Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Dev learns Truth about Amla from Abeer

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 28th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dev says you came to face the death. Abeer says you also came and asks him to shoot at him. He says you are Malik’s bought toy and says they are playing with you. Dev says I work for them, I am not their servant. Abeer says you are Evan’s little puppet and asks why do you hate me, if Viren and Evan asked you to say this. Dev asks him to shut up and says Amla betrayed me, I will kill you and then Amla. Abeer asks do you know what happened on Suveer’s engagement night. He says Amla was going to meet you that night, those devil held her and raped her. I was an eye witness. What did you do, you have raised hand on a woman and left her. Dev says again a new story and says he will not believe. Abeer says Amla didn’t do anything, it was not her mistake.

Karuna asks Amla not to worry and says nothing will happen to Abeer. She says time has come to get justice for you and get them punished. Amla says they are very strong, they have beaten Abeer yesterday very badly and then…Karuna says Abeer is my son, I see his wounds and tells that Abeer won’t back off now. She says you have saved Mahi’s life and now you have to face them for yourself. She says I will support you and also Abeer. Amla says I have saved Mahi so that her life don’t get ruined. She says I can’t fight with them. Abeer and Dev fight with each other. Abeer points gun at Dev and says Amla didn’t do any mistake and tells that mistake is of Evan, Suveer, and Viraj, and somewhat his mistake also. He says she wanted to meet you that day, they held her and raped her. Dev is shocked.

Abeer says Amla had not done anything. I was unconscious and couldn’t stop my friends. I haven’t touched her. He says Maliks have provoked you against Amla and told some story to you. He says they have changed the story with money. He says there were 5 criminals there, and says 5th criminal was you. He says you stopped trusting Amla when you came to know about it. He says Amla is not guilty, guilty is Evan, Suveer and Viraj, and me. He asks him to shoot at him and says I came here to kill Evan and says if you kill me today, then promise that you will kill Evan also. Dev asks him to shut up and says again a new story and a lie. He points gun at Abeer’s head.

Abeer says you know that I am not lying, you don’t have the strength to hear the truth. He says Amla was broken, but don’t want Mahi to get married to Suveer and that’s why told she truth to Mahi. He says this is Amla whom you know some day. Dev says don’t you come to kill me on marriage date. Abeer says I didn’t know where were you? He says Viren sent goons at home, we manage to escape and came here. Evan came at night and punished Amla for speaking the truth and touched her. Dev recalls Viren telling him that Abeer is coming to kill him. He thinks Viren wanted him to kill Abeer and go to jail so that marriage happens smoothly. Amla says she can’t fight for justice and says if anything happens to you or anyone, then what I will do. They have bought Police, doctor’s report, newspaper. What we will tell that I didn’t sell my silence, my Parjayi have taken money from them. She says if anything happens with me again then I can’t live. Karuna says she wants her to gain strength and says I am sure that you will get strength again. Amla keeps her head on her lap.

Abeer tells Dev that Amla’s life is in danger, now they want to kill her. He says you know what happened, you talked to Bhao on phone, but believed on the stories. He questions his love and asks why his love got weak when she needed his trust a lot. Dev recalls burning the house while Amla shouts his name. Abeer says why did you leave her, as she became dirty, you have hidden your weakness behind your anger. Dev recalls his dada yuvraj telling the same thing that Amla has become dirty. Abeer says you was weak, for you society and respect was more important than her. He says you wanted to kill me and hide your anger. Dev says it is not like that and asks who are you to tell this.

Abeer says I am the same man who saw that thing happening with Amla, then also accepted her and married her, gave her support and motivated her. He says you are the guy who left her hand for your respect, you have lost it. You have kept your respect and I have kept love. He says Amla is not only my wife, but my love too. He asks him to promise that he will not hurt Amla and says you can kill me, I will be at peace that I won’t let anything happen to her when I was alive. He folds his hand and asks Dev not to hurt Amla. Dev asks him not to say anything more else he will shoot for sure. He asks him to leave. Abeer says I will go, but not fear of death. He says if you don’t believe me then I haven’t seen such stupid guy in the world. He leaves. Dev gets teary eyes and cries.

Karuna calls Abeer and asks if you are fine. Abeer says I am fine, I couldn’t meet Evan, but I met Dev, I told her everything. Mando asks Karuna to tell what happened? Abeer tells Karuna that he will come there and tell. Amla comes and asks Karuna what did Abeer say? Karuna says Abeer couldn’t meet Evan, but met Dev instead. Amla is taken aback and shocked. Mando gets afraid. Karuna says he told everything, nothing happened between the two. Raghu says Dev didn’t do anything to Abeer. Mando says if Abeer killed Dev? Amla is shocked. Mando asks God to handle them. Amla is in tears.

Dev recalls Abeer telling him that those guys raped her, and they are guilty. Dev recalls his father and Police lying to him. He recalls Suveer getting scared seeing him and running away. He recalls Evan getting scared when he asked him to come out of car, Viren’s conspiracy to make Dev and Abeer fight, his engagement and happy times with Amla. He gets shattered and cries sitting over there. He says Viren has fool him, now nobody can save Malik family from him.

Dev comes to office. Viren asks him to listen. Dev asks him to listen to him and says someone met him before he came to office, who opened my eyes. Viren asks who? Dev says Abeer and points gun at Evan and Suveer. They get shocked.

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  1. Aleya.marzan

    episode ho toh aisa !!! just loved it …………………… donno what’s going to happen but spoiler say amla will meet dev n dev will seek her forgiveness . then the real suspense begins will amla again go to dev????

    1. Aleya.marzan

      Oh even I think soo. But trp low hai. Soo this star plus can do anything . they r only business minded. I also hope in last ambeer unites n they have a kid like fatmagul .

    2. Ya .don’t worry abt trp … will b in top till it has the worshippers like you ppl.stop worrying abt trp just enjoy de show….nd keep watching,it really needs viewers as it is on surviving mode …happy warching

    3. Ya .don’t worry abt trp … will b in top till it has the worshippers like you ppl.stop worrying abt trp just enjoy de show….nd keep watching,it really needs viewers as it is on surviving mode …happy watching

  2. Nice but make fast

  3. Abeer dialogue,” I am the same man who saw that thing happening with Amla, then also accepted her and married her, gave her support and motivated her. He says you are the guy who left her hand for your respect, you have lost it. You have kept your respect and I have kept love. He says Amla is not only my wife, but my love too. “. ….

  4. Abeer 4gt that he z forced 2 marry her bt Nw took de credit…..???
    Hope our TU Team don’t consider my comment too much criticism nd delete it ??

    1. Aleya.marzan

      I think u didn’t watch that serial. Not abeer but mando forced amla . ????? Can u explain y u r sooo angry on this serial n it’s fans?? Plzz reply gently

    2. i think u didn’t read my cmmt wel.pls spare me I cannot explain it as gentle as u can.nd ths z d last tym I m telling ,I have least interest in abeer fans.all I want to comment abt z cvs ,script nd de actors ….happy …nd u dnt worry abt my gentleness ,my comments activated de sleepy team?? they will take of it..u just enjoy de show ? ha ya I hate ambeer nd cvs nd ths script.i never hide my hatred .y u like ds shw???can u explain???I don’t ask u replying in gentle way as I know hw gentle u r ??


    Finally dev knows truth and he believed it too… I hope now love triangle is not shown…
    Best dialogue by abeer- Dev, you didn’t believe in love (that most of boys do).. and abeer married alma and gave her motivation.. and he confessed to dev that he love amla..????


      And I hope dev realise it and no love triangle is shown.

  6. @kkhavit, they deleted ur comment not for criticizing the show but for using abusive words towards other commenters. I could read it bfr they delete it. While deleting also they left a message ”criticism is allowed but also respect other commenters”. Here i’m thanking them for taking such an action.
    Abeer married Amla not bcs of the pressure from others but he liked her. His only objection was to take the blame on himself alone…After knowing from Evan that Abeer likes her Viren also asked him ” if you really love her then marry her” Abeer never said he doesn’t want to marry her but questioned back only ” woh ladki mujse kyun shaadi karegi??” Besides he had the fear of her committing suicide…
    So Abeer can take credit for standing beside her and supporting her, where Dev failed to consider his fiancee’s pain and emotions. It’s only Abeer who made her realize to do something useful in her life by forgetting past.
    We don’t miss episodes and remember well too what we watched already

    1. U r absolutely right i ws going to cmnt the same but u did it already gud nd thnk u?????

    2. Ohh k.thank I m nt de one who started it I was forced to respond like that as few ppl who didn’t dare to use their name to post the comments just used fake name like red or white….ya I admit I used abusive words for thse who,i think don’t deserve to be treated nys….at least I didn’t use fake name to reply in an abusive manner.i m happy for regrets.

    3. thank u so much for excplng it in detail too read in fg plot synopsis,’karim married fg bcz he z n lv wit her at first watching de shw,i m nt convinced,i don’t think a man in love denies to marry his beloved ,like they shwn jumping 6ft wall nd running on roads to escape frm my pov,cvs myt hav failed to convince de audience that he z n lv wT he or he z forced to marry her .as a viewer of fg nd kqha,i feel de second one I understand ur still I m r8 in my perspective..I expressed what I felt.u can express too watched al episodes no of times nd remember very well…?

    4. Generally when we watch same show and viewers r getting diffrnt concept its not necessary that makers couldnt express it well …it can b bcz we r not same but we Al r diffrnt & unique. Aren’t we???? If ma friend who sits next to me & watching a show has totally opposite preference of the cast and incidents, there s nothing weird with her nor evn with me…we all know that… Stil I thought kkhavit might hav either missed or forgotten those situations & dialogues which were aired on initial episodes, where I got hint of Abeer’s silent love confession to Malik team.I started watching this show 2 weeks ago only & watched every episodes in single sitting first out of curiosity whn I knew this s the remake of fatmagül..latr feLt myself liking this show….Wht obvious s Malik’s were trapping him alone but it doesn’t mean he was forced as he also likes her….

    5. still I feel he z my pov,he might have liked her at first sight bt it’s not love I feel .if he loved her,he would hv nt rejected de marriage proposal laid by Malik’s…ofc everyone has different opinion…I prefer to stick to my opinion.btw it’s me kkhhavit .used my real name sisira

    6. Fami

      Dear Sisira, literally we al are on same page.!!! I was wrong to think u had missed the relevant episode which is actually not. if I cant understand any script of this show I wil come and ask to all of you who visit here … My main concern on this show is how this sensitive topic will b handled by Indian miniscreen… And my intrst also got high whn Amla has been portrayed better where fatmagül disappointd me several times…. It never means this show has zero crap…. I had watched totally unnecessary ,boring scenes also here

      And yessss!!!! Nobody can make a love affair in a span of 3-4 days….Abeer started loving her after mrg only… He liked her earlier and wanted to support and guard her from Al difficulties…Abeer could have rejected mrg with Amla…nobody can harm him for such decision ..Let’s imagine if Abeer run away frm pind, what wil the Malik’s do?? Possibly wil giv more money to Mandakini and wil ask to shut down Amla completely…. As they r the mean peopl ,can do anything..

      Dear, good luck for your exams!! 🙂

    7. Ths z exactly wht he was doing,running away frm pind bt caught by Malik’s men…he z gd nd married her bt cannot take de credit.all of thm except Evan would have done de Same if they r forced equally like abeer…or kerim…none of them has such crime record till that incident.viraj also couldn’t forgive himself for doing such acts…….nd suveer as well.viraj,suveeer or ambeer ,all three react de Evan never marries her .he z smarter nd clever the his friends.he never let his mind oveerride by heart.i dnt know y u like ds more than I connected to fg more than ths .in fg we can c each character Des in detail…yzzzzzzz he z forced to marry her nd gradually startd liking her….nd tel n love …thank for.ur wishes

  7. Guyzzź plzzz dont compare the 2 serials i didnt watch fatmugil but i knw its story kkha is not bad it has good story in my opinion if u keep comparing kkha will always be bad to u there will be difference nd weak points in the shows just accept it its just a show fr that we cnnot cmnt the acting of the actors nd all plzzzzzzz i am not blaming u just saying my pov just see this serial without comparing it will be gud if compared with all other serials evry serial has bollywood styles like eyelock,catching while falling nd all i am requesting plzzz dont insult nd taunt or fight wid each other just accept the show
    There might be some places where the acting is not good but they acts mindblowingly nd the cast are also excellent

    1. u already expressd ur same opinion on some x page .again copy nd pasted here… hereafter we all obey ur order …pls spare us,, dnt repeat it like parrot

  8. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    WaoW!!! ? Dev finally found out truth … thanks to Abeer?

    Let’s hear what ratch Viren comes up with now … that rat ?

  9. Where r others nd their comments,esplly my fg fans….I think reading past 2days comments ,all ran away nd hidden somewhere.kookma kookma(don’t b scared)????. Sometimes it happens….ths z my last day here as I m going n exm preparations nd Wii b bk in October…… Nevermind nd smile lv u guys nd few ambeer fans 2…[email protected] can u tel me where I can find bbo videos.i couldn’t find them on any site expect 2 or 3 videos…..can u post de link

  10. Mr. Director keep streching the story but if in the end Dev and Amla are together I have no problem.There is no and should not be a place for Abeer in amla’s life.If Amla truly love s dev she will take him back.

    1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

      neera, I guess u forgot that Abeer liked Amla before incident and married her to keep her respect … this is truly more than Dev did in his anger … Dev’s love failed when he looked at her with disgust, listening to everyone except her … ?

  11. Amala nd abeer should b together

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