Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 19th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Karuna asks how down you will fall and says I will take you to police station. Viren comes there. Karuna asks what you are doing here? Viren says I need to talk to him. Karuna asks you are supporting them. Viren asks her to let him go with him. Abeer is still crying. Karuna says he will not go with you. I will tell their names to Police, then they have to give statement to Police. Viren says they are in trouble. Karuna says that girl is in trouble and they deserve punishment. Viren asks Abeer to come. Abeer is going with Viren. Karuna says you have no shame. Viren says I will handle the situation and will come to meet you. Karuna says I will go to Police. Viren warns her and says whatever you know is not full truth. Karuna tries to stop Abeer and says mum must be cursing you for giving birth to you. Viren takes Abeer in his car while Karuna tries to stop him. Karuna cries and says even animals are not like you people.

Dev comes to meet Amla in the hospital. Bhao tells Amla that Dev came to meet her. Dev looks on sad. Amla looks on helplessly. Bhao says everything will be fine now. Amla cries. Dev asks who was he? Amla cries. Dev shakes up Amla badly. Amla cries. He breaks the things and tortures her physically. Amla cries. Bhao panics and calls Doctor there. Ward boys take Dev from there. Amla cries badly. Dev is shattered and goes out of hospital. Pushpa and her husband come there. Pushpa says you will get a nice girl and asks him not to react. His father says your mum is saying right. Dev says I will kill that man. His father asks him to think about himself. Dev sits in car and goes. Pushpa curses Amla.

Viren stops the car on the road and asks him to come out. He says you was saved. He tells your Maaso is difficult to handle. He says I am tensed while you are calm down. He asks if he wants to go to Police. Abeer nods and says no. Karuna calls someone and says Abeer have done a crime and thinking that he will be freed. She says she is going to Police station to complain against him and his friends. She sits on her scooter and gives.

Viren tells Abeer that his friends have become monsters. He says atleast you would have controlled yourself, you are a good man and I used to tell them that they don’t deserve your friendship. He says when you can do mistake, then we can’t hope anything from them. He praises him and says you are repenting and cursing yourself, thinking what to do. He says I went to hospital in the morning and saw her in really bad condition, don’t know what she will do. He feels bad for her and says you people have ruined her life. He says even you might be thinking this.

Mando tells Bhao that she knew that Dev will come and shake up everything. He says he couldn’t have bear that his Laadi is touched by someone. Bhao asks where is Mannu? Mando says he is fine and asks Bhao to go and bring something for her to eat. Once Bhao goes, Mando sits near Amla and says I told you to stay in limits, but you didn’t listen to me. She says guilty will be caught, but we are being punished and you are in the hospital, and we are troubled. She tells her that Dev will not marry you and says now I have to handle you. She says people were saying that she is doing drama and that whatever happened was with your wish and you are hiding someone else.

Amla says they were 4 people. Mando asks how do you know and says you was unconscious. She asks her to stay silent. Amla says I am telling truth and takes Malik’s name. Mando asks her to be silent and says he will buy us in a moment. She asks what we shall do now and asks her to come home. She takes syringe off from her hand. Bhao comes back. Mando says her life is in danger, Dev will kill her and says we shall take her home. Bhao asks Amla to come. Karuna comes to the Police station and sees Dev protesting outside Police station and saying that he will not leave the rapist who have raped Amla. Karuna is shocked.

Viren suggests Abeer, Suveer, Viraj and Evan that any one of them shall marry Amla. Doctor calls Inspector and tells that Dev came to hospital and threatened Amla. Viren asks Abeer to marry Amla if he likes her really. Rishan looks on. Abeer is thoughtful.

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  1. Why isn’t this show repeated in the evening along with the others after 4? Please replace dhai kilo Prem. It’s difficult to view it at 12:30pm. Really look forward to seeing it back at 4.

  2. Agree with saina….

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