Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 11th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Samaira gives Kuldeep a luxury car

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 11th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rishi says this is the registration counter. Rishi says this is Shubhra Chadha jewelry designer and I am her assistant. The receptionist says yes you called from Harsh’s reference. Rishi says he’s my friend. She says how may I help you and your Aai? Rishi says we have to display these designs here. She says wow, your aai’s designs are really good. Is this your first exhibition? Shubhra says yes. The woman says you have to fill this form and pay 10k per day. Shubhra takes out 10k. She says you have to make 3 days advance payment at least. So the total is 30k. Shubhra says I can pay after today’s sale. The woman says all payments are in advance. Shubhra says I don’t have the money. She says I can’t help you I am sorry. Shubhra’s says let’s go. She says sorry I know you want to be successful.

Rishi says aai, see that.. Handcrafter jewelry ramp show. The entry is free and the winner will get 1 lac. Shubhra says it will have experienced designers. Rishi says you can give it a try for me. Please aai. Shubhra agrees. Rishi asks the woman we need that form. Rishi fills the form for her.

Scene 2
Samaira blindfolds Roli and Kuldeep and takes them out. Kuldeep says where are we going? She brings them to a luxury car. Roli says wow. Kuldeep says this is my dream car. Samaira says to Roli this is for you and papa. Come sit. Roli sits inside. Kuldeep says how do you read all my wants. Thank you. Chandrani is upset. Kuldeep says where was and I where did you bring me? I am the luckiest man alive. Samaira says it’s all for you. Kuldeep imagines how Shubhra would see him looking at this car. She said I saw a dream in your eyes and my heart said your dream will come true. You will have this car. In front of you. He laughed. Shubhra says don’t believe it but I do. Your dream is mine. He says if I get this car, we will go on a long drive. Shubhra smiled.

Scene 3
Rishi and Shubhra come outside. Rishi says call Harsh to help you. Shubhra says Harsh is very busy and we need a model. Rishi says Gannu bappa is my bestfriend. He will help me for sure. Rishi says please help my aai get a model. A girl comes and begs for money. Rishi says why do they beg? She says because we can’t find work. Why would we beg if we get work. Rishi says look at her aai? What if we give her work? Shubhra says what work? Rishi says model work. He says my aai needs a model, will you work for us? She says I am nt pretty. Rishi says you are very pretty. Rishi gives her some money and says this is advance. What’s your name? She says Mira. Rishi says you are my aai’s model from now on Mira didi. Shubhra gives her the address.

Scene 4
Shubhra says to Sanjana if your intentions are good the entire world works for you. Mira comes. Rishi says come didi, let me get you orange juice. She sits on the floor. Shubhra says why are you sitting there? Sit here on the chair. Rishi gives her juice. Shubhra says her smile is so innocent. She will win everyone’s hearts. Mira asks who lives here? Rishi says my aai and I. She says your aai is very nice. Shubhra gives her new clothes and asks her to get a shower and get ready. Rishi takes her to the washroom. Rishi takes practice shots with Shubhra and Sanjana. He gives them heels and prepares everything.

Mira comes out in the new dress. Shubhra says you look so good. They do her make-up and get her ready. Mira is ready. Rishi says rehearsal time. He shows them videos online. They teach her how to walk on heels. Shubhra says I won already. See how happy Rishi is. My old Rishi is back. Nothing is more important than his smile. Rishi and mira prepare for the walk. Sanjana says your new phase has started.

Scene 5
Samaira brings Kuldeep and Roli to the party. Everyone wishes Kuldeep and gives him presents. Chandrani stands in a corner. Kuldeep receives the gifts. Chandrani starts drinking in a corner. She looks at Samaira in anger. Kuldeep holds Samaira’s hand. Chandrani makes her own peg. She says my son has drowned in money.

Episode ends.

Precap – Chandrani comes drunk to the party. She says to Samaira, you will compete with my Shubhra? You are a third woman. She runs after her ego. You’re here because of Shubhra’s blessings my son not this Samaira.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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