Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 22nd June 2021 Written Episode Update: Rishi upset with Shubhra

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 22nd June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kuldeep calls emergency. He says what do you.. Samaira says let it bleed. Before I die just once say that you love me. I will die in peace. He says are you crazy? He asks Phirki to bring first-aid. He tries to dress her cut. Samaira says let me die. If you want to go I will go. She resists. Kuldeep says are you crazy? Stop it. He says to call the doctor. Samaira says you’re my doctor. Just say it once. Phirki says please say it. Kuldeep says I love you. I will never leave you. She faints. Kuldeep is scared.

Scene 2
Rishi recalls everything. Shubhra says your favorite pakoras. Rishi returns them. Shubhra says someone is so mad at their aai? but I know Rishi loves them. Rishi says aaji tell her I don’t want it. Shubhra says aai tell him he really likes them. Rishi says aaji can I sleep in your room? I will eat there. She says you’re not mad at the food right? How will you get the energy? He says if you don’t want me in your room, I can book my separate room. Shubhra says take him to your room at least he will eat. She’s teary. Rishi says let’s go. She takes him to the room. Roli asks mama is Rishi upset? Shubhra says mama and kids can’t stay mad at each other. Let me make you eat. Roli says I will make you eat. I will be your mama today. I will get you ice cream too. Shubhra hugs her.

Scene 3
Samaira sleeps holding Kuldeep’s hand. Kuldeep recalls everything.

Shubhra makes Roli sleep. Rishi is trying to sleep in Madhura’s room. He hugs the pillow. Chandrani says missing your son? He’s sensitive and immature. Mine is an adult. We both mothers have gone a bit distant from our sons. Our pain is the same. Shubhra says did I do wrong? Chandrani says everything a mother does is good for them. A mother has software that detects kids’ pain. Their anger goes away fast.

Madhura and Narain are asleep. Rishi walks out of the room. He comes outside Shubhra’s room but doesn’t knock. He sits outside. Shubhra says you heal my heart. You will be right. My Rishi will come back to me fast. Rishi sleeps at the door. Kuldeep is upset. He comes outside and sees Rishi sleeping on the floor. Kuldeep says Rishi? What happened? Are you okay? He says I couldn’t sleep in aaji’s room so I came here. He says let me ask mama.. He says no papa. I don’t want to sleep with aai. He says come with me.

Narain wakes up and says Madhura where is Rishi? They look around for Rishi. Shubhra sings a lullaby for Roli and misses Rishi. Kuldeep hugs Rishi and tries to make him sleep in the lobby. Chandrani says to Shubhra can’t you give Kuldeep another chance? He’s trying with all his heart. He was blinded by love. When you realize your mistake you need your people. Madhura and Narain come and ask if Rishi is there? Shubhra says no.. Narain says he’s not in the room either. Shubhra goes out to look for him. Narain says let me go to the CCTV toom. They see Kuldeep and Rishi sleeping in the lobby with Rishi in his lap. Shubhra thanks, God.

Episode ends.

Precap-Chandrani says from today our mother and son relationship is over. If I die, don’t come to my funeral. I have given that right to Shubhra as well. Kuldeep writes a letter to Shubhra and says dear Shubhra, sometimes we men think what we do is always right.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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