Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 17th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Vijender wants Naman to become the heir

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 17th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer making Randhir thank Amrit for uniting Randhir and his dad. Amrit goes. Naman bends a rod and shows his strength to Nalini. Vijender says you don’t need to worry now, I explained him everything, he will be with you and accompany you everywhere. Nalini thanks him. Vijender says I will always be with you, I have to take care of you. He signs Naman. Naman takes her blessings. Nalini says you are my protector, I didn’t give you a right to touch my feet. Naman gets angry. She goes. Vijender says you just do this drama. Vashma comes and identifies Naman. Naman also identifies her as Noor. Veer comes. Vijender hugs him. He introduces Naman as Nalini’s bodyguard.

Veer says Amrit is there with me, you just protect Nalini. Vijender says we will find the attacker soon. Veer goes after Amrit. Vijender and Naman look on. Randhir is with Karam at the hospital. Amrit comes. He asks why did you enter my heart again by saving my dad, I can tell you that I hate you, but you know that I love you a lot. She goes.

Amrit comes home. She recalls Veer’s words. Veer comes and says it was too much fun, I didn’t know you will defend me in front of Randhir. She asks why did you say that in front of his dad, you know everything, even then you have made fun of that matter, what do you get doing all this, you can’t win my heart by doing such a thing, you have used the situation to marry me, but you can never win my heart.

She says I will just love Randhir. Veer says I will not lose hope, I wanted to see your happiness, that’s why I had done that, you had taken me to the hospital to teach this to me. He plays a song and dances. He says I have thought for you, I had lied for someone else’s happiness, I want to prove to you that I care for you, its the truth, do you want to give me a chance, I will prove that I deserve your love. She gets away. He says you are thinking, how can I change, right. She says what would happen when Karam knows the truth, you have just one chance to turn this into good, go and handle the throne, serve the people with no selfish motive, I promised Nalini, can you leave alcohol and fulfill your responsibilities, if this happens, then maybe I will trust you. He takes her. Nalini asks servant to find out Randhir. Veer says I will meet the panchayat members and apologize to them. She says no need, I had gone to meet them, I got the mahurat for your Rajya abhishek. Veer says give me a chance to rectify my mistake. She says if I wait for you, then I will lose this family’s respect and throne. He asks why do you hate me. She says I don’t want to argue, you know what’s tomorrow, shall I remind you, your habit isn’t new to snatch happiness from your mum. She goes. Naman goes after her. Vijender also goes. Veer says no one trusts me, that I can become good.

Amrit says Nalini is right on her side, its your mistake. She asks what’s tomorrow. Naman stops Vashma and flirts with her. She asks him to stay in his limits. He says if I tell Nalini your truth, then you can’t stay in this palace limits. Amrit comes and meets Vashma. Naman goes. Vashma says Randhir has hired me on a job. Amrit says I m very happy for you. Vashma says I will leave, I have some work. Amrit asks are you still upset. Vashma goes. Veer comes to his room and throws things. He asks Amrit to get ready. He says look at my fate to make this aarti plate ready for you and your lover. She says I had to act as your fake wife first and now Randhir’s fake wife, everyone has sorrow in the world, our sorrow is less. Veer thinks of his younger brother Prem and sees the pic. Naman and Vijender argue. Vijender says I m going to play a big game, Nalini prays every year to get her lost son back, her lost son will come in front of her. Naman asks where is he, do you know him. Vijender says yes, I will make you her second son, the real heir of the throne, Nalini’s prayer will be heard by me tomorrow. Naman smiles. Vijender says the history will change forever.

Karam says Randhir isn’t my truth. Amrit prays and keeps the pic there. Veer wishes happy birthday to his brother. The pic falls in the basket.

Update Credit to: Amena

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