Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 23rd June 2021 Written Episode Update: Kuldeep and Samaira leave for Mumbai

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 23rd June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
They find Rishi sleeping in Kuldeep’s lap. Shubhra thanks, God. Narain takes Rishi from Kuldeep. He takes Rishi to the room. Shubhra wipes her tears and leaves.

Scene 2
The doctor checks Samaira and says the wound will be okay but you have to take care of her mentally. She can attempt suicide again. You have to be with her and take care of her all the time. Kuldeep goes to see her off. Samaira says are you leaving me? He says no. I promise. The doctor says I can go on my own. Phirki gives Samaira and thumbs up.

Scene 3
The kids are at the pool. Rishi says why are you mad at papa? He is so nice and he loves us a lot. Rishi says papa only loves you not me. She says no. Papa loves you a lot. Rishi says no one loves me. Not even mama. No one. Roli says they. Rishi says they don’t. Roli says they do, are you crazy? Rishi recalls Phirki called him crazy. Rishi shouts in anger and says no I am not crazy. Roli cries and says sorry Rishi you’re not crazy. Rishi hugs her. Roli says I love you. Rishi says I love you too. Rishi says sorry Roli.

Roli thinks he has hurt Shubhra and her parents. He has to apologize to them once before leaving. He says I was wrong and I am. Kuldeep comes to Madhura’s room. Narain shuts the door. Shubhra sees Kuldeep. She ignores him. Kuldeep sees her going back to her room. Shubhra sees him. Harsh comes to Shubhra and says is Rishi there? She says no. Shubhra says he’s so mad at me, he has stopped talking to me. He can live without me but how can I live without me? I shouldn’t have lie to him. Harsh says if a mother hides something it’s for their good. Shubhra says for him his aai never lied. And I.. I lied. He can never accept that I did it for him. Harsh says we don’t know kids that well. Give him some time to understand and accept. He will realize it. And this lie is on me equally and I promise you I won’t let Rishi go away from you. I will heal him and his aai as well. Shubhra says I am okay but I just want my old Rishi back. Harsh says in his heart you only speak about your son and never your own pain. But I know you’re broken and hurt inside. I will heal you without telling you.

Scene 4
Kuldeep checks out. Chandrani comes and says I kept praying for my son and now it’s happening. The witch is going away from my son’s life. Chandrani says goodbye. What’s this bruise? Who cares. Chandrani says that witch is going. You go back to your family. Kuldeep says Samaira isn’t going alone. I am going with her as well. Chandrani says to drop her? Let her go. Kuldeep says she slit her wrist, she tried to kill herself. Chandrani says that was a drama. If she wanted, she would kill herself for real. She’s doing this to tie your feet. Come with me. Kuldeep says I can’t leave her like this. What if she does something?

Chandrani says she is doing drama and you will run after her? And I should understand? You’re not ready to walk on the right path even if I take you there? This was my last hope and it’s gone as well. Go away from your kids, me, and your wife. You couldn’t be of your family how can you be of this woman? You left your wife for this woman. That was your first mistake. Left kids, hit Rishi, and now leaving my hand to hold her hand who never cared about anyone. I will never forgive you. You couldn’t be a good father, husband and you failed as a son too. Kuldeep says please listen. She says I won’t. You’re not my son anymore. And don’t think if you’re not my son I don’t have any kids. Chandrani says Shubhra is my daughter. Even if I die, don’t come to my funeral. I have given that right to Shubhra as well. Kuldeep is shocked.

Samaira says forgive me Biji. Goodbye, she touches her feet. Samaira whispers you did goodbye going away from your son. You must be thinking it’s my drama, but you’re a bigger drama. You can’t win from my drama thought because I don’t lose. Congratulations on your defeat Chandrani Chadha. Chandrani goes in. Samaira takes Kuldeep with him.

Rishi sees Kuldeep leaving with Samaira. He gets upset. A man stops Shubhra and says Kuldeep sir left this letter for you at the check-out. Shubhra reads it. Dear Shubhra, I hesitate while writing this but I have to. We men think whatever we do or think is right. Even in relationships, we think about our comfort. I was so selfish that I only kept thinking about myself and forgot to say we. I forgot we are bigger than I. And by the time I realized you have gone far away from me. Today I accept that the reality of our relationship is distance. I was only living for my happiness. But I promise you I will not live for your, Rishi, and Roli’s happiness.

Episode ends.

Precap-Shubhra says to Rishi I made a mistake. I hid something but the reason isn’t what you think. He says what am I thinking? Is Harsh my friend or yours? No. You called a mental doctor for me because you think I am crazy. Shubhra says to Harsh as long as it was about treatment it was okay but now it’s about me and Rishi. There should be no lies in this relationship. Please leave.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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