have broken the hockey, but Vashma gave a new hockey. She says I have seen them eye locking, its more than friendship. Chacha ji gets angry. Rajrani asks him to have milk. Bua ji says Uday will go tomorrow with the new hockey.

Amrit gets ready for school. Vashma comes and says we have to go to Randhir, he has come to Lahora. Amrit says I will come, I won’t say that I m Ranjhan. Vashma says maybe you tell your story to him. They leave for school. They see the hotel on the way. Vashma says Randhir is staying here. Amrit smiles. Randhir sees her going in the car. He sees the bracelet and recalls the burqa girl. Kyu utthe dil….plays… Randhir asks if we like to meet someone again and again, what shall we think of it. Randhir says I will be going on the horse, I have no meeting, I will meet with the Lahore lanes.

Bua ji sits talking to Kiran Bala. She says I have made Brij against Uday. She sees Uday struggling to please Brij. Brij sees the time. Amrit and Vashma to go meet Randhir. Randhir takes a disguise of a cart driver. Amrit asks him to drop them back. He takes them. Vashma says you would have seen Randhir. Randhir says he is 50 years old, he has white hair, he has wrinkles, but he has good style. Vashma says I thought he is a handsome young man. Randhir says air and rumours can’t be controlled. Amrit asks where is he. He says there is a price to tell about him. She says I will give money. He says I want something else. Vashma gets angry. He says I want to know about Ranjhan’s address, Randhir is influenced by her stories, he won’t be upset with me if I tell him about Ranjhan. Vashma says leave him. Amrit asks him did he forget the way. He sees her bracelet. She gives the coins. Brij dances on the dhol beats. His kurta gets torn. Everyone laughs.

The men joke that Brij is alone and handicapped, who will take care of me. Bua ji provokes him. She says Uday was careless in getting the kurta. Brij cries and goes home. Uday comes home and says I took Amrit and Vashma to have golgappas. He says we will give the good news to everyone. Amrit goes to her room. Vashma asks what story are you thinking to write. Amrit looks for the diary. She says I don’t have the diary. Vashma says I had kept it in the bag. Amrit checks again. Vashma also checks the bag. Her diary is left in the cart. Amrit says that man knows Randhir, if he reads the diary, then Ranjhan’s secret will come out, if dad knows it, it will be a big trouble. She cries. Vashma says maybe that man didn’t see the diary. Amrit says yes, I wish the diary burns or gets destroyed.

Brij sits angered. Rajrani asks didn’t he eat the food. Saira says he is in his room since morning. Uday gives the good news to everyone. Lala says I will tell your dad, just tell us. Uday says I got selected in India’s hockey team. Everyone smiles. Lala feels proud. He says you have fulfilled your dream. He gifts him a chain. Vashma says go and tell your dad about your dreams, what you think about women’s freedom. Brij comes and slaps Uday. He scolds Uday. He shows the torn kurta. Lala stops Brij. He says don’t raise hand on Uday now, you have blamed him for his mum’s death, lucky people get such sons, he does all your work himself. He asks Uday to play hockey. He says I will see who stops you from today, your every dream is mine. Brij cries.

Amrit says I also have a dream, I want to write stories, I got my stories published in the newspaper by other name. Lala asks by which name. She says Ranjhan. He gets shocked. Her dream ends. She shouts Bau ji. Lala asks what happened, I will fulfill your dream, tell me, what is it. She says nothing. He asks Abdul to get sweets for everyone, Uday made them proud. Vashma asks her to go and tell Lala. Amrit says no, our dreams should be just dreams. She prays that nobody knows her truth. Randhir gets her diary. He says those girls left the diary. He checks it.

Bua sees Uday and Vashma together. She locks the door. She says whoever will see them will scold them now. Randhir comes to give the diary to Lala. Amrit worries.

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    I feel that this partition suits Vashma and Uday as Vashma is a Muslim whereas Uday is a Hindu.

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