Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 5th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pushpa tells Dev that neighbors thought that she loves her bahu much and that’s why Amla took advantage of her. Her husband asks her not to make issue. Pushpa blames her son and says I don’t want such bahu who separates a mum from her son. Bhao comes and hugs Amla, says I know that my sister is not wrong, I don’t accept. Mandu asks how you will make Pushpa believe now. Bhao says he will talk to Dev and he will understand me. Amla says Dev will make his Maayi understand as he loves me very much. She stops him from going there. Dev tells Pushpa that he asked Amla not to tell you, as I wanted to meet her first. He says you loves her because of her innocence. He asks his father to make Pushpa understand. Pushpa asks him to control his love till marriage and says next time you will not get forgiveness.

Pallavi thanks her jethani Hema for the arrangements. Hema asks her to check if there is any problem. Pallavi says arrangements is good. Receptionist comes and asks them to check the list of guest. Hema says groom’s mum will check. Pallavi tells Hema that she is elder than her and shall see the arrangements. Hema agrees. Pallavi tells Hema that she saw a newly married bride and saw mehendi on her hand. Hema asks her to ask Mahi first. Pallavi says she agreed. They ask receptionist about the mehendi designer. Receptionist takes Amla’s name and says she makes good jalebi and design mehendi also. Hema orders jalebis also.

Bhao thinks if Dev will come or not. Dev comes with his parents to Amla’s house. Mannu informs Amla that Phupha ji came. Bhao get happy and calls Amla. Amla recalls the incident and gets worried. Mannu tells Mandu that Bua is shying inside. Pushpa says I will go and call her. She calls Amla and asks if she is upset with her. Amla nods no. Maayi says her anger is gone and asks her to come out and Dev is waiting for her. Amla shyly comes out and touches her father in law’s feet. Pushpa tells Mandu that Dev brought something for Amla. Dev gives gift in her hand and touches her. Mandu says she will offer prasad to god now and thought that they will break the marriage. Dev’s father tells that they are kids. Dev says he will marry after house is ready. Pushpa says our noorani will do grah pravesh in that house. Amla gets shy and goes to kitchen. She kisses Mannu happily.

Abeer’s aunt Karuna asks her patient not to have cigarette. He says he will leave it. Karuna says I will have sweets at your home if you leave that. Driver comes to Karuna’s house and tells that Surveer’s parents sent card and gift for her. Driver asks her to come. Abeer tells that his friends’ family respect her. Karuna doubts them. Abeer jokes him to sell her doubt.

Surveer’s dad tells story of big fish and small fish to Yuvaan. Yuvaan gets angry hearing his story. Surveer’s dad tells him that I am sure that you knows who is big fish here.

Yuvaan comes to Bhai Saheb and says I do work here like a donkey and Surveen chills out. He asks how you get dominated by your younger brother. He says he will not bear same thing to happen with him. Bhai Saheb says you will get what you deserves. Yuvaan asks when? Abeer comes there with Viraj. Surveer’s dad asks him to come with his didi/aunt Karuna for Surveer’s marriage. Viraj asks Yuvaan why his chacha is talking nicely with Abeer. Yuvaan says he talks nicely whenever he is benefitted. Viraj asks if he will click photo with him. Surveer says I agree. They drink

Amla and Dev are together. Amla is making list of her friends and says she will call Rahul also. Dev says he don’t want to hear anyone’s name from her mouth and gets upset. Amla says I don’t want anyone in my marriage. Dev makes her wear scarf and asks her to wear it with the suit which he gifted her. He says I will see you first and is about to get romantic. Amla says parjayi came. She says lets make list.

Abeer comes home drunk. Karuna comes out of house hearing pot breaking from his jeep. Abeer is fully drunk and couldn’t walk properly. He asks didn’t you sleep? Karuna says party ended so soon. Abeer says party was good and gets inside the house. Karuna scolds him and asks why didn’t you attend my call and asks why did you drink and drive. She asks him to learn bad habits of his friends and says that’s why I tell that your friends are bad. Abeer says my friends have no bad habits, whoever calls them bad is bad. Karuna looks on.

Mandu tells that she got order from Malik. Amla says until Dev is here, we will not take any orders. Mandu says I have taken the order and asks her to bring the stuff. Viraj. Viraj and Surveer spot Amla from far and tell Yuvaan. Yuvaan hits her with the catapult. Amla falls in the water. Abeer is shocked.

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    Its copy of serial fatmagul

    1. It is an official remake of Fatmagul having Indian background.

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