Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 6th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Amla And Abeer Do Ganapati Aarti Together

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 6th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mando asks them to come fast. Abeer tells Amla that everyone is waiting. Amla asks him to wait for 2 mins. Abeer thinks he don’t have the strength and goes. Mannu comes and tells Abeer that Pandit ji is calling him. Abeer gives saree in Mannu’s hand and goes. Dev recalls what Amla had said. Door bell rings. He closes the box and sees Evan standing. He says you? Evan asks won’t you call me in. Dev asks him to come. Everyone waits for Amla to come. Mando says she takes much time. Abeer looks at Amla as she comes wearing his mum’s saree. Inna sona kyun rab ne banaya plays..Raghu says Amla has come. Abeer and Amla look at each other and smiles. Mando sees Amla in saree and looks at herself clothes. Amla recalls Mannu telling Amla that Abeer gave it to him, may be it was for you. Amla checks the saree and wears it. Karuna and Abeer are happy. They fold their hands infront of God. Abeer and Amla keep hand on each other hands, Pandit ji gives them flowers. They present it to Ganapati. Pandit ji asks them to do pranaam to Ganapati ji. He tells Amla that her forehead is without sindoor.

Evan tells Dev that you have been using Gun to take revenge from Amla and Abeer, and says you will now use money now. He says I will teach you how to take revenge using money and asks if he is ready for new start. Dev says I am ready.

Karuna tells Pandit ji that this is their ancestral parampara not to have sindoor till 1 year of marriage. Pandit ji says ok, do the aarti. Mando plays the shank. Abeer and Amla do the aarti. Ganapati song plays..They all dance and plays with sindoor. Sindoor falls in Amla’s forehead. Abeer smiles looking at her forehead. Amla checks her maang and smiles.

Viren and Rishan come to meet Ritu. Ritu meets them. Secretary says you have to go for meeting in 10 mins. Ritu says she will finish meeting in 5 mins. She tells them that Manwinder is fine now. Rishan says they came to offer help being their relatives. Ritu says we are not relatives and tells that she don’t know if she shall thank them for sending Manwinder to hospital or for playing with Mahi’s life. She asks them to get ready to get ruined. Abeer looks at Amla as she sets her hairs. He brings his camera and takes her pics. She sees Abeer taking her pics and feels shy. Abeer smiles. Amla goes from there.

Rishan calls her samdhan ji. Ritu gives a scared look. Rishan says Suveer is innocent, this is conspiracy against us, and tells that he is depressed and shot himself, but Evan saved him. Ritu looks unaffected. Viren gets call again. Ritu asks him to pick and says it might be an important call. Viren picks the call. Suveer tells him about IT raid at their house and says they came to arrest you. Ritu asks did you book your return tickets. Rishan says yes.

Evan asks IT officer Mr. Gupta to sit and talk. Mr. Gupta says he got orders from top, I can’t do anything. Suveer says let Mama and Papa come, then see what they will do. Mr. Gupta says we have the permission to arrest them. Evan asks Suveer to be silent for sometime.

Amla comes out after bathing and looks at sindoor in her forehead. She smiles and thinks about Abeer.

Abeer is folding a dupatta or saree and looks at Amla. Amla feels shy.

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  1. Rehmat

    awwwww sooooooo cute ambeer lovely ???????? ambeer love you ?????????????????????

  2. Guys,I am a fan of Ambeer but missed today’s episode,pls guide me how to watch it online or is there a repeat on TV today or tomorrow? Please respond if you know.

    1. Aastha1

      Watch it on hotstar online. google search hotstar and watch it there. Its very simple.

    2. Watch it on HOTSTAR after 6pm.

    3. Thank u very much Astha,x and Vini.


    1. Amla was looking so  prety and beautiful ?????

    2. Mando too was looking fine today.. but was jealous of amla

    3. New mannu do not look good as old mannu had innocent and was good as per acting.. but lets wait for sometime shayd we like him too..

    4. Dev is duffer idiot and mad.. he is coming in evan words..??????

    5. Sindoor khela this secene is copied from maine pyar kiya film, similarly Abeer filled maang of amla and she was happy..??????

    6. Ritu is too tough for Viren and Rishan.. i hope they learn their lesson soon and pay for their sins

    7. Amla and Abeet looked so happy..??

    8. My friend Ganesha film had one dialgoue- Ganesh ji come, take all worries, provide happiness and punish culprit- same is happening with Abeer-Amla and all culprits..????????????

    9. IT raid ?????? pay back time, Ritu used her powers well??

    10. Slowly and Gradually Amla is accepting Abeer ?????

    11. Abeer's life always get stop whenever he see Amla and see her happy.. this is called true love ??????

    12. Amla too started replying Abeer's love ???????

    1. Aleya.marzan

      After watching ur comment nothing to say as u told all r8 . only thing is left that’s #ambeer roked today????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


      Certainly they both rocked ??????

    3. Fami

      Shraddha,, after reading ur comment I watched this episode one more time… New mannu?????? Really???
      Isn’t he the same one we are used to see?


      No.. he was new mannu.. as old mannu was little healthy and round face.. but this mannu is slim and oval face..

  4. Aleya.marzan

    Again ambeer scenes r awesomeeeeeeee??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    WoW !!! Amla looked super beautiful today ? n Abeer is so bashful ?
    poor Dev, he is so gullible… I cannot believe how he allows Evan to dictate his every move ?
    glad to see that Ritu is no pushover when it comes to those scoundrels ?
    … now, let’s watch the Love story unfold ?

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