Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 6th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abeer tells Karuna not to say that his friends have any bad habits. He says whoever says this, is bad and goes to his room. He sees his childhood pic with his parents and recalls his mum’s suicide. He gets emotional. Karuna sees him emotional and gets emotional too. A fb is shown, Karuna calls Abeer and asks him to have milk. He cuts his father’s pics from all the pics. Karuna is shocked. Fb ends. She comes to Abeer and covers him with blanket.

Mando tells Bhao that Pushpa is strange not to taunt Amla and forgot everything so easily. She says I will not get my son married to such girl. Bhao says Amla never lies and tells that Dev must have told that he wants to marry Amla and loves her which made Pushpa silent.

Mannu tells Amla that you hears old songs thinking about phupha ji. Amla says it is R D Burman’s old songs. She tells that she met Dev when she was 6 years old and thought to make her dream house with him. Mannu says time has come to fall I love. Mando calls her. Amla and Mannu pretend to sleep. Mando taunts her and switches off lights. Amla tells Mannu that she will rule in her house and he can do anything there.

Next morning, Abeer wakes up and comes out of house. He exercises and sees the pots broken through his jeep. He asks Karuna, how did the pots broke? Karuna asks him to drink tea. Abeer says what did you do? You have broken the pots and says I got your scooty repaired recently. Karuna asks if he forgot what happened last night. Abeer asks what happened.

Two men come to Mando’s house and say Malik sent them. Mando makes them sit. Abeer apologizes to Karuna and says I didn’t realize when did I drink. Karuna says now you have realized that they have made you drink. Abeer says his friends don’t do anything. Karuna asks him never to break her trust. Abeer says yes. He tells that he is going out. Karuna says studio is closed. Abeer tells that someone is handling it.

Surveer and Yuvaan are together. Yuvaan gets Rima’s call. He tells that Surveer is in bed room and don’t know what he is doing? He tells that he is knocking on the door but Surveer is not opening the door. Rima cuts the call. Surveer asks are you mad? Yuvaan says she should have listened fully.
Man tells Mando that Reshaan’s son is getting engaged, and Hema heard about Amla’s mehendi and asked her to apply mehendi to all ladies, and also gave jalebi’s order.

Mando brings samosas and asks them to have it. They ask if the work will be done and insist to talk to Amla. Mando says she taught everything to Amla and asks them to give advance. They pay her 10000 rs. Mando gets happy. They leave. Mando tells Bhao that she will buy necklace for her and will make everyone jealous. She tells that Malik gave a big order. Bhao says we will not take order until Dev is here. She shows the money and says we are going to be rich.

Amla and Dev are in their house. Amla plans to keep the things in the house and says she will write their names. Dev says you can do whatever you wants. He says we will not make door here, as when you are making rotis for me, I will come and hold you. Amla says you will not get roti and asks him to go out.

Mando comes . Amla says you are here. Mando says today I came and asks Dev to make doors and windows first. She taunts them. Amla asks do you have any work. Mando tells that they got order from Malik and asks her to bring the stuff. Amla says Bhao said that we will not take orders. Mando says do you want Bhao to think that he couldn’t get you marry properly. She asks do you want him to sell his kidney. Amla looks on. Mando asks him to get the stuff. Dev tells Amla that he will pick her in the evening. Amla says I will wear white dress. Dev offers to drop her to shop. Mando says you will drop me and takes Dev with her forcibly. She asks Amla to buy 4 kgs ghee.

Amla is going to the shop. Surveen spots Amla and asks Yuvaan to see. Yuvaan asks shall I aim catapult at her. Abeer asks her not to do this and says she is a girl. Amla is talking to Dev on phone and asks did you drop Mando home. Dev says yes and asks her to meet him and says we will spend day together. Yuvaan jokes about Amla. Abeer tries to stop him. Amla ends the call. Yuvaan aims at her, but before that she slips and falls in the pond. Abeer looks shocked.

Amla comes out of pond. Yuvaan asks shall I help you and laughs. Amla turns and looks at them. Abeer sees her. Yuvaan tells Reshaan that he is more deserving than Surveer and says everyone knows who does more work. Later Reshaan’s brother in law tells him that Yuvaan is baaqi and will make Raunaq same.

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  1. simple loved this serial..amla is so fabulous and innocent. Abeer is also good nd whole caste and location is superb…

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